Yazhini A2Z

Thamizhagathin Chella Kuralukkana thedal – Tamilnadu cutest voice hunting program, by Vijay Tv sponsored by Airtel.

Benita Maria Yazhini  is the young talent, participated in all the 3 seasons of Airtel’s Super Singer Junior program.  Yazhini is one of the top finalists in the Airtel Super Singer Junior Season 3. She is hailing in Chennai. She will be hardly 11 or 12 years and her mother is her full strength and back bone in supporting her daughter.

She is a known personality in the Vijay TV Super Singer Junior Program Since from Season 1. Yazhini was eliminated during the semi-finals screening who was supposed to be directly selected for the finals. Especially the songs sung by her were awesome and I don’t find any issues with the songs and the way she performed was pretty good compared to the other 3 top finalists.

Yazhini is the best talented voice of this season and was good on her high notes. She is so good in performing unique songs and the songs sung by her were totally different genres.

Notable performances of this sweet angel are “Marugo Marugo, Ninai Charanadaindean, Kaatrodu Kuzhalin, Raasave Unnai Naan, Jal Jal enum Salangaiyil, Lesa Lesa, Azhagu Nilavea , (I guess during that time, Chitra lost her daughter in a tragedy way, dedicated to her mother and Chitra),  Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Naalai Indha Velaiy” There are many more songs for which she gave life to the songs.

She was not selected on top 10 singers and she made it to semi-finals through wild card rounds. Yazhini proved that she is 1 among the top 4 Semi-finalists. One of her greatest and brilliant song selection during the wild card rounds was with the song  Pazham Neeyappa from an old movie Thiruvillaiyadal sung by K.B.Sundarambal, still a unique voice in Tamil industry and it was really a great performance from this small cute little girl. Almost all the judges were impressed by her versatile performance. She got positive comments from the judges.  Unni Menon said it is great to see someone taking KBS song,  at this age attempting for this song is a great achievement and you have done justice to the song, a very competent singing. Usha Udup said Concentration, Power, Focus, Pitch, Pressure,  presence  and it is a fabulous performance. Vijay Prakash was astonished and asked her how can you sing this song, “what is the secret and from where you are getting the energy? While singing classical song, you are singing like you have an 100 years’ of experience”. Vijay Yesudas praised her in a different way comparing his father’s experience, he said, my father is singing for the last 50 years and he used to say I know only little in this ocean, but we are learning from you and I can’t imagine you as a kid while you are singing,  and you have got god’s gift and Hold it, and don’t leave it.

She made to the semi-finals along with Pragathi, Sukanya and Gowtham. In the Semi- Finals. In the First round, she was competing with Gowtham  as one to one round. Gowtham sang Oraayiram Yaanai Kondraan song and Yazhini sang for the song Acham Acham Illai from the Movie Indhra. She has not completed the song was the comment given by Srinivas, which was not her fault and it is the fault from the trainer. Why they didn’t ask her to sing the full song? If it is a tough song for her, then the trainer should have  asked her to select some other song. Aren’t they aware that this is a semi-final?

In the second round of the semi-finals, she gave the best of her songs and especially the song from Oli Vilakku, is not a typical song which used to be sung in any television programs. That is the specialty of this little girl, the songs chosen for her are different and new to the super singer competitions. “Aandavanea Un “is a rare song to be heard in the televisions, I remember, I heard this song may be 25 years back and when Late. MGR was hospitalized. One of the best song for that round and she gave her 100% effort to the song and she did justice to the one who selected the song for her.

A score of 8 out of 10 was prejudice from all the judges for Yazhini’s near perfect “Aandavane Un” performance looks like a deliberate incident towards this kid. Yazhini sang better than Suganya.

I have to appreciate one of the judges Shubha who was there as silent judge and she gave the score as 10 for this song to yazhini. How could the other judges do this kind of insult to this sweet little cute angel who did remarkably well with this song?

In fact, I heard that  Suganya’s “Mannavaa” song lyrics were wrong. It was not highlighted or noticed by the judges. It is highly disgraceful from the judges as they are not judging it based on the performance of the singer and I really felt sad that they did this to a 11-year-old extremely talented child.

Vijay TV has got moral responsibilities to encourage the good and bad of the kids but this is really a threat to the future and a great insult to the ambitious highly talented kid. It is going to cause a permanent damage to your reputation.

Yazhini – This little cute contestant has received lot of chocolate showers and notable comments from the judges Mano, Chitra and Shubha and all other judges also praised her versatile singing. How come they missed to encourage her when it is really required from these so-called learned, professionals, experts and that too when she gave a wonderful performance? Her songs were beyond her age limit.

