Good – Bad- Pain-Misery

Thanks to google, I was surfing something for images and got to know about the below contents. I have added something but the originality of the content was not mine. I wanted to write about good and bad people long time back. Since the content was similar to my thoughts, I felt let me take the time just to add my little experience to it.

There are 3 major reasons for the pain and misery in the world.


Reason OneNatural calamities-Hurricanes, Floods, Droughts, Earthquakes and like

Reason TwoGroups-Terrorists, politicians and ruthless companies

Reason ThreePeople-They may or may not be a part of a group

The first two are not on my cards now and I’ll focus on people-there are three categories of people in the world.

Category One – Born intelligent

Category Two – Not born intelligent, but willing to learn

Category Three – Born stupid, unwilling to learn

People belonging to third class are not even worthy of being called human. They are BORN to harm others and make others’ lives miserable. They don’t even spare people who always do good to them. They will do any harm to anyone in this society. They will kill anyone for their happiness or for well-being.

They keep on doing stupid things one after the other, thinking that they can get away with it but the law of karma spares no one-it always gives back what they have intended for others.

They stay busy creating pain and misery for their fellow beings. (As if they are being sent by the devil himself to propagate his work and they will not care about anything. You go and tell them that the person is dead, they will listen it, they will not show even a concern on the death of that person. These people are not to be called as DeaR and to be considered as DeaD)

This is one of the biggest truths in the universe, What Goes Around, Comes Around. They keep getting back bad luck, pain and sufferings but never see the point-The point that is as clear as water they are getting what they have done to others. The universe returns back everything multiplied-be it good or evil. (I feel that I got the pain because showing my love to an evil)

Are Only Bad People Responsible For the Pain And Misery In the World?
No, they alone are not responsible, there are others too. The other people equally responsible for the chaos are-hold your breath!

The Good People.



It’s the Good People who keep on tolerating bad ones because they have been taught not to distance or abandon the so called bad people. They cling to a false hope that someday bad people will turn into good ones.

OH PLEASE! CUT THE CRAP! You are a good person, have you changed into a bad one over the years-no you haven’t, because being good is your core and same is the case with bad people-their core is being bad.

The Biggest Mistake of Good People

The biggest mistake of good people is, they are EXTRA nice. This tendency has harmed them since eternity.

The time has come to understand one thing clearly-bad people are not worth keeping company because no matter how much good you have done to them, they will ultimately do evil to you.

Am I Being too Harsh? Read below and decide for yourself.

Its about a friend I met her by chance only.  As being good by heart, I have so many people around me all the time and I am so proud to say that I am being blessed by god to have good people around me. I consider one and all equally only. Occasionally a choice comes between some.  Its all again about two women, best friend and close friend.

It happened in the last few months. I started feeling two women as close to me. I named one as best friend and one as close friend. Unknowingly only I named them without knowing who is best and what is close friend. God has made me to give the names correctly only as the best friend who made me to stood from all my pains given by the close friend.

At that time, I was very busy with my work tensions and was feeling a little hesitant to be close with them because both work in the same company for whom I have to give service. I know these kind of friendship will harm my career life. But professional life is different and personal friendship is different.

Out of sense of help them to motivate and to make them smile from heart I considered them as friends to put all the things in place for them.

I took all my efforts to show my love and care for both and close friend made me to feel more closer everyday by spending hell lot of time of hers and spoiling my routines as well. I did not realize that she was doing all this just to have my attention away from my best friend.

Whether you show love or care to someone, they have to feel happy and show it back or at least they should not hurt the one who loves them without any reason.

My best friend was usual and she never changed herself for any reason and she was telling me that I am like this only and Don’t expect me to be like your close friend. I used to tell her that I know what you are and how you are and I don’t expect any changes from you.

