I am sorry for accepting your gift. I feel very bad for doing it but no other option as I take gifts only with love not with fake Love. You don’t deserve to give gifts  not only to me to anyone as you don’t know what is love? I love to accept gifts only from my loved one’s or from a loving person or at least they have to be a human and you know what you are______.

I am RETURNING THE GIFTS BECAUSE MY LOVE IS NOT FOR SALE…. I would have thrown it in a dustbin, but giving it back means same only. Only you know the value of these items in terms of money and I don’t want even my enemy to spend something for me.

You are the one who made to show my love to you and you are the one who made me to hate you as well. I regret for returning the gifts and you are the one who made me to do the worst thing in my life. I really feel bad for doing it but no other option as it irritates me, gives more pain and I feel like I will commit suicide if I have it with me. (I don’t know whether I will be happy or not but at least I will not see it and shed tears).

To save my life and to show my love to others, I have to live a long life and I don’t have any rights to kill myself for a silly goose like you. I don’t know whether I will be able to overcome this pain and guilt easily, but I wanted to return it to you.

Always I used to tell you that don’t ever make me to feel that I wasted my time with you, but you have done that as well. I really feel bad for wasting all my golden time with a ______ and I missed some good hearts because of spending my time with you.

I learned that love should not be shown to an arrogant, adamant, dramatic, unkind, distrusted, unworthy person like you ! !! When we see a snake, we have to hit it not to give milk, even after taking the milk it will show its real color only. It will bite only. Whatever I have shown to you, if I would have shown it to a dog it would have shown its love Honestly by waiving its tail.

Never Cry For Any Relation In Life Because For The One Whom You Cry Does Not Deserve Your Tears And The One Who Deserves Will Never Let You Cry…..

Whatever tears I have shed it is not tears and it is my blood for me, I cant forgive you forever….. and I got the punishment for showing my love ?? What you sow is what you reap, i sowed love only, but I got only pain from you (Do I deserve you in my life?) But think what you sow in life???

I have not seen a selfish person like you and I will not see also in my life time.
Treat Everyone With Politeness,Even Those Who Are Rude To Me, Not Because They Are Not Nice, But Because I am Nice………….. I tried my level best and I lost my patience to be so nice to you and I lost myself and need to be wild not nice….
You are such a kind of person who will walk on a dead bodies  to get success, but you will not be anywhere in this world either with your name or with fame. I hate these kind of people. I will give up everything to save a life so with these kind of differences, I allowed you to enter my world that itself is a big mistake from my side.

I have to show all my love to living beings not to those who doesn’t know what is love. I failed to accept all the good hearts who warned me during the first stages to avoid your friendship.

I did a mistake and I was feeling irritated to listen to them and was ready to avoid them, but now I realize that they really care for me. Now I have to accept that I failed with my assumptions and they were right in understanding you more than me. I accepted that I have done a mistake of showing my love to a wall.

FRIENDS – Neither you know what is friendship, nor the value of relationship.

Fight for you, Respect you, Include you, Encourage you, Need you, Deserve you, Stand by you – You don’t have any of these qualities and deserve to be in any of this list and when you can’t be a good friend how can you be a good relation?

If you die tomorrow, your money will not come with you only the good deeds what you are doing will come with you.

Neither your everyday prayers nor your attitudes will bring in cheers and happiness in your life. If you sincerely respect the true love, that is more than anything. 

PLEASE DON’T TOUCH YOUR HOLY BOOK WITH THIS KIND OF BAD MENTAL ATTITUDE. You are born not to do sins by reading it just for time pass.

Is your religion also for time pass only for you? Do you touch that holy book with clean heart? Can you touch it without any heart pricking after doing so much sin? Praying without love is sin. I really don’t know how you are reading your holy book.

First time I am going to give up my love and started feeling that you don’t deserve love in your life. You can’t be true to anyone including your parents, husband, your kids or to anyone around you. You are not true to yourself or to god also.
In the beginning it was hard to accept my failure in selecting you, now I regret for showing my love… I have not given up my love for a person who has torn my heart and soul into pieces but you are the worst pain of my life.

Ideally you should not be in my memory or as a lesson, because some of the worst lessons need to be forgotten for our good. Surely I will remember that I met you because of whom I lost the interest of adopting a kid as well. If I get someone like you, I will kill her. Wow what a kind of feeling you have given…………….and it is really an achievement also.

I felt ashamed to accept my failure of showing my love to a wrong person, but your parents should feel proud of having such a cruel daughter. Tell them about your achievement, they will feel so happy because they are your parents.

When I pray everyday, I used to pray to god  the list ends with “Be with my Enemies and Be with Everyone” When I say Enemies, I will have a smile saying that I don’t know who is my enemy. Even to become my enemy that person should have some status. You don’t have that also…

I have given everything with love and care – If you wish you don’t deserve to hold it, you can return it to my friend. You can return the things only but not my love…. I love you to give that love to someone so as I will get a true and sincere heart…

Thanks for your fake love, Thanks for your fake smiles, Thanks for your crocodile tears, Thanks for being fake in everything. Thanks for showing your real color and please play your game with someone who will be like you… Accepting your FAKE love is my mistake only. Thanks to god for showing your true color, even though it is late, but not that much late.

GET LOST and I HATE YOU( this hate means the real hate not love)….


10 thoughts on “LOVE IS NOT FOR SALE

  1. Hey,

    You have given so much importance to your love and have you returned the gifts to her?? Don’t you feel that you are insulting your friend? Is it the true love of you? Aren’t you feeling ashamed of you? I am really feeling sorry for asking this but I have high regards to you my friend. How can you do this? Has she returned the gifts to you?

    • Hi dear,

      Thanks for your respect, this is what I missed from her. In Love you need respect as well…..
      If she would have given those gifts with Love, I would not have given it back.
      Yes I regret for doing it. sometimes we have to show them that they are not worth to give any gifts without any feeling from heart. With God’s Permission only I returned the gifts.

      Do you know how you will feel When a kid gives a kiss without interest – I mean you take a 3 year old kid and ask her to give you a kiss, she will not be in a mood to play with you, but you want to get a kiss from her, kid will give it in such a way that you should not ask her to give a kiss any more. It is not the kid’s mistake, it is your mistake.

      In the same way only I returned it, in a hope that she will not play with anyone else’s feelings…..

  2. Hello,

    It looks like that all your contents talk mostly about one person and i feel that she looks to be too good… I guess some where there is a misunderstanding between you two…. or somebody is playing between you two…. try to sort it out… Dont kill yourself or your love for her as well as her love

  3. Akka,

    Evvalavu daan ava kodumai kaariyaa irundhaalum ennoda sister ippadi panni irukka koodadhu… thappa irundhaa mannichidunga, manasila pattadhai sonnean

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