In Dreams

A Letter in Dreams is also sweet when it is from you my dear Sweet Little Angel…

My Dear Cute,

I thought of writing a letter to you but I know that I will not get a reply from you. So I decided to get into my dream world and thought that let me get a letter from you to tell me that the love for me is vanished from your heart.

I don’t know how will you give the salutation because dear means someone who is close to heart and My dear may look like over love and hey is common and Hi & Hello are just an informal way of communication. Whatever you say, I love it. Let me say it as Hey as I love and a chemical reaction will happen in my heart when I read this “HEY”. It’s a First and last letter from you, so let it start with a Hello.

To the one who loves me madly!  ! !


The so called great love what you felt from me is gone and I find my dislike for you as I feel your love as OVER LOVE. I know your love grows every second and missing me makes you to feel more and more love for me. I purposely avoid you so as you can understand that you are stupid to show your love. You never tried to stop caring and not regretting for loving me.

You only think of yourself by pouring your love and you never know that how difficult it is for me and I find it very difficult to take up your love as it is over boasting. You love is over beating. I make you to feel that I am arrogant by not showing any response, but still you are not ready to give up. I can only show my hardness, frustrations. Why don’t you understand and leave your love for me? Are you mad? I am unable to take your arrogant selfish love.

I do not even like to see your face as it has shown over love, the one thing that I want to do is to HATE you so as you will not CARE for me. I never wanted to disturb you or to get your love. I don’t want you to get beaten up with your love. Our last conversation was very boring as you always shown your over love and it has not made me to look forward or to feel your love or to see you again. I am not comfortable to talk to you and I need love not Over Love. 

If we are together, I know I would find your love very difficult and I would have no pleasure in getting bored with this OVER LOVE. You have a heart only to give but I do have a heart but not only to receive, but it is not something that I can give as you do. No one is more foolish and crazy than you, and please don’t ever care for me, think about me and please help yourself to get rid out of me.

I sincerely want you to understand that I tell the truth and your over love is hurting me again and again and I am not interested to take it from you anymore. Will you please do me a favor? Think this is the end.  Please do not try to answer this. Your Love is full of boastful that do not interest me at all. I don’t care and I give damn to your feelings as it hurts me. If you feel that your love is true for me please don’t even say a Good-bye!  Keep silence and get lost.

Believe me, I do not care for you and I don’t want to hear anything from you. Please do not think that I am still your sweet little Angel. I was never like that and I will never be able to be like this. I hate your OVER LOVE and please do HATE me for sending this lovely letter to you

With All My Toughness to show it to you, 

Never Your Sweet Angel 

Good Bye 


2 thoughts on “In Dreams

  1. Sister,

    How could you write like this sister? Is it your own imagination or really you got such a letter? How could you breath with this kind of person…

    Even after realizing that it is a stone,how can you write so much about a person who is not even worth of it?
    How did you miss sister?How did this happen with you?
    After reading her husband’s letter, I started reading your blog and it really matters a lot and I can feel the intense of that letter now.
    Still you have love and respect for her sister that is ur greatness

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