Happy New Year – 2013

I used to wish one and all in a normal way, but this year, I have given some special care and thought let me create some new year cards with the same kind of wishes but for some special people individually… Dedicated to all my friends and family. Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂


The below given wishes is for someone special who does’nt know the meaning of wishes. Neither she knows to wish nor she knows to accept the wishes…. Laziest person … Please plan to wish all your loved ones and try to make them happy with your fake words…..Slide148


The above wishes is for a someone special to have twins in this new year! ! ! 

The below wishes is for my nice friend, who is with me as “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. 


To my Yazhini’s Fans and for my Yazhini Cute Little Star 


The Below is for a beautiful angel of my life


The below given is for all the good hearts


To my All my Friends & Family




Slide158 Slide159

To the Sweeties of my life


Silent listeners and to the sweet friends who love me, listen to me, wish me, feel for me, cry with me, smile with me – For all the wonderful hearts


For the childish, innocent and beautiful hearts


To the wonderful hearts from all the religions


To all my colleagues and friends from facebook, Gtalk, PMI group….


To All Others



Only wish from my side for the year 2013….Slide145


Above and Below wishes is for the cutest of my life…



5 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2013

    • Nanba,

      You know, how many wishes I would have got when am here @ Chennai, but SH made my day like anything with her words 🙂

      My New year started with good hearts, kind people, lovely atmosphere with grand celebrations in-spite of some medical problems, troubles at home….
      Even This Will Pass Away…….
      Learned to move on from 2012…. A painful year for me but learned a lot and will apply it in my long journey…..

  1. Nanba,

    thats why you are calling her as Best friend…when its coming from best friend…it will be best only. 🙂
    for your good heart..everything should go smooth. wish you a great year nanba….

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