Love Thrills – Expectation Kills

Essence of Life is – Healthy & Happiness

Essence of Happiness is  Love.

Essence of Love is Expectations…

Expectations play a big part in our lives. Our expectations decide whether we feel good or bad over what happens in daily life.

Up to me, the essence of life is to

Live happily and let others live happily. 

To smile and to make others smile.

If you can’t help others, at least don’t disturb or trouble them.

To fulfill my duty and to cherish the dreams to be realized in the short journey what god has given is what we call as “Life”.

We came empty-handed and going to go with empty-handed, and in the time of the journey, why should I get grudges and pains? If I can’t love my own fellow person, then how do I expect god to love me?

If you really ask people they will say they take life as it comes, but when it is love, we don’t take it as it comes, it becomes our life. Love makes people crazy. Where there is Love, there is Expectations, where there is Expectations, pain is there. Where there is pain, love gets killed.

We can say that we have to love without expectations but there is no love without expectations. At least we will expect that the person whom we love should acknowledge our love or to reciprocate the same.

Some will say it is never-ending process, yes it is never-ending process till the time we live in this planet. But it comes to an end when we leave our last breath. I will not think unnecessarily like why are we born, what is the purpose of my life, am I born to achieve something etc., these are mere stupid questions unto me. Neither my birth was in my control nor my death is in my control, why should I think all unwanted things and to make myself crazy.

Love is the essence of life and we cannot live life to the full without love for others, if we are unable to love others, we will not be able to feel the love of god. Love is the essence of life where love means everything… Love means surrender yourself, devote yourself, dedicate yourself, give yourself… the way Jesus gave his life in the cross… and in the same love will make us to get the life back.

We are not Jesus or Buddha to spread love and harmony without any expectations, may be even they would have some expectations in their journey to be remembered like this. They were here to spread the love or their religion? No Answer for these kind of questions….

“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.” But in Love there will always be expectations. You fall in love with someone unexpectedly and expectation starts once you fall in love. You start loving someone and start looking for that person to love you back. Some instinct says that you need the care and concern or even be an attraction towards someone comes unexpectedly. Only that factor is unexpected and all other factors in love have expectations.

Even a relationship with god also has the high expectations, when we offer prayers; we say please do these for me, take care of me, give me a strong shoulder to overcome the pains. Even when we pray for others, there is selfishness in it. Please do this for them, take care of them or be with them because I love them. There is nothing like unconditional love, and when we don’t have unconditional love with god, how can we have it without expectations with our fellow-men/women.

It’s easy to fall in love, very hard to wait for love and even harder to let go. It really kills to let go someone out of your heart when you really love them, but sometimes, we have to let them go to instead of waiting for them and understand that they don’t need you anymore.

Love Creates Expectations and Expectations Kills Love. Expectations will be there in any sort of love. Father and Son love each other and father is expected to fulfill the dreams of the son and son is expected to fulfill the dreams of father. When father denies a requirement of the son, the son starts to feel dejected even though there might be 100 reasons for the rejections.  Same with Mom and Son or Mom and Daughter or even with a husband and wife or with a boyfriend.. When there is love, there will be expectations.

We are not saints or sanyas to have love without any expectations. There are many types of expectations in love. People can name it as realistic, unrealistic, conditional, unconditional etc., but up to me, there is no love without expectations. Love is a need in one’s life and we are in need of this love till our end.

Love can’t be conditional, but it can’t be without expectations. You are my son and expected to do this for your family. You are my daughter and expected to do this for your mothers love. Any need from the family comes with an expectation and Love exists in each level. Love only can make the members to say that as a family. Without love or fulfilling the expectations, it can’t be a family.

Even between friends, you will not say a stranger as a friend. We don’t become friends with all whom we meet in our life. Few friends are there who life’s treasures are and who will expect us to listen to them. You get a friend as another member to your family. This friend can become a father, mother or sister or brother or just can be a friend in your family who can do the role of your family members by showing their love and concern. When you don’t understand their love, then there will be a rift within the friends because, that friend wanted you to treat them as part of your family.

It will come to unconditional love only when both the hearts feel the love and feel satisfied with their basic needs, both becomes unconditional. In general, we never allow it to satisfy with love and our expectations grows grows and it becomes pain and love gets killed. Love will be there in both the hearts.

Do expectations really hurt? Or is it over expectations that hurt?

When do we come to know that we are expecting something impossible? Obviously we can’t define something called over expectation.. We may expect our friend to remember their routine and when we greet each other with a good morning or good night or our birthday.. These are not over expectations as far as I know.

If so I have to be grateful for those friends who are saying it every day to me for the past few years. It shows their love for me, I do reciprocate to them in the way they expect it from me.

It is something like which happened to me in the last few weeks. I was away from a group of people with whom I was associated in the last 20 months. There are few friends who are very close to me. Till the time I boarded the flight, many of them felt that I will come back and I might not go on long leave.

Unfortunately due to my health issues, I was not able to keep up their expectations and this expectation from them definitely would not have hurt them, but it does hurt me, because I was not able to cancel my trip.

I treasure these friends love for me and I do adore them as they are and I love the way they move with me, take care of me, show their love for me and above all in maintaining my dignity in front of others.

As the days went, we used to chat at regular intervals and we never felt that we are missing each other as the precious moments of them were with me and I too shared from my morning medicine to dinner routines with them. Still there was heavy pain inside me, because I expected all this to be shared with someone very special and unfortunately I could not do it. I felt like missing something and my heart moving out of my body and my brain was not allowing me to do anything other than thinking how could that person do like this.

Fortunately I got similar kind of person who poured her love like anything to me. I was not able to digest that love as I don’t know that cute little heart for long time and her love for me was like killing me literally as I felt I was rejected by the other person.

It was really killing me, because whatever love shown by this new face was the expected love from somebody else and I was not able to take it from a different source. I got severe pain and I was feeling sick day by day instead of getting recovered from my sickness.

Don’t kill the love which comes to you without any expectations and only expectation of that new face will be to accept her love. If I reject her love or show a long face to her, then am killing the sweet angel’s expectation and which is not usual by me. I love to take the love and give the love spontaneously. But with the above mentioned expectation, I was really disturbed and got two weeks of fever and dramatic situation raised and felt so embarrassed in front of other friends. Everyone started advising me throw it out and how could we throw our love for someone?

Somehow, I was not able to hurt that little heart who was feeling so much love for me and she was feeling overwhelmed when she poured it on me, how can I reject her love ? I was totally confused and my expectation from the other source was killing. Somehow I cleared my mind for this new face and shown a smile to her whenever she turns into my room to cheer me up. I felt like god has sent this angel to overcome my expectations. It was not over expectation to feel something from the one we love. But I felt it as over expectation, when I was not able to accept the same love and care from a different source.

In reality, to be honest, we will expect and Expectation really kill all of us.

Do not expect anything from anyone, Expectations hurt.. When you don’t expect.. Every moment is a surprise and every surprise brings Happiness… 🙂

Essence of Love is Expectations… Kill it

Essence of Happiness is Love. – Enjoy it

Essence of Life is – Healthy & Happiness – Live it


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