God’s of the Earth

Angels of my life

I waited a long to write a blog about my mother, but this is a special one as it comes as part of my first blog for the year 2013.

I truly believe in god and he knows we need his guidance, so he sends us angels.  We used to travel all through our life with these angels.

When we are young, we have the angel in the name of MOTHER, who protects us with love, care and concern. Mother – An ultimate God in the earth to make this earth as HEAVEN.


Being a working woman, I got the chance to I enjoy living with her rarely and occasionally due to personal family commitments and problems. But feeling so great to be her daughter and proud that she is my mother. Whatever I am today is all because of her great attitude. What a kind of protection these mothers give us?

Oh God, even you will fail in front of mothers because, as god you know to create but Mothers they make people to live. The reason why I said they are the ultimate god in the earth is because they know the pain of having a kid, how difficult it is to deliver a kid, how difficult is to take care of the kid – everything seems to be difficult but they do it with a SMILE and they over rejoice it.. How is it possible?

I know as a daughter how difficult I was to my mother and even after 37 years, she treats me as like a new-born kid. Only my mother can think like this. I am so blessed to have you as my mother and I am so blessed that I know the value of my mother and Amma, you are so blessed to know that your value is being noticed when you are alive.

I know I would not have been to this level if I have not enjoyed your love. People around me regard me and my love as great, but all my love, care and concern, I have got it from my Mother. All my fame and name is dedicated to my mother and I have to consider two more along with my mother, my Granny (Mom’s Mother) and my Chithi (mom’s younger sister).

People who know all the three will say that I have all the good qualities of these 3 great women. I really admire these 3 women from my family and I don’t think I can give more credits which influenced me to be of what I am today from outside world. I do have all the negatives of them as well (hehehehe), its obvious when we feel someone as idol, we will have all the plus and minus of them.

Love for my family, Care for my family has come from my Chithi and Love for the stranger, care for a stranger from my mother and to live a selfless love in life from my granny. I feel I am so blessed to have such people around me.

Chithi, I know I have the anger or being fierce to our family like you, but only those who know us closely knows that the anger whatever we have is because of our love towards them.

I have to say about boldness, all my friends used to say that I am very bold, but I used to feel that I don’t even have 10% of my Chithi. What a lady she is…

When I look back about her, the way she used to carry the weights like anything in her bicycle. As a lovely mother, the way she used to take care of the family and the way she was taking care of my Chitappa when he was sick… I don’t think anybody can do it. He used to fall sick in the mid night and she will take him to a hospital in her two wheeler in the mid night.

My friends used to admire me when I help others and it is not developed by me, it is in my blood and I got this from my mother. I have to feel proud that my mother used to do it in spite of having 3 daughters and I am not like her. I do because I don’t have any other commitments for me.

I used to feel that I will be missing my granny after her death, but I know that I don’t miss her because she is in me. I have great strength from you. I do miss you granny only during the festivals. I know I have not celebrated any festivals in the last 3 years.

In this selfish world, I have seen people with personal favorites and personal attention only for their family. Here the family means the first relations (parents and siblings) because in my dictionary when I say my family loves it includes all my first and second level. When I say that my family has high respect and love for me means more because it is not only from the first and second, it includes the third level as well. All of this is because of the above three lovable caring and adoring personalities.

My Granny, she knows only to love people. She doesn’t know these worldly treasures. She has spent all her life in dedicating to her own people and to strangers as well.

I learned only a few things from my mother just by her earthly treasures of mine, her thriftiness and it is really amazing how much things cost back in the eighties, her deep empathy and compassion for people. She never used to think about her other than thinking about her daughters and her family.

When it comes to the society,  She never met a stranger, and was always eager to flash a smile.  When I smile at a stranger, I will feel that my mother will act so.

Although I never really got to have the touch of my mother in life for long time when I was a kid, but I felt her love and care, she was always at all my events. Whatever I do now, I know I can feel her touch in my life. If I miss my mother’s touch, then definitely I will have the touch of either my Chithi or my Granny.

Thank you Amma for giving me life, Thank you for guiding me without pointing my mistakes, thank you for your support in all my bad times and thank you for showing your love and care when I least deserve it from you. I have to thank you all through my life.

Chithi, Thank you for being an inspiration to me and making me as inspiration to all my friends. Thank you granny for blessing me, protecting me, and loving me always, even my mother would have felt bad of me at certain point of time, but you are the one who would not have felt bad at any point of time.

I know all of you have been successful in guiding me but I have not shown any honor or respect or love or gratitude for the support what I have received from you all. A mere thanks will not be enough but to show my love and care for you all through our life.

I never felt bad for leading a life without commitment, but when I write about the leading women from my family, I really feel bad because if i would have got a daughter, may be I can make all these great women to feel more happy and to guide my daughter with what I have learned from my granny. I feel that all my good things will die with me.

I will never forget all the good deeds learned from you all and hope to be like you in my next birth. I have seen the Heaven through these angels or the god’s of earth.


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