Do You Know What Love is?

Do You Know What Love is?

I am sorry my dear, I don’t know what is love, you are perfect one to love and I have to learn from you what is love.

What is Love?

Love is selfless affection, care, concern, trust, and the way you shared it is awesome, I don’t know and I can’t do it because I am very selfish. I am irresponsible and thanks for making me to know what love through your care and concern is.

Neither have I known how to measure love or to share love. You are the perfectionist to love and to share the love. I am sorry for not being in the way you wanted to be without selfless. I can’t because I am born as selfish.

I am sorry I could not feel the way you felt like missing me each moment even when you are with me or talking to me. I could not get that feeling of love for you and I am sorry I will try to learn it from you.

Love is indeed a wonderful thing for you and I don’t know what it is and how to handle it. You are right that I failed to handle it properly. I am sorry for not thinking you from your angle. I will think only from my shoes as I travel with my shoes and not in your shoes. (I hate to hear that people saying think from their point of view, why always we have to think from others point of view, why don’t they see it from others view)

I assumed that you developed a particular affection for me. I want to play with your feelings. I know that you just can’t stop thinking about me, even after many, many hours spending the time with me. I am sorry for not being like you. I was left in a dilemma about our feelings and started feeling sick. I am sorry for breaking the relationship and for the hurt what I have given you.

You are right that I kept you as object of my thought not from the heart.

You are right that I didn’t love you as like you love me, neither my day started with your thoughts nor the sun set with your thoughts or the feelings for you. I used to think the one who loves like this are fools and they don’t have any other work

I am sorry I never felt that how to make you smile and I was in deep thinking only to make me smile with your feelings and love. I am sorry for considering you as my smile and not making you to smile with me.

I am really sorry I never shared anything with you. How can I say that I am in deep love with you, when something good or bad happen to me, I never thought to share it with you. You were not the first person who comes to my mind to share some of the best moments of life. Neither I shared my happiness nor sadness with you nor how can I say that I love you?

I am sorry I failed to share my success as well as my funny time with you. I was not in love with you my dear.

I am sorry I never felt or wished to be with you right there by your side. I am sorry for not giving the comfort to be with you as you please and to walk out when you don’t need.

I never felt that I have to be there when you are not okay and I never felt that everything will be alright altogether for you.  I am sorry, no moment, or no matter how dull I was, I wasted all the time with watching tv, or with others, without thinking you for a moment. I didn’t count my every second as like you did it with me.

You became selfless and you start thinking more about what would be good for me, than what would be good for you.  I am sorry I never felt this kind of feeling and I prefer to think only about myself because I don’t know what is love?

Your ultimate happiness is to be able to make others happy, whether it is through you or another person.  I am sorry I felt only about my happiness and I never felt to make you happy because I don’t know what love is.

You took care of me and you keep looking out for me.  I am sorry I never tried to take care of you. I don’t know what care is and how to take care of the one who loves me. I am sorry for not being in the way how you want me to be.

I am sorry I don’t know how to make you happy without causing harm to yourself or being untrue to myself. I am sorry for being myself to accept your love alone and not for sharing it with you.

I am sorry you didn’t ask that me to do sacrifices for you either, such as doing stupid stuff and asked me to prove my love to you. I am really sorry I don’t know that there is nothing as stupidity in love and everything is love only. I am much obliged to learn it from you

I am sorry I failed to start to think of how it would be to be with or without you forever… and I failed to relish that dream or feeling. I never cared to think about you because I never considered you as part of my life. The thought of spending the rest of our lives together is not seen as being stuck with you forever.

I am sorry even when there are other people who are more beautiful or attractive, admiring you still choose to be with me and I failed to continue to do it with you. I was in search to accept me as I am.

I am sorry I never had any responsibility with you and there is no absolute love in me for you.  Love is not a commitment, it has not warranty or guarantee and I took it as an advantage of your love.

I am really sorry I failed to devote myself to you as you did it to me fully and undeniably decided to be with me all the time. It is not only love, but also devotion. I am sorry for understanding your love and devotion and considering all your love as Over Love and Mad Love.

I am really sorry I considered your love as infatuation as all the love has got the infatuation period of six months. We have been together for such a long time now, but you aren’t bored out of your minds as well as from heart. I am sorry I felt boring and I don’t have the desire or passion for you. I am sorry for not giving you a clear indication that love is still shared between us.

Neither I tried to understand you nor did I give the chance to understand me. I know you have got the desire to understand me well, even at the smallest of arguments you tried to give it up for me. I failed to understand you or to give up for you. I was ready to give up you but not my selfishness. I am sorry because I don’t know what love is.

I am so stupid in fooling you because I never continued to communicate openly with you and was very harsh in judging you. I am sorry for not being open and giving you more pain to find out what bothers me than allowing you to do your routine. I wanted you to care for me , but I don’t want to share anything with you.

I thought myself as a great personality and made you as a fool and you accepted all my faults as yours and I never tried to accept any of my mistakes as my mistakes. I am sorry for making you as a fool and your love taught me how to be a fool for a fool. I accept that I don’t know to accept that I am a fool.

I am very sorry for not being true and honest to that person. I was never loyal to my relationship with you and I wanted only love from you and I never gave it in the way you need it. I was in need of more love from you and I failed to give it back to you. I know you never expected anything and I am really sorry for making you to expect love from me.

I neither had any respect for you or your love, admiration or adoration for your love and trust and faith in you. I am sorry I don’t know how to love you and I expected you to love me more and more. I don’t know that without trust, faith, loyal, respect there is no love in us.

I am sorry I failed to maintain it in the way you want it. I failed to keep silence, shouted at you, irritated you and I was not as you needed and I failed to maintain and to take care of you. I failed to show love in the way you need it. I failed to see you as you are and I started seeing you as just a machine to show love for me.

You are right I don’t know what love, is over love, mad love, real love, true love… I know only one thing is care for you. I failed to show that care also in your way. I am sorry for giving you the worst pain in your life. Please don’t curse me for giving such pain and bless me to move out of my way because I don’t know what love is.

If you would have shown all your love to a dog, it would have been so kind and merciful to you and I was very bad in behaving you and I barked at you for sharing the most wonderful love with me.

I am really sorry for not being merciful to you, I was so arrogant to avoid you, not ready to talk to you, was not responding for your care, knowingly I gave pain to you and was very harsh with you with all sort of words and said unknowingly I hurt you. I am really sorry for being a curse in your life and please make your life with greatest blessings from others. I am not the one whom you deserve to cherish me all through your life.

I am really sorry for saying “please leave me” for sharing your utmost love and care with me. I know I broken your heart and I don’t know how to mend it and I don’t deserve to ask anymore apologies.

You deserved to be loved and not to be tolerated, I am sorry I don’t deserve to be loved by you and I don’t want to hurt you anymore with your love for me. 


Do You Know What Love is?



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