Memorable Moments

Date: 20th Sep’2012, 8.00 PM

Venue:  Abu Dhabi

PPL: Best Friend, Close friend & DD, Friend1 & Friend2

It is nothing special for me as said earlier, most of the days we used to have dinner in some restaurant and it is a regular activity for me and my team to have dinner outside. But this time, it is neither with my team nor with my close friend.

I used to call my best friend to have a dinner with me and  she used to say, that I have to take all of them with her and she will not come alone. May be she thought that I am a kanjoos or wanted to test whether I will take all of them to have a dinner with her? Are you testing me? You can test me my friend…..

Hey BF, I know the reason, you don’t want to spend some time with me alone so as not to exhibit yourself to me. You know that if you meet me alone, you will start sharing your personal strengths and weakness with me.

Anyways I planned to have a dinner with all of them 6 months back but unfortunately, none of us took an effort to execute the plan. This time, I wanted to have it with my best friend and thought let me plan and execute it before I leave UAE for the treatment and  I planned to go with this team only the day before I leave.

It was not a planned dinner and for me only a grand occasion at home, I have to plan and execute it, rest all it will come instantly. I will not wait for the time and tide. This time, I waited for the day to come. On 19th, I called my best friend and asked her, can we go tomorrow, she said, if everyone is coming then we can go. Next call was for DD (not for me… my close friends DD). Now it has become her name because of my close friend. I asked her can we go tomorrow and clearly told her that if all of you are coming we will go otherwise, we will not.  It is an order from my best friend, how can I disappoint her?

I know my close friend will come if I say DD is coming and friend2 will come with my best friend. I called up friend1 and told her we are planning it and you inform your husband to take care of the kids, as she used to be punctual in leaving the office.

Date, time decided but we didn’t decide the venue and not to the surprise, all of them are non-vegetarian other than me. Even though I take veg food in a non-veg restaurants, when it is a treat by me, I prefer to go to a vegetarian restaurant only.  Finally we decided to have it in a vegetarian restaurant as all of them want to give preference to me.

As per the plan, we all left office and were supposed to meet at the venue by 7.00 PM. As usual, I was punctual and no one was there and was feeling like whether these people are going to ditch me or I came so early in eagerness. Anyway I was supposed to be there before everyone as being the host of the occasion.

My close friend called me at 7.15 and asked me where you are and she reached there in 5 minutes. And she was the first one to join me. As per my expectation a call from DD came, each one of us know that she can’t make it and has got valid reason as well. But I didn’t allow her to say anything and asked her to come otherwise we will cancel it. I was so rude and partial to her and anybody would have asked her not to come but I was adamant and wanted not to have it without her. I asked her to come even if it is late, we want her to be there. Basic intention is not to disturb her but to spend some golden time with all of them together, because most of my time spent with these females are separately a chit chat for 5 -15 minutes.

While entering the food court, a guy from the same company gave a good impression for a new restaurant and we thought we will go there since it was a non-vegetarian restaurant, I wanted to go there with them.

My best friend and other friends came after 10 minutes and we all were set ready to go for the dinner. Normally when it is a treat, we try to make it more expensive, but this treat was little different for me. Ambience of that restaurant was good whereas the typical treat kind of dinner was not available to satisfy me as a treat. But we had good time.

Starter was not available, but as a good starter, Best friend took the lead to order the food and she ordered some veg food and non-veg.

There is a special reason for me to chisel this as a very special day because after my school days, I feel that this is the first get together for me only with females. During my diploma or during my long journey in my professional environment, I have not got many female friends.  I maintain a thin line of discipline, distance to maintain the dignity, mostly avoid talking friendly to any females which routes to gossiping.

I don’t have any kind of normal friendship inside my work environment. I will not keep any sentiments in the working environment. If someone is wrong, I have the guts to say that they are wrong and I can do that only if we keep a distance. It will be of a typical professional environment. I will not have even a smile in my face inside the office and will never talk unnecessarily with anyone neither about my personal nor about their personal. I keep a long distance with almost all.

I do have some friends with whom I used to have a chat in front of the office after office hours and we prefer that to keep up as a separate relationship. Inside the office, we used to be rivalries and outside the office, we will be friends. People around us can’t understand what is going on. Most of my friends inside the working environment will be from other departments and not from the same department with whom I will not have any professional relationship.

Unknowingly current atmosphere has changed me a lot and, I have become close and given room for sentiments with all in this team. I have to say that it is not with only one. If it is only with one, then I have some special attachment to that one in a different way. Of course I do have some special attachment with one in this group. Let them decide who that is J

With my previous employment, my immediate boss used to tell me, you must have a good rapport with the people for whom you do your service, being in IT, you can’t be so rigid and I feel this as your minus. Try to smile, have a handshake, have a chit-chat, have a cup of coffee or a lunch and it helps a lot for you when you need them. Almost we spend most of our time in working environment and you don’t have time for your personal feelings. Those who are around only can make us smile. Being a good observer, I noticed several times, he used to chat with almost all of them in a department and people around him will feel that he is flirting, but only very few know that he is trying to get information and not flirting. It is also a Technic to support them in their day-today work. May be a reason for my changes in the current environment… 🙂

A special thanks to all of them for accepting and joining me in spite of their regular routine works and all of them joined leaving their family, kids after the working hours.  All of you made that evening a pleasant and unforgettable moment for me. The ultimate reason for this get together is to have some great time together and hope all of you had nice time.

God willing, I wish to have many more in feature with this team, if not with some other team….. 


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