She used to constantly advice me that “Don’t be so lovely to everyone”, because this is a selfish world. People around you are self-centered and try to keep yourselves away from this selfish world including me. (I know your selfishness will never hurt others, if that is the case then I am also selfish)

I used to tell her that I’ve learned that no matter how good a friend someone is, they’re going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I am ready to take any pain given by you two.

She has given many hints and every day she was really like a best friend and she used to say the above words, don’t trust anyone. Why you have to get pain and sufferings and that too for being good. What you are going to gain with our smiles?

I never allowed anyone to say anything about my close friend and told them also not to talk anything bad about her to me.  Best friend and all others were really hurt but they felt that I have seen something best in close friend.

I don’t know what black magic this close friend has done, I lost interest in everything and was holding only one thing in my mind was showing my love and care for her.

I had a really tough time with professional as well as personal but still I was not ready to give up my love for them. Literally I was not in a place to concentrate on my work and my health was also getting deteriorated and was about to leave to my city for getting it cured. That was the Prize I got for being reliable and good.

I know that I lost all my interests in my work, friendship, being good to others and my only focus was with close friend only.

I don’t want to quote all the incidents and make my love so cheap but I have to quote an incident so as people can understand the mentality of others.

After the entry of my close friend, I don’t take my food without checking with her whether she had food or not, it is not that I can’t take, it is out of love and care only.  After going back to my city also I continued this and she will not respond at all. One day I sent a message, if you don’t respond, I will send the food because it is really painful for me to have the silence from you, I don’t know till today what made her to move out or to keep the silence. (When I heard that she is doing it purposely, I was shattered and I really felt like I have to die and not worth of living or loving anybody in this world. A female who is 12 year younger to me has cheated me………. in the name of love that too with fake smiles……. I am unable to tolerate the pain. I will never be able to forgive myself.)

Out of frustration – note out of frustration I asked my friend to order food for her and it reached her. She knows that no bloody will order for her without her knowledge other than me. For sending the food, she was fighting and returned it to my friend. I asked my friend to throw the food in a dustbin as it was ordered for her. I told her that he will not have non-veg and all others have taken food and I can’t give this food to someone when it is ordered for her, even then she returned it. Reason is she was embraced when someone delivered the food without ordering it.

I was really shocked to hear this, what is there in getting embraced in this? Simple, she can say that it was ordered by me and paid by my friend. Neither my friend is interested to order food for you nor do you deserve it from someone as well.

I am used to this insult by her but for my friend, I am answerable and she doesn’t know how bad situation I was to face them with her bad behavior. He didn’t ask much questions to me, as he has high respect for me. He felt bad that she really she put me down so awkwardly.

That was not the first time these kind of actions from her, since I could remember but like most good people, I also believe that good people are born to take all that shit and keep mum. I had been bearing it without any valid reason and never thought of ignoring or abandoning her but when she did it to the food, I was disgusted like hell and couldn’t stand that.

After that also I didn’t stop her asking whether she had food or not and she was so cool to make fun with me saying that you didn’t send the dinner to me, so I can’t have it. She will neither feel or repent for what she has done.

And why she has been doing such nasty things? Out of sheer stupidity and anxiety of mine. These are the kind of people who are more interested in putting others down rather than rising themselves up.

I decided not to take that shit anymore. That was the first day I thought it is time for me to let this go. But I was not able to let it go as I have let her go in deep deep inside my heart. For me, I should have considered that she is dead forever, but I was considering myself as dead, because I am good by heart.

What to Do About Such People?

Throw them out of your life. Burn all the bridges associated with such people. It’s not easy. It needs COURAGE. I had all the courage before her entry and I lost everything in the name of love, care and concern for a stupid person. But no other choice either I have to burn the bridges or I will be burned into ashes soon.

You have been made to believe not to burn the bridges, no matter how ugly they are. Relations are supposed to be protected at any cost, anything should go sour but relations (Really? Even if it means putting your self-respect and dignity at stake?)

