Move away

Shall I move away from your life?

It is really tough for me to start something to tell you without addressing the salutations, still I don’t want to discuss it to you in particular….. Because this content is going to change or give some impression to many souls and it will help many to make their relationship stronger. Change will impact only my environment.

Initially I started this content in a negative mode how to move away from someone’s life? But felt that it was too much negative and I am not here to criticize me or someone. After a long gap, I feel that I am writing something which can help people to move on stronger in their relationship. I have to say thanks to you for giving me this opportunity. Heartfelt thanks 🙂

Already I mentioned in many content, that god has gifted you to feel some precious feelings of life. May be he wanted me to feel the pleasure only for some time and that’s why he has chosen you and also you are behaving so absurd.  I don’t know whether this will be end of that feeling or I will get many more in life. But whatever it is “first is first” and it is a bliss which will be there forever. I don’t think I will get another experience because of the pain what I have got now and May be god wanted me to be out of this feelings. I thank you for bringing a bright smile in my face and some lovely moments in my life.

Shall I move away from your life, with your permission?

It is painful for me to hold you tightly in my hand when you are not ready to be my side. When I hold it tightly, my heart is paining and brain stops working in a feeling that I am the one holding it and if I leave you will fly. I wish to set it free. Neither have I wished to hold nor do I wish to leave, but am unable to overcome the pain what I am undergoing… It is better to set it free and take the pain than holding it and having the pain.

I thought that you should know the major reasons, why do I want to move away from your life? I know you will not care about this, but some point of time, you might need someone who really love you and  you want to be with them forever and you should not miss them unnecessarily because of your attitude problems.

Do you really care? – You don’t care or you do, I am so confused to say an answer to this. So you do say the answer.

It is true that we take people for granted when we get so much of love. It is not your mistake that you took more advantage with me and my love for you. May be you don’t know how to react or to give it back &  you enjoy the fruit of that love and throwing that person and making them to feel lonely. I feel your biggest problem in relationship is that you don’t care about other’s feeling because you don’t even know that how much that person means to you, as we are always available for you when you need. But once that person starts ignoring than normally others will realize that how important is that person for them, but you have not realized that too and trying to develop the gap to greater extent.Everyone in this world loves to be loved, but they don’t prefer to love them back. My love for you is forever, even after the death, the ashes will love you and there is no change in it. Only change is you will never feel it.

I know you will be thinking that I allowed you to take me for granted, is it a sin? For which you want to punish me for life-long by doing so?

Do you really trust? – You don’t or you do, I am so confused to answer for this also. So you do say the answer for this as well.

 I don’t want either to test my relationship or yours with a test. It is not that I don’t have the trust; I don’t have the heart to take the pain if you fail in it.

Trust is the biggest element in any relationship. If you don’t care or love any person, it is not a big deal. But if you don’t trust a person, then it is really a big deal. If you don’t trust a person, then it is very difficult to love that person to the fullest. It is always better to let the person know what you exactly feel in your relationship. The best way is to know that you have trust in relationship.

Trust gives the comfort to the one who loves you that you are honesty and loyal in the relationship. When you don’t have the trust in the person whom you love, then the loyalty and honesty are lost.

I have not seen you neither with trust nor with loyalty in the relationship. I tried to plant the trust and honesty in you so as you can develop it with me as well. But all my trials went in vain. Now I lost my trust that I can trust anyone in my life anymore.

Yea I am too BUSY?

There is a saying that “No matter how BUSY a person is, if they really care, they will always find the time for you”. Neither you are that much busy to avoid someone who really cares for you, nor you have the care for that person. It is really a million dollar question for which I don’t have the answer or I don’t want to accept the answer 😦

Are you so busy that you don’t have time to breath? If so I don’t want such a busiest person in my life. There are 1000 ways to communicate “where there is a will, there is a way”. In spite of busy schedules I have shown the same way to you in many situations. I have seen busiest people than you in my life who are communicating with me in their tight schedule. I have communicated with people who are working 14 hours in office but they have not made me to feel that I miss them or they miss me.