The bias in giving the score to this little kid made her to walk out of the 3 finalists and she was forced to enter the wild card round.

Once again, a prejudice from the judges in the semi-finals. She was brutally knocked out because of unfairness from the judges. Again she was forced to compete with the lover boy who sings well, I am not saying that Aajeeth is not a deserving candidate, but unnecessarily this girl was forced to go to the wild card round as there was no need for her to enter the wild card round.

I had the doubt in the earlier seasons, but now I am doubly assured that you are not looking for talents. It is just for the promotion sake only.  Vijay TV is ideally using the kids talents for promoting the program all through the world and not to show case the real talents of the kids. Please encourage the kids from the Tamil speaking kids as this is Tamizhagathin Chella Kural Thedal otherwise change the slogan of the program to chella kural thedal……

She came back to the top 3+2 contestant because of the public support and judges also played a vital role to say that she missed the place just with 1 mark and we will be having 5 contestants in the FINALS. Ideally it has to be 3+1 only, but they were not able to omit this cute girl and made it to 5.

She gave the best of her songs in the wild card rounds, Alegra Alegra from the movie Kandhasamy,  a mass entertaining song which was a rocking performance from her and all the judges praised her like anything for this song as it requires a lot of energy and voice modulations with beautiful expressions.

Matha Un Kovil, a song by her moved everyone and touched all our soul. Pushpavanam Kuppusamy expressed that you brought Matha (Mother Mary) in front of our eyes and it is absolutely true. Even though she acknowledged that she was not able to sing comfortably. Vijay Yesudas complimented her saying that you are not singing songs to your level and your songs are top-level songs and also he said that you gave your best, and fatigue in voice can be with anyone but the feelings given by you took over the song.

Yazhini bagged the title from Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 as Best Melodious Singer and who truly deserves other awards like Expressive, Stylish,  Energitic singer, Soulful singer… Especially all her songs has got the feelings and the soul and energy in it.

She gave the best of her in two rounds of the Pre-finals and I can say that it was the best to win the title and the songs were

1.       Manmadha Rasa Song from Thiruda Thirudi

2.       Uravugal Thodarkadhai Song from Aval Appaditaan


Yazhini gave a beautiful performance in her grand finals and the two songs rendered by her were Mannavan Vandhaanadi  &  Konjam Nilavu.

She did a good job with the songs, but I felt that she should have selected some different songs for both the rounds

The winner of the title ‘Airtel Super Singer Junior 3’ was Aajeedh, and the second place was bagged by Pragathi Guruprasad. The third place went to Yazhini. Pragathi did well in the finals and her best song was Shiva Shankari. Still I felt that Yazhini deserves to be ahead of Pragathi.

Yazhini truly deserve to win the title and it is unfortunate that you got the 3 place. I am unable to digest this even after two days. I know even our cute Yazhini would have taken it lightly. I don’t deny that Aajeedh is a good singer, but he is a mass entertainer and you deserve to be the super singer as most of the genres you have given 95% efforts and almost all the songs were very good.  Still I am happy that you lost the first place to Aajeeth but at least you should have got the 1 runner-up.

Yazhini, I have to make a humble request to the judges to see the attitude also while selecting the candidates. What an attitude from this little kid, who has not given up even after losing in the super singer in two seasons. She was not on top 5 kids, and she entered again through wild card rounds to top 4 contestants.

I don’t know how many of the viewers noticed this cute girl’s expression while announcing the top 4 candidates for the finals. Even before Mano’s announcement, her lips said Aajeeth which requires a great attitude. You can compare the body language of Aajeeth’s and Yazhini to feel who is good in attitude.

In the Final’s, she was shocked when Bhavana announced the candidates who are not in Top 3. When Sukanya’s name was aired, she was stunned and her facial expressions said that she was not feeling happy that she was on top 3 but she felt bad that Sukanya was not on Top 3, that is the spirit of this baby and Baby for this you deserve the title.

Baby you deserve the title for the way you gave us the songs and your songs were (A to Z)

Attractive, Awesome, Amusing,

Beautiful, Blessing, Beguiling, Breathtaking (Breath-given by her)

Charming, Charismatic, Captivating,

Dazzling, Delightful, Devoted,

Enchanting, Exquisite, Enthralling, Enjoyable, Entertaining,

Fascinating, Fabulous, Fantastic

Glittery, Gorgeous, Glorious,

High-Pitched, Hypnotizing, 

Incredible, Impressive, Interesting,

Joyful, Jealousy,


Lovely, Lightening, Lively

Mesmerizing, Marvelous, Magnificent, Mind-Blowing,

Near (completeness)

Overwhelming, Outstanding, Overpowering,

Pleasant, Pleasing, Precious

Queen of Singing, Quil of Songs,

Rocking, Realistic, Rare,

Scintillating, Superb, Sparkling,

Twinkling, Terrific, Tremendous

Ultimate, Unique, Unimaginable

Victorious, Vehement, Vigorous

Wonderful , Welcome & Wow


Young, Youthful  and Zealous.

