Date: August 11th 2012

I never thought that I will get another chance to be with her, that too immediate after a next day… Consecutive two days and spending time together with her is not possible. Especially that was during the Ramadan time. Either she will be busy at home or some guests will be at home.

It was time for her to go on vacation and may be that gave us the chance to have the second continuous day doing her shopping.

I am so crazy of buying watches and in the last few years I stopped wearing watches as I don’t get time to see the watch and complete my work. We don’t end the day by looking at the watch. Usage of watches are not that much and most of the time sitting in front of laptop which shows the time. When we are away, we use our mobiles for looking the time.

Few months back when we went for some shopping, I told her that I will be buying my next watch only with her. I didn’t get the chance to buy the watch with her and I used to convince myself saying that anyway I am not using the watches now.

When we planned to start our shopping I told her to come to a nearby mall where we will start our shopping with a watch, then we will do rest of the shopping.

We went to the shop selected couple of watches and then we continued our shopping for her.A Brown color strapped one and another with a chain type which I selected on my own.

Once again, we went to the same restaurant where I used to go with my friends (TEAM). Even the waiter asked me, how come you are alone without your other friends. I just smiled and said, when am with this female, they will not be with me and when I am with them, I can’t be with her.

After dinner, we left and I reached my room, I took both the watches and kept it on my lap and was feeling like my life time dream was accomplished. I was looking at it for more than 10 minutes without even thinking about anything.

When she pinged me, I told her that I am looking at the watches and it looks great da… I told her strap one was very good (which was selected by her) and she said, the chain is also good, but when you selected it, I felt it is not good, but when you tried it in your hand, it was looking good. Let’s wait for your friends comments. Ofcourse they also said its good 🙂

When I inscribe the past moments, I don’t find something great or good in those watches but the time I have spent and the way she was selecting it was the best moments and I really enjoyed those moments. I can buy 100 watches more but the time what I have spent for these two are the wonderful moments, which I can’t buy with money.


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