My boss who works more than 12 hours, used to keep in touch with me almost every day and it is not just a two-minute call or 10 mins chat, it will go on for 30 mins to 1 hour.

Your friend, who is very busy with his project going live and working on multiple projects with multiple teams, never missed an answer for any of my queries and not missed to chat with me even in a single opportunity. I know, I have not disturbed any of them in their busy routine and even if so, they will not think it as disturbance and they will know that it’s out of care and concern.

It is one of the toughest times for the person who shares their love to you and you treat them like a stranger because of so many reasons like hectic at work place, problems with your health or any other valid reasons. Even if you care for the person but can’t express your feelings just because you are too busy then that relation may not work for long. How the other person will know what’s going on in your mind? Am I a god to understand your silence is what is going on in your mind or do you want me to think of 1000 stupid reasons for you or whether you are ignoring?

It is important to be expressive and spending time with each other in a relation to keep it alive and refreshing.

I hope now you know how you killed a beautiful love in me…. Without that feeling, I feel like am a dead person only. I am alive, am breathing and my heart beats but without any feeling and nothing is going on in mind. “Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do”

Say what you mean and don’t ever say what you don’t mean

When I say, I am sorry, I mean the value of relationship and I am giving up my ego in accepting the mistake. My apologies are to strengthen the relation and I mean that same mistake will not happen again. I have said it am sorry whole heartily when I have not done any mistakes also. My friends also asked me why did you ask sorry now? Was it your mistake, I used to tell them, it is not who says sorry, I value the relationship and I value my love for her. It is precious, whether she knows the value of it or not.

When you try to respond to how are you, I am fine, mean it and say so that the other person will not feel that is she okay or not or just making me to feel comfortable. I am sharing the love with you to make it nice, caring and showing affection in a feeling that you are okay and ready to accept it, and please don’t ever say if you don’t mean it, or feel it. Don’t even say a sorry when you really don’t mean it. That sorry is not a word for the other person, it is your love and don’t say it if it is not true or if you don’t mean it. Try to be honest and say the things which you really mean, people are not fool around you and they will come to know gradually when you are lying or hiding to them.

A mistake or a false statement from you will deeply hurt the other person which will result not only in deep depression but also not to feel comfortable to trust anybody else in the world, when you mean so much to them.

I don’t know how many apologies, I have got from you for same issues. It is highly painful when a person does the same mistake second time. I am just a normal human with all sort of feelings. I too know to show hatred, I too feel the pain, I too can show arrogance, I too can show anger, I too can avoid others, I am smiling at you, but deep inside my heart, it will be crying. When I am unable to show the real feelings to you, then it means I am killing my feelings. I am not hiding it, but I am not sharing it to you, because I don’t want to hurt you.

Showing Love may be an instinct from me, but Getting Love is not an instinct from me, Giving Love it doesn’t mean that the person who shares is a dumb or fool of an ass to assume them to be taken for granted.

Lack of Communication –  It is a Great Insult – Lack of sharing

“Joy shared is joy doubled; sorrow shared is sorrow halved” and if you are not aware of this simple thing, please learn it now, so as you will not lose any more people or people those you have touched in some beautiful ways.

One of the difficult things from your end what I have felt in this short journey with you is Sharing. Oh god, it is really hell to be with this kind of person who is so reserved and I really doubt how all your relations are managing  you? Are they not worried about you? How could you be like this? What kind of bondage you will have with all others? I never expected this from anyone in my circle. I know many of my friends will not share it with all, but am sure that they will share it with me to cut their burdens and to make their joy double.

