Do You Know What Love is?

Do you know what love is? Love is Divine and Divine is love

Before moving on to the subject, let me try to explain you about attitude. Take a glass fill it with little water. keep the glass on a table. What do you see in the glass? Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Half full or half empty it depends on our mind. You can either say that the Glass is filled with water or it is half empty. I saw your little love as glass filled with water and that was my mistake, because you see it as always empty.

Love is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, impossible to live without. Earlier I said, I am sorry I don’t know what is love, but do you want to know what love is from my dictionary? I don’t claim or imagine to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone and not knowing all about someone, and still wanting to care for them more than any other person.

Love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is a feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak when they walk out of you and smile at you.” Do you trust anyone in your life?

When you asked me the above question, I should have said better you know what love is and then ask me this question; I didn’t say it because my name is love and also because of my Love for you

Hey do you know when you have love, there is no prayer required and this is what the spiritual leaders and guru’s says and I know I have enough Love.

If I think someone who has the love for others has to get benefited, they will surely reap the good deeds. My love for them will make them to feel safe, protected and guaranteed with what they want. Because Love is GOD.

My Sai baba also says, when you have love in your heart, you don’t need to do any prayers. Love Love Love is enough in this world for everything. I love human, I love my friends, I love strangers, I love animals, I love myself, I love my work & working environment, do I need to pray?

It could have been easy if I would have questioned you who said this I love you in our relationship? I know for sure you will not remember it. Even without knowing anything about me, you are the first one to say those words.

Do you think I got flattered with your I love you? No my dear and I know how much time I would have taken to say those words back to you, because when I say it, I have to mean it. I can’t say I love you to anyone, if I don’t love them. There are few people whom I love very much but still I will not say I love you because I know when I say I love you, it means more than me and I have to give up everything for those 3 words for the sake of the other person.

When my mother says I love you or when I say to my sisters or even to my kids, I don’t feel that I have to mean it, because they are related to me, their flesh and blood has the same gene of mine. When I show to a stranger only it means a lot.

I don’t go and find someone whom I can love crazily because people come to me because of my love and I give them without taking anything from them. Even I don’t show to them that I cherish their love because when it becomes less, I know it will pain. Somehow I got struck crazily in love when you entered my life.

I know people will change with time and feelings also will change with time for the weak minded people. What to do, I am not of that kind and my love for everyone will be same whether they love me or not. I am of a person who can love my enemy as well. I can show the best to my enemy as well.

Love is the finest of all emotions; it is also the most powerful. You can easily hide your thoughts; feelings, however, it is more difficult to hide love and I can do that as well and I am a great player in hiding my love for others (One is with the XXX and the other one is Mahtab, I have not shown it to these two). But love can neither be fully hidden nor expressed. The more you try to hide it, the more apparent it becomes. Love expresses itself in so many ways. I don’t have to tell anybody I love you: whatever I do like walk, talk, look will all convey this love for you to others. Love oozes out of your very presence.

Normally when we get hurt, we will come back. We will let it go and we will feel that our love should not hurt us. In my love for you, I learned not to give up. If at all I give up it is also for your sake, because if you get hurt because of me, I can’t take that pain.

The truth is Love is there but there is no sense of showing this to you and it is like living a life without love. I used to be very careful to utter those I love you and to make the journey and not fall deeply in love. If someone hurts you with stones, then that pain is only for few days, but the pain of love is forever and even if you try to correct it, it can’t be because once a heart is broken it is broken and each broken pieces still loves still it is a broken heart only,

My love for you started even before hearing your”I love you” from you, even before we started our communications. Even then I didn’t tell my love to you because I know I can’t take the pain of love. Even when you became close to me, I used to tell you that love is painful but still I could not avoid you. Only a point came to my mind is if I can control my feelings without showing it to you in the beginning, I can do it even at the later stage, even after showing it to you.

I was wrong because whatever love I have seen in my life is all came to me, whereas when we go and give someone all our love, care & concern, I didn’t know that I can’t come back or pull back. Pulling back is not so easy in love when you accept and reciprocate love, if love is true.

