I hate my life….

Why to smile and love my life when it gives me more pain? I hate my Life… 🙂 What made me to feel so bad about my life? 

Wow what a wonderful feeling is this to look back our life and to feel so happy that you have crossed all the struggles and I keep smiling even after having a tough time in crossing the milestones of my life.

We normally look back at our life and feel sad that why these things happened like to us?

Always I used to feel that if I could go back and undo all my mistakes, take new chances to live the life in a better way.  Since, I know that I never made the right choices in my life. That is how the life has to go and I have come a long way with bad choices in all the stages of life but often with smile in my face.

We know that life is a journey between birth and death with a return ticket and date of the return is unknown. We know very well that whatever mistakes we do can’t be corrected with erasers and it requires to be in mind so as not to repeat it once again. Life is a special gift from god and we go with the journey and god is the director of the journey and we act as per the script made by god.  If we could know that it will end in pain or it will go in vain, we can correct it before committing it. Sometimes, we know that it will give pain and it will end in vain, but still we can’t stop it and we don’t have any control over it. We can’t reverse the things what happened and it will have an impression for sure and some will have a deep scar in the hearts.

Always remember that each step is a step taken by us is closer towards our grave and try to live the life to the fullest without any regrets. You can have control over money but not with the honey (Little hearts likes and dislikes). Whatever happens, it has no control. We are meant to do the things, either pleasure or pain is the result of the things what we do. If you get pleasure, sure there will be pain and when you get pain, tell your mind that pleasure is not at long distance.

Memories are so sweet, painful and disturb a lot as well. It all depends on how and what we choose to keep in our memory.  I don’t keep any unpleasant things in my memories and that is the secret for me to have a smile in my face irrespective of the failures what I have seen or faced. It is quite common in human to remembering the past but dwelling in the past will not change it but rather affect your present and personal life. We are losing the happiness of today by recalling the past to our hearts. Remember the bad things happened to you as a lesson and Remember not to dwell on it.

Dwelling on the regrets is not only about the bad past but also it is going to kill the today’s happiness. Choose only to remember the good things, which will make us to smile and have a bright days in our life. Self-motivation is the best thing which we can offer to ourselves and make us to stay healthy and wealthy as well.

Each and every person that we meet has made an impact in our life. As it is said, some come as blessings and others as lessons that never to be forgotten and while few others are just for experience. Lesson learned are not to be forgotten and it is also an experience. Experience will always be more than the blessings because only with lessons and experience you will come to know the meaning of those who are in your life as blessings. There is not life without lesson, experience and blessings and we too will play the role as lesson, experience as well as blessings in many people life to complete the cycle.

Above all, falling in and out of love is part of human stages in life. Why I need someone to make me smile? Where is my smile, it is within me not with someone else, with my smile, I can make people around me to smile and makes me to smile instantly even though heart cries in pain.

Talking of Love, I love myself so much that’s why I can smile without any regrets and with all my failures, my smile is the brightest in my life. I love myself when I smile and I love those who smiles when I smile and I love those around me who makes me to smile.

I am a gift of god and no regrets whatever happens in between my birth and death, I will keep smiling with no regrets.

With Smile with no regrets….:)


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