There is a long way to go and my prayers for you to reach new heights in the field of music. 

May God Bless You with All the Happiness in the World of Music & Hearty Wishes to My Dear Angel to Shine in the World of Music.  My Sincere Request To Her Parents, Lead Her To Shine In Her Own Way 


29 thoughts on “Yazhini A2Z

  1. Yes whatever You mentioned here is more than 100% correct. how did they choose songs for them , whether partipants selected or choosen by vijay TV. if it is choosen by Vijay TV , then large biasing and great insult happend to all. Aajeeth is a good singer ,but he is not deserve get title winner. Based on some votes or to impress AR rahman ,some major fraud happend to award tilte to aaj. even i also noticed yazhini’s shock while annouceing the winners. so many muslims simply praised the aajeeth performance without listening others performance and they have voted from Gulf country by pulling others mobile. i feel that sukanya was top most since beginning and song given to her in finals is not good . very slow melody and even it is not make any enthusiam to audiance. defintely she wont select that song .. some muslim peoples expressed their opinion that aajeeth will be title winner bec ar rahmen came to program. what is the relation . ?? in our fake secular country some minority deciding majority power !!! feel shame also .. why they are mixing religious believe in everywhere ? i could not digest things happend in final till now . thats why i dont see such program , cricket ,etc ,..

    • Dear Jey,

      It is not about the religion and the people from Islam. It is all about the attitude of the program developers and the attitude of the contestants, Attitude of the judges… There is no harm with ARR, he is one of the most beautiful and lovely person by heart from Muslim community only. Ella Pugazhaiyum Eraivanukku koduthavar…. It is not about the minority or majority….

      I too agree Aajeedh is a wonderful singer, above all, He can replace our ultimate star Ajith…. He is really a superb performer. but he cant perform like Yazhini or Pragathi or even like Gowtham.

      I think songs will not be given by Vijay TV, that’s for sure…. we never know may be the judges and trainer can give it to the singers. whatever it is the songs to be played in finals are not worthy for Yazhini and Sukanya… Both the songs by yazhini were earlier sung by Sukanya and Pragathi….

      They decided the first and second place earlier and the last prize was the only position to be in competition and Yazhini would have got more votes…..

      • dear anu
        what on basis they selected 1 and 2 place ? To whom make Happy ? on what purpose they have selected 1 , 2 place, they programmers already knows about peoples , they are more than politicians ,,they are more clever in the business , i have come across people and written comments , and morever every body keeps some prority .
        If you are able to find the answers then you and me are in same views track
        i dont want comment more . it will lead to contraversy . I used to avoid such programs, super singer , maan kuthikka mayil muthikka , deserved person wont get anything except insult.

      • I believe the judges also knows but 4 some reason their attitude change when it came to top ten selection that stupid Mano is the biggest idiot he was always damaging her infront of the other judges he tried so much to bring her out but he 4got God is watching our Yalini made it with God ‘bless n her fans like all of us know she is the born singer n always a winner ther’still alot 4 her to achieve

      • Dear Mumtaz,

        Thanks for your support to Yazhini without any bias….
        All these are part of program development strategy.
        Knowingly They would have rejected Yazhini so as she will have one more round to sing as wild card.

        This is also like promoting a candidate. Luckily she performed well and came back with full power to enter into top 5. She is a Born prodigy and I love her mainly for the way she sings so casually & sincerely giving efforts to reach the audience.

        Her Attitude made me to watch this program and the stylish performance of Alegra oh my god, I love that song only after hearing it from Yazhini voice…..

  2. Until now i too can’t digest the result whatever we have to accept she is still young let’s keep supporting keep on rocking Yalini always smile i still can remember how she jumped upon hearing Ajeed’s name announced luv that attitude of hers May God bless her

    • Thanks Dear…..

