Inspiration from Best Friend

My Dear SH,

I don’t have any words to say thanks to you my friend. I know I developed myself as a positive person and to great extent I know how much negativity is there in you. Of course you have not shown the positive side of you to anyone. You are restricting yourself in showing it.

You gave me the real inspiration when I was broken and you gave me the right attitude of what I am. You have shown me what I have to do in my life and what I was supposed to do when I was feeling like I am down and drowned in life.

You were saying that you could not find place to wish me in Facebook, it was full packed, but your words only made me to feel to be alive and to celebrate my birthday dear. I don’t know how you said those words, but I felt the most precious love in it and it came from your heart and not as just words.

You told me, that you don’t have any gifts for me or you don’t have something special to give it as a birthday gift. I really don’t know whether god asked me to come to UAE on 2nd only to get those words from you. My travel is worth spending because of your words. The love what you have given to me with your words is the best gift which I can get and feel it as so special and it is not only a special gift – a kind of re-birth for me.

Normally when you speak or say something, you will try to say it with little negative feeling, may be right or wrong. You have your own negative feelings and that negative feelings never allowed you to say something openly. But this time, oh my god, it was genuine and real feeling and straight from heart. I know the positive side of you as well.

What did you say to me? Is it such a big word? Yes for a broken heart and for a person who welcomes death every second by living, those words are sign of inspiration, motivation and I mean it. I feel that god made me to come only to get those words. When it is from you it means a lot to me my dear friend.

What she said to me??

“This is not a farewell my dear, I am not here to say good-bye to you. I feel and wish that you will come back to UAE. You are a positive person and I don’t need to say much. One thing I want to say is UAE is the best place for your kind of people. If at all you feel that coming to UAE is painful, don’t stop your journey like this. Don’t get struck in India. You can’t live happily, if you wish travel to some other country. I don’t want you to go down and I want you to go ahead in your career.”

I don’t know what kind of feeling these words gave me. I was brutally killed by someone and I got my rebirth with your words. I came to UAE without a plan of what I am going to do. But I know I will not allow something to shut me down to graveyard.

I know if I want to fly, I have to let go people who are holding me down. I have to let them go. I decided long back to let them go, but I did not know what I will do after that. But your great words gave me great vision and told me that what I am.

Life has knocked me down several times; it has given me things which normally people don’t want to witness or experience. I have gone through all kind of sadness and failures in life. I never felt bad and I used to smile at it and say better luck next time. I will not allow you to win and I will not die for this failure; I will get up and face the challenges. Always I love to face it fiercely so as it can run away from me.

Most of my failures are known and expected as well. Whether it is an exam result, professional failures or personal failures, I will expect it and I will know that I will get failed and I will prepare my mind for that failure as well as to fight it back.

This time it was without my concern, without my knowledge and I have to say that it was given by god only. I can’t blame myself or anyone else for this. Few feelings you can’t get with everyone. It is really special and we should not consider it as divine. We have to take it as like a winning a gambling. We should not make it as a habit of playing gambling all the time.

Your words were like the inspirational message and I felt it like it has come directly from god and god doesn’t want me to go further down. May be some others would have said the same thing to me before, but I never felt it so much overwhelmed and you could have sensed it with my SMS from airport. It really means a lot and I owe a lot to you my dear.

Some feelings of mine are still being called by you as madness and I call it as love. If it is madness, how can I get these kinds of words from you? I have seen a new aspect of life in you and how to be positive when you are totally negative. It was so nice to hear such nice words from you as a positive words as your love for me.

Earlier one of the doctor who was giving the treatment to me said this words to me when I was totally dejected, she said the below words to me.

Don’t get upset for someone who plays with your heart, and if someone can play with such a nice female’s heart, then they don’t deserve to be in your heart. If some one can hurt such a lovely person, then they don’t deserve any love from anyone. Be Happy and Be Cheerful and Be Lovely, Give your love to those who rejoice it not with the one who plays it. I know the meaning of it. “DON’T ALLOW ANYONE TO PLAY IN THE NAME OF LOVE”

If someone hurts you, abandons you, betrays you, it says nothing about your worth and everything about their character. We should not be so mad to keep up the love for someone who ignores us. I am not feeling proud to hold the title as mad to prove my real love for someone.

When I make choices to leave someone, I will make sure that there is no room for them to enter again. I will not give them a chance to come back or I will also not go back to them. Now the choice is not made by me.

Thanks for your wonderful wishes with your words and those words are really the block buster and a big bang for me to cherish my day with all my friends otherwise as said earlier, it would have been a black day in my life.



10 thoughts on “Inspiration from Best Friend

  1. Nanba, Thank GOD for your rebirth and thanks to SH for the Inspiration .. since its rebirth you should have gained more energy. wanna see you as i saw near al maria signal; hope you remember the al maria signal pedestrian crossing.

  2. Surprise to see the waves, those words created in you. If the impact is this much – no doubt those words came from GOD only. Even I can’t recall what all are I told you. I was mere a channel for those wishes to flow towards you. Thank you Lord! Spring of your life is yet to come dear.
    Fly Fly Fly….. ALL THE BEST.

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  4. Amazing to see the goodness in your friend and you are blessed with good people around you. May god bless you… Cheers 🙂

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