Giving heart to someone is like giving a piece of you to someone and can I give my heart to someone who wants to play with it, I didn’t question this to you because of my love. I gave you not a piece of me but given the whole of myself. You didn’t ask for it but you took it.  I didn’t know that you will do something dumb one day, like kiss or smile at me, and then my life isn’t my own any more.

When we love, our love takes as hostages. It gets inside and it starts eating us and the other always leave me crying in the darkness, still this heart beats in its way as it was beating for you. It hurts. Not just in the imagination, not just in the mind. It’s a soul hurt, a body hurt . . . a real gets inside and rips you apart pain. I hate not the love but I hate the love what I have for you.

Have you ever been in love? Yes I have been in it for decades… I know it is very pleasant till both the hearts beats as one. Do you know when it becomes horrible? Both the hearts thinks differently and tries to beat each other for beating for the others sake.

Love makes you so vulnerable. it opens your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. I always used to say, I gave the option to enter into my heart and I gave you all the rights to play with it. I didn’t say that it doesn’t mean that you can play with it, called love.

When you started building the gap, I didn’t give up that is called love. It is not because I am weak not to let you go, but I am stronger to take the pain because of Love. But don’t think that I will be so stupid to hold and to be stupid in the name of love. I could have built these defenses, this whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt me but unfortunately I didn’t build it and I thought it should not hurt you by any means and taken all the pain is because of my love..

Love – We think about it, sing about it, dance with it, breath because of it, dream about it, lose sleep worrying about it. When we don’t know we have it, we search for it; when we discover it, we don’t know what to do with it; when we have it, we fear losing it. It is the constant source of pleasure and pain. But we can’t predict where and in which  moment we are in.

Do you want to know the reasons I can give up my love for you?

As I said earlier, I should have given up and my love for you long time back, when you disconnected the phone for the first time saying my brother has come, I was really shattered on that day, because I know people long to talk to me, and I avoid most of my communication over phone. I don’t use mobile phones just like that, I use it only as a medium of communication and I used to use it only with my inner circle people.

Why a brother can scold his sister who is married and especially when she is talking to a female? I should have given a thought saying to myself that something is wrong with this female, better avoid talking to her. That is the easiest and crooked way to give up. I am sorry I didn’t do it because I don’t want to hurt your feelings. I convinced myself saying that may be her brother is very strict.

I should have given up my love for you, when I dropped my mobile in water; it was a bad omen for me. I have a lot of sentiments and I didn’t do that because I simply convinced myself and felt that her love is costlier than that mobile and I will not give damn thoughts for my sentiment.

I should have given up my love when you started feeling the difference when I was in my best friend‘s house, that was the ideal time to give up because it has got a valid reason that you misunderstood me. But still I said I love you. That was the right time to give up because you were not able to understand the real love and its value. It was my mistake that I developed it till this day.

How many times you would have asked me to say something to you and how many times you would have followed it? Whether it is simple or something great or something silly, when you are in love, when a person cares for you more than anything mean what it is? It is not love; I don’t know what is it in your dictionary?

The way you told me, If you can’t change me, nobody can change me” believe me, please tell me my mistakes and I will correct it. How many times I would have said it? How many have you corrected? I don’t have the list because, good deeds have to be shared and forgotten. Even I don’t remember what all I have told you, because I started caring for you with your mistakes only.

I was not ready to give up you even when I know that you used your fake words to know what your mistake was and was not ready to correct it. You were not keen to correct your mistakes, but you were keen to know what it is? Is it because that you don’t want to repeat it once again, no just to know what makes the other to feel bad.

I will not repeatedly say either to my best friend or to my team people because, my relationship with all of them is within a boundary and I will do anything and everything which comes within that boundary and I will not lose my self-respect with any of them. I will not die or miss them if I lose them because of their mistakes.

I hate people using sorry, how many times you would have used it in a day? I can give up only for this reason for hurting me in a day for so many times. But I didn’t, it was because of your love isn’t it?

I should have given up my love for you, for the sake of my good friends whom we consider all of them as one in my family. I gave them up and said, if I have to leave then I am ready to leave you all not her that is love.

I should have given up my love for you, when you made me to throw the chocolates in the dustbin; do you know on that same day how many of them were longing for those chocolates from me? It was not a chocolate my dear, it was my love and you made it to fall in the dustbin. Still I didn’t give up because I know what is love?