      I am so happy that people are watching every simple things from the kids and they have to be more careful in showing their immediate emotions. Especially for Sukanya, When Yazhini was praised by all the judges, her face reactions were not up to the mark, whereas Yazhini was enjoying her song as well as the comments from judges…

      As said, she is young and she can maintain the voice and can fly high in sky with beautiful colors

  3. Honestly i agreed most of the songs Yalini sang really super especially the late Swarnalatha porale ponnuthayi until now i enjoy it very much nobody can do that

    • Attitude shown by her when she was asked to sing the second round song as first participant after introducing ARR in the stage and the way she sang the song is really terrific… Presenting it in front of that crowd and infront of her favorite favorite music director was splendid…. Life time achievement in this young age….

      • Dear All,

        I really missed to include that during the selection round for her song Ninaithu Ninaithu, itself Yazhini got the applause from all the judges (Five of them were there, Magadhi, P.Kuppusamy, Nithya Shree Mahadevan, SP. Shailaja and Devan). All five of them gave her standing ovation and Kuppusamy said that I will forget our age and salute for your voice and is a born talented & a precious gift of god. Magadhi said that tears came off from her eyes when she heard the song. You are singing like a professional singer and Brilliant Performance. Nithyashree said, Yazhini made her parents to feel proud of her.

  4. Actually i love her at the very first time she came with her hibp lowbp i told my children this girl is really something she has that x factor the power. I really cried 4 her the day she was out of the top 3 selection but i was very proud of her attitude how well she handle the situation i feel ashamed of myself should learn fr her i didn’t have the guts to watch 4 sometime even now the pain is still ther honestly i have never voted for anyone in my live

  5. Anu – Loved your post. You have a flair for writing. Yazhini is good but I still say that Pragathi was better. Yazhini is not as strong in carnatic as Pragathi was. Also, I am still not happy with Aajeed winning the title, the reason being – all the contestants sang carnatic in the first round but Aajeed selected a song from his comfort zone which was not carnatic. Also in the second song, Aajeed forgot the lyrics. I agree we should encourage the talent but at the same time we should not be biased. Sukanya flopped in her second song…so my choice would have been Pragathi, Yazhini, Aajeed, Sukanya, Gowtham. So the only thing i agree with vijay tv in the final result is Gowthams place…just my view =)

  6. Great Anu, I agree with this article, but I do not agree Pragathi sang both the songs well. Her first song was a total sodhappal! Myself and my husband we were watching it for second time yesterday. As you correctly mentioned it is trainers responsibility to tell these kids to choose songs. I don’t believe this show anymore. Yazhini sang both her songs very well. But it was told that Pragathi’s first song was very tough song and she gave her best. There N number of songs out there which she could have taken and sung well. Let me give you my opinion on the program
    1. Pragathi was not a finals material at all. It was all only hype and marketing strategy.
    2. Azeedh did not sing even a single classical song.Although I like that boy so much and loved the way he sang every single song right from the beginning.
    3. If azeedh can come to finals without singing a classical song and if he is awarded just for the feel that he carried in every song then Sephi has every right to be there. Infact, I liked her song from Avvai Shanmughi which was a semi classical.
    Sephi for sidelined for Azeedh and Raja Ganapathy for Pragathi .
    I have been learning Carnatic music for past 16 years, as for as my knowledge goes Rajaganapathy is the best classical singer, followed by Sukanya and not Pragathi. Even in classical round Pragathi missed beat in AAdatha manamum undo? but Sukanya’s songs were perfect.
    This program has a histroy sidelining or disrespecting real talents.
    Except for Krishnamurthy in the first season.(Junior)
    Anitha was sidelined for Nikhil Mathews.
    Srinisha was not there even in the top 5 and was not awarded anything.
    Alka Ajith was way above others and she already had a guinness record while the other kids were new to stage. It was not a fair competition.
    Ravi and Ranjani were Sidelined for Ajeesh.
    Last year I still cannot digest that Sathya was sidelined.
    This year it has been Yazhini. I honestly do feel she is the winner or atleast 1st runner up.
    If I may share some opinion, Yaazhini made it to the top 10, Only Aazeedh did not make it.

    • Yes , we should not ask audiance for voting , if they want to hear the public , then no need of judges , and people from musical background. let everybody particpate in program one time without going thro so many rounds. SO many rounds of program are waste, all are money making business. as long as our stupidity continue in the sense of watching such type of program , They will do the same again and again. Media will get business and prople gets depression and BP.

      Dr.Anu may be enjoying her writing without pin point the fact. She is writing in such blog to enhance her skill or showing , but hiding many facts inside. she may be afraid from others.

      All judges are begging for their survival in front of Music Directors , since AR R might have impressed AA performo without gone thro others Performo in all rounds , Judges might have come to wrong decision . Ellam AAMM samy pootta than pilappu adum.