Sharing is the basic thing to make a relationship healthy and stronger. It really creates hell lot of problems for the other person to understand your emotions. Basic criteria of love are to share the good and bad. If you are unable to share what you feel at that point to a person who is close to you, then with whom you will share it? Don’t you feel that you are sick of all your feelings/tensions/emotions when it is not shared with someone who is very close to you? What kind of trust do you have on the other person? Neither you trust yourself nor you trust others, without trust, whether you love, your care or concern or affection, whatever it is of no use.

You can’t expect a person to keep on approaching you to share good and bad things happening in your life until you show interest that you really care with things going on in your life. Sharing comforts you, if that person is sharing something with you and you pretend as if you don’t care, they will never ever share anything with you. Sometimes you might be the only source for that person to whom she wants to share something…..

You want to know what made me to write this? Oh yes, it is lack of communication. As said earlier, you can have 1000000 valid reasons, but unless it is communicated, the other person will not know it. Initially I felt you have some valid reasons for not communicating and still I enforced myself to keep in touch by pinging you, SMS, calls. I was doing it even when I didn’t get any response from you.  but heartbreaking was when I stopped my communications with you, I got to know that you really don’t care about anything. It may be your basic instinct of non-communication, but I have not seen it in the past from you like this… I can’t accept any relationship like this. I have not stopped my communications even with the people who made me to feel so bad or those who made my life so miserable. But for the first time, I am going to stop all my communications with all those who knows you and my love for you. It is not only with you, the entire world.

I can write a book on this great insult or about the communication gap, but I am not trying to highlight your mistakes, trying to say that lack of communication will also create great pain. I may not be able to solve the problem, but at least you will have a shoulder to support you.

Knowingly IgnoringAny relationship is for each other, not for one person alone.

Relationship is always two-ways and it can never be one-way. I can love you, but without that you, if I say I love, it looks crazy. I can say without you, I can love you or without showing it to you, but what is the use of that love? When it is not shared with you, there is no meaning in that love. Any Love if it is not shared, then it is useless and it is like the waste in the dustbin…… U made me a dustbin, thanks for that too….

If you don’t like to continue any relation, you can say it directly when you start realizing that it is not worth. It is not worth to make it so miserable and to make the other person to move out of your life. Instead you can say politely and gently, this will not work out, let us part. Game is over. At least, there will be some sweet memories; Now all those sweet memories with you will be in paper only, not as a feeling of love.

Many times with body language or the way you respond while talking gives a hint that you are trying to ignore that person. If you feel that it is my assumption, then you have given this belief by your deeds.  I prefer to move on and not making this beautiful relationship as a burden for you or for me.

Don’t ever say that you did not do it purposely and unknowingly you did it. If you say that you did it unknowingly, I have to ask a very lay man question do you know that I will be expecting your call or not, for which you can’t say a negative answer.

There are some reasons for people around you to bend to keep up the relationship, it doesn’t mean that they will bend forever. You can bend a bamboo only to the extent, it can, if you try to bend it more and more, then it will brittle and after that it is not useful or you can’t bend it anymore, it will become so straight.

I should say that I too became like this, I was enjoying breaking the rocks with my love, care and concern and I was rocking with my love, now you made me to become a rock. It is not unfortunate, may be it is god’s wish. 

I have to think it as fortunate, because I have not wasted number of years and then getting this kind of pain is terrible. Now we know each other only for few months and to recover from this pain, I might take double the months what we have spent, but I will recover.

Pain will be there for permanently and not as a scar  which will give me a caution not to think anyone closer like you.  Every one is close to me, but out of my inner circle and knowingly I made the mistake by allowing you to enter the circle and  I have to go through this pain and I take it as my karma, I have to go through it and I can’t escape from it. I can’t die on my own and give the pain to my mother and I don’t want to die when they are alive. One of the worst pain which a daughter can give to a mother and I have given enough pains to her, at least let me live with pain till their end.

The reason to share this with you, in future, if you feel someone is important for you and you don’t want to lose the care and love they give, then keep above things in mind. Even now I have not changed or ditched you, you made me to change and I feel that it is over and let me close the door of showing my love for anyone……


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