Yes I have given up my 100% of self-respect, self-love, self-admiration, self-centered etc.. for my love sake.

A fear raised in many forms, such asWhat if she is not bad (She just might be having a bad time? Really?  Bad time does not last forever and even if it does, I am not supposed to take that shit). I was never able to think that she is bad and I was ready to think myself as bad for not showing my love and care in the way she wants it. Whether she is bad or good, I don’t need to entertain the pain what I am going through.

What if people think of me as unsocial or eccentric?  My best friend used to say that I am crazy and even she used to say that I am eccentric.

What are you getting out of her ? Do you think they are helping you? Neither I got her love nor I got her care but I was not feeling like to give up which was my fault only.

Contemplate-what is your true purpose? Making others happy at the cost of your Happiness and Self- Respect?

Has god sent you on this planet to put everyone before you? I really don’t know, but I prefer not to hurt any stranger even if they hurt me.

Don’t you have faith in your capabilities to make your dreams come true?  If you don’t have the guts, keep saving those useless relations. I lost all the capabilities to make my dreams come true.

Let them treat you like a piece of shit.

Let them summon you to do all the rubbish work (Does it matter that you are talented?)

You should never burn the bridges-because you never know when you might need them again. And you WILL need them again, you know why?

Because you are a stupid fuck with no self-respect and vision. You need someone to help you. You can’t stand on your own feet.

Do you need them again in your life? Say proudly no because it is easy to get these kind of cheap peoples more in the market. But it is hard for these low-profile people to get good people like me.

I normally don’t entertain these kinds of low grade people in my life and unknowingly I allowed her and it is not that I have to hold her forever and cry in pain. They will make you down to our capability and constantly put us down in some way or the other. When I became closer, she made many promises but never kept any of it.

Ultimately I realized what a fool I was taking all that, decided to quit. I burnt all the bridges. Sometimes you need to push yourself a little too hard to become self-reliant.

Next Time, When You Are Trying NOT to Burn the Bridges, Ask Yourself

Is the effort worth it? Especially with her, it is not worth, because those who are worth will not allow us to cry for them. I don’t deserve to get any more pain.

Will I not be happy if I rather burn this bridge forever? – May be for time being it will be a pain, but in long run I will be happy.

Am I a spineless creature with no self-respect and dignity? May be I lost my spine because of you, but I will get it back. I am all set to get it ready for me.

I have paid enough price to be a good person and lost many valuable years tolerating negative people. I have been put down time after time.

Stand tall and say NO to the people responsible for creating pain and misery in your life. Do it TODAY!


6 thoughts on “Good – Bad- Pain-Misery

  1. Nanba,

    By reading this blog i can see your pains only and there is no harsh wordings. this blog also a information / message / warning whoever gone through. as you told if the other person really care for you they will not let you cry ..even if it happened unknowingly they will come back and talk to you and they will give more love only.

    I like this wordings , Stand tall and say NO to the people responsible for creating pain and misery in your life. Do it TODAY!

    • Without Pain there is no gain, I was able to write this much only because of these pains and I am happy about it……
      It has given me another dimension of life.

      Only thing I learned in the pain ” Doing good is my attitude and no matter how much good you have done to them, they will ultimately do evil to you if you do it to an evil minded person.”

  2. Hey,
    It is really a great content and you really seem to have great experience with pains.
    It is good to be good people but very bad to be good with satan’s….
    Please ignore the Satan and go ahead in sharing your love and happiness with those who are in need of it.

  3. The one who has given pain to you has done it knowingly and do you still have her in your heart?
    What makes you to keep her in your heart? Just throw it out and you will get many more in the world as you are being among the good people. Forget the past and live the present and look for the future… You are the brightness for many youngster and to all your friends.

    The spark in your writing makes me to feel so blessed and I am happy to come across your writings.
    Keep sharing your experiences.

    I want to be your friend…. a true friend unlike the one who betrayed you in love…….

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