      Koothadikalin kottamthil namaken varuttham and uncessary discussion

      Ellam Dr. ANu key

      • Dear Jey,

        I agree with you that audience poll is not required and judges need to be fair in the judgement.

        Even the final judgement can be given to some new set of judges.

        In Airtel super singer, I felt, Magadhi, Nithyashree, Shailaja, Shalini did very good job and all others were biased with their own choices….

      • Dear Purnima,

        Thanks a lot for your comments and I love to write and now free without any work, so enjoying my time in writing.

        This is program is not only based on the carnatic and I agree with you that Pragathi is strong in carnatic, but Yazhini has proved almost in all the genres including carnatic as well…… Only thing is she is not well versed like Pragathi & Pragathi also did mistakes and she is also not a perfect singer. @ her age and experience in carnatic music, it is easy for her to correct and her knowledge in carnatic music may be a plus for her. Please refer Lakshmi’s Comment above and you will come to know the mistakes of Pragathi.

        Up to me, Sukanya, Pragathi, Gowtham were not supposed to be in finals and that’s the only reason why I support Yazhini….. May be if we would have got some other contestants, my priority would have changed…. with these finalists, my choice is Yazhini as winner….

        Certainly Aajeeth doesnt deserve to win the title, Gowtham is far behind all of them and who else were there ?
        I too was shocked when i heard that Vandemataram song from Aajeeth. In fact he should have been rejected for this 1 reason itself.
        I was eagerly waiting to hear his carnatic song and felt that he could sing one carnatic so as Yazhini to win the title…. 🙂

        I don’t have any bias and my support for Yazhini is only on merit and out of 5 she is the best…

    • Dear Lakshmi,

      You are right, but it is part of our anguish, we are discussing this and we will discuss this may be for another 1 week.
      As long as we watch these programs, these people will not change their attitude….

      திருடனாய் பார்த்து திருந்தாவிட்டாள் திருட்டை ஒழிக்க முடியாது மாதிரி தான் இதுவும்.
      இந்த மாதிரி நிகழ்ச்சிகள் மக்கள் ரசிப்பதற்கு தான் முட்டாள்களாக்குவதற்கு இல்லை என்பதை உணர்த்துவது நம்முடைய கடமையாகும்.

      Infact I stopped watching it after the second season.
      This time, yazhini made me to watch it again and once again suffering in pain.

      • //Infact I stopped watching it after the second season.//
        Ditto. I got sick of the politics in the show and stopped watching after SS2. But VTV politics naaluku naal adhigama dhaan aagudhe thavura kuraiyra vazhi illa.

    • Lakshmi, I agree with you partially. Aana Sukanya ku kuda dhaan thalam pochu in her “Mannavan Vanthanadi” rendition. But none of the judges bothered to mention it in their remarks. 🙂 Gautham has a good voice but he is definitely not a final material. He got promoted to finals only because of boys quota. I think the show has to first remove this quota system. If the gals are more talented than boys then I see nothing wrong in having more female contestants in finals. For example if you see the 10th exam results the girl’s percentage mark ratio always is higher than boys. It would be absurd if they make boys pass the exam just to balance the ratio. Andha madhiri dhaan ivanga panradhum.


  7. nice article but Yazhini is not as good as Pragathi in Carnatic genre.
    So it should have been Pragathi, Yazhini, Ajith, Sukanya, Gowtham.
    Yazhini is a very talented girl. May be she will become a playback singer and soon she will be called for recording. I’m sure this will happen.
    She is Gifted and Blessed.

    • Dear Meenu,

      Each individual has their own perception and Yazhini has performed well in her carnatic rounds as well…
      We know that she is not trained in carnatic….
      But Carnatic alone will not decide who is best???
      With all the genres, She is the best…

      I agree that sivashankari by Pragathi was the best of Pragathi but only one best which i can see from her…. It is my perception as my mind is fixed with all other genre with Yazhini….

      Thanks for your comments

  8. Dear Uma Akka,
    Very happy to read your blog. I feel sad how i missed this blog these many days. thank you very much for this chance to read about legend Yazhini.This blog shows how sweet heart you have & understading about our Yazhini. You have covered all the points about our Yazhini even in micro level.
    Proud to be in Yazhini family & proud to be your brother……Looking forward for more blogs from you.

    • Dear Brother,

      Hey I am surprised how you missed it?
      In Facebook I have posted it many times, Yazhini parents also posted it many times.
      Yazhini is like my swasam pa… because of her songs only I am living today…..
      Soneone Killed me with words and behaviors and this cute little girl made me to feel that I have to live to listen to her songs….

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