Lost Love

The Hardest Test God Will Ever Give You is to LOVE Someone Even When They Don’t Deserve It.


Don’t ever under-estimate others feelings, those who give more to someone means, they know the exactly how it feels to have nothing. The way you handled me, I can’t forgive myself for allowing you to do it.

I just followed my heart saying that “If someone is responsible for your smile, please, be responsible for their heart! ! !”


I never expected that the same person will be responsible for so much tears. Now my smile is gone and I have only tears because of you and I hate people who make me to shed tears. Before I curse you, I wish to let you out and throw you as you have done it.

I think it is very easy for you to throw anyone to dustbin but it is very hard for me to do so. When we can’t forget our enemies, how can we forget someone we still love? Anyways you neither deserve to be loved nor do I deserve to get tears because of you.

When my love is giving pain for me, I am ready to throw it for the sake of others because I know people around me consider me and my love as precious and almost it is like love of god to have such people around me.

Initially I felt you as a blessing, but now I feel that god has cursed me or given this pain to know that these kind of human’s also exist in this world and I have to be careful in moving ahead… I should not fall for fake people.

I have to thank you a lot for giving the wonderful feeling of the world. In the same time, I have to curse you for giving the most pain in my life time. I have come across so many painful chapters in my life, but I don’t remember any of it now because the pain what I am going through is above all. Even then I can’t curse you because my love for you is real and true as well.

I used to be very careful, but somehow it happened. There is a proverb  “Even an elephant can skid, but no one knows that it is very difficult for an elephant to get up when it skids. That’s what happened with me in my love.


I don’t need to prove it to you by holding you in my memories. You will not be in my life forever. I lost to you and I am accepting this and coming out of all the attachments.

Last few days I was thinking that god wanted me to have some kind of attachment and was thinking deeply also to get settled in life, but I realized that god has given this pain to know what is attachment and all my prayers to get a detached life was the answer from him.

He has made me to get myself ready for the detached life from everyone. So far I have not taken anyone so close to heart and I used to consider everyone as a stranger only and I do show the all my love but God has shown me a different path through you.


In 37 years, I have not felt bad or regret for anything in my life. But for the first time, I regret  and really feel sorry for loving a wrong person and thinking that you are the right person to be in that place. I have done a sin and god wanted me to repent for it, feel for it, and to feel ashamed of it. You entered my life just to make me or to feel for my sin and to repent for it.

Whenever I used to get hurt, I used to feel that if my daughter does what I will do and I have moved on with all the pain with a smile saying it is from MY SMILE. But for the first time, now I got an insight from god and he guided me differently saying that if it is your daughter she will not do this kind of cheap activities. She will be daughter of Love not a selfish person.

I don’t believe in holding someone in memories, but if there ever comes a day when we can’t be together by heart and mind… I will have you in my heart and be there forever without killing my peace.


Two of the hardest tests in life: The patience to wait for the right moment and the courage to accept that you’ve waited for nothing.


We will say that one door closed, another opens but we often look so long and so regretfully up on the closed-door, that we do not see the ones which open for us. It is high time for me before the other doors closes, let me grab myself and be with them forever.


Before you give the above feeling to me, let me leave out of the hell. Initial part of my life, I felt that letting go is the way to live the life. Later I felt that holding on is the way to live the life. But now I learned that life is a balance to holding on to the right people and letting go the wrong people.


It is not only my my funda of life, but I was like this and even I have lived in such a way that I don’t give others a room to make me happy and I don’t let down others when they try to make me happy.

I tried a lot to make you understand What I am, Who I am.. But every time I get hurt only and finally I decided to move on because, I can’t make you understand my value. You will not realize my worth as well till the time your selfishness exists in you.


Nothing is bad in relations because I take everything as lesson and I feel that nothing can stop me.


I learned a lot from your relationship. Yes I don’t need such relationship in my life. Thank you very much for it.

I have to accept my failure and move on. I do feel ashamed of myself but when we accept our failure, we learn to know what is success. It is painful to move ahead with a failure but if I keep dwelling then that is the real failure….

I am moving  ahead in search of my success…… because there are people waiting for my Love with their arms open….. I have to care those who love to be cared by me. I have to give my love who really needs it.

no-matter-busy-wil always find time


I have said, always free for you, that’s why you didn’t realize the value of me and my time invested for you…. Now it’s high time for me to show my real care to someone who needs it and deserves it.



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