I should have given up my love for you when you failed to take a bottle of water when I asked you in your floor and you were deliberate and adamant not to take it. Do you know what love is? Neither it was a challenge nor was it a fun game there dear. It was just to find out how much you value the other person.

I don’t know because love is something beyond words. Even if it was an enemy, I would have given that water bottle that is called love.  You want to prove that you are rock not a human to others. I wanted to prove that you are human and not rock to others, but you won. I lost not only my self-respect, everything. Still I didn’t give up because you are right that I am a stupid.

I can say many more reasons, but all of it will have no impact in you and you will say very easily that I gave the freedom to do so. Love is not giving freedom to hurt others; Love is giving freedom to share the heart’s feelings, emotions, pains, joy, happiness, sorrow.

Pain is inevitable in love and if it comes unknowingly it is acceptable but knowingly hurting others, as per my religion, even god will not forgive us.

I have to tell you very specifically what is love, when we were talking about you and when I said that your husband is working away from this place last 5 years, those hearts listening to it were saying we will pray for him to come back – that is called as love. They all are strangers to you and they are praying for you because they know what my love for you and not for who you are.

When your father was hospitalized one of the great message sent by you to pray for him – I was happy because you sent that message and said that he is sick. When I showed that message, all of them asked me to be cool and said, don’t worry nothing will happen, he is in our prayers. My brother was telling me, don’t worry why you are getting panic, he will live for 99 years, which is called as love. I know all of them were praying that time.

Anantha was in Chennai and he said, I went to this temple and prayed pa, don’t worry he will be okay that is called love. Who are you? What you meant to them? They all know you, only through me and those prayers were for not to make me happy but they all know how much it will impact me.

For me love is divine and it is to make others happy. For you people are for time pass to kill your time and loneliness, to make you happy and love is like a game to play.

I gave the love and care (bow and arrow) to you and asked you to play with it. When you asked the target I gave my heart as target and you played it really well. It is a game for you and pain for me. With this pain also it says I love her that is love.

I have friends from all categories and all levels, I know I have grown far ahead of few of my friends and few my friends are far ahead of me as well, but end of the day we all are friends only and there is no change in our love. Neither they use me for their time pass nor do I use them for any other criteria’s.

If love will change with time and money, then it is called something which I don’t want to use when I talk about real love. I don’t want such kind of people in my life as well.

There are two kinds of people a) those who are valued because of the things they have, and b) those who add value to things. I know what is love and what is its value when it is from me and I have people around me who add value to it as well.

I think I have given enough to understand what is love from my dictionary. My heart is not built with cement and water to take all the pains; it is made of flesh and blood. It is easy to touch a heart which knows what is love and which is build of flesh and blood. I will not try to waste my time with a heart which is made of steel and iron or cement and water. If you want to build the gap with hearts, it is well and good, continue doing it. I will not show any hatred to you but if I start showing it you can’t take the pain. I don’t need to build bridges to move out, but I can move silently for your happiness. I sowed only love but am reaping only pain, may be it is god’s decision for me from you. I accept it and move on with pain.

Do you know what love is?


6 thoughts on “Do You Know What Love is?

    • Nanba,

      This is not beautified version my dear friend, it just a free flow from heart….
      Do you ever have conflicts with others? Do you know someone who is hard to get along with? Have you ever been persecuted by anyone? How do we respond when someone is unkind to us, or hurts us, or curses us? Generally we will throw them out but my best friend told me, you are like Jesus and how did he handle it? Vengeance is God’s not human’s and he will handle it.

      One of the god’s child is hurt by the other and god can’t punish the one hurts and he wanted that child to learn what is love through the other….. Just as you want people to treat you, treat them in the same way – we read a lot, but if we dont follow then it is useless….

      Anyway thanks for your time

  1. i really agree with u nanba

    I don’t have to tell anybody I love you: whatever I do like walk, talk, look will all convey this love for you to others. Love oozes out of your very presence.

    so many times i felt your love in your presence, even i have told this to u many times.

  2. “If you can’t change me, nobody can change me” believe me, please tell me my mistakes and I will correct it. and the same person asked you do you know what is love? on what basis she asked you to tell her about her mistakes??? Anyway it is good for you that she doesn’t know about love

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