Friendship – Convenience

A Friendship of Convenience

There are many people who take friendship for their convenience; some what I hate people using other feelings for their benefits or for the time pass. Friendship is not for time pass. Friendship is of values and not for convenience…

Friends are indispensable and integral part of our life. We need them and we need friends in every stage of our life. They help us to cross the tough times and to celebrate the good times. I don’t know how people have friends for their conveniences. For few friends are like passing clouds.

In reality it requires a lot of hard work to keep up a healthy and strong relationship. When we are into the different stages of life, it requires a lot of energy, mindset and inner urge to support the friendship.

We need to divide the time between family, work and taking care of everything. That’s why it’s very important to realize about whom we choose as our friends.

I truly believe in giving without having expectations or something in return, but at the same time it is important to realize that there are some people who add value to our lives and others who tend to bring us down. We should know who add values to our life and who makes us down and it is highly required to avoid those who bring you down mentally.

In life we spend too much time chasing the people who don’t care and neglecting those who truly do and who deserve our time, attention and energy.

It is important to surround ourselves with people who uplift us. People who love and value us and inspire us to be better. The energy of the people around us affects us more than we know.

Only few friends are worth of your time. Other friendships just aren’t worth nurturing.

Friends that are easily available to all of us and we have because it’s easy to have them. They’re like the men who go to the same gym as you go or they are the parents of your kid’s friends or your immediate neighbor’s, some as your car pool friends, friends in trains, friends by chance in a flight and some as part of your colleague’s.

In very rare cases, these people actually become your real friends. But for these people you typically don’t want to devote a lot of time. It is nice to have them as acquaintances to help with car pool or for a walk and these people we can’t say them that they are the friends who will be there when our time really gets tough.

These friends can bring a smile in your face and they can give some pleasure and even we might feel that we enjoy spending time with these people since it’s convenient. But don’t get so caught up in these easy connections that you nurture them when you should be nurturing your deeper connections.

Major drawback with us is not knowing the right person and we devote lot of time for these friendships of conveniences and miss the real one’s. It is easier to get these kind of friends of convenience or time pass and we will become a joker in life by missing the one who cares and dedicates their time for us and we will miss the one who doesn’t even think about us.

By spending the time with these strangers or thinking about these strangers, we miss the one who is always there to do something for you. We know that someone is there we call at the last-minute when we board a plane or come back after a long journey.

We should know that someone is there to think about you and you dedicate your time for others who are not going to be with you when you really need them. We are going to depend on someone else who is going to take the burden out of us and who is going to motivate or console.

It is pretty good to call the one who longs for you and you’ve been friends for two or twenty years and it has to be in both the hearts and this is what you do for each other; you call her because you know that she will be waiting for your call and she calls you not to say that she is fine or to ask how are you, she does because she knows that you will be waiting for her call.

This call is not at their convenience and it will be from the heart to say that it thinks all the time about you at that point of time, I am sharing my thoughts with you. I don’t depend on you, but I truly deserve you.

You call her because you know that she can never say no to an opportunity to help and she can call you anytime knowing that you will never say no to her for anything. The problem is that she never lets you to forget that you are best one, whom she can trust. She doesn’t let you help her unless it is really required. She knows that you are her best believer/supporter and never takes you for granted.

Admit it; you’re hanging on to this friend because you know that she’ll do things for you even though you’re paying the price of feeling guilty about the friendship. True friends will do things for you when you need them and you’ll do things for them when they need it. It’s a fair exchange; not a competition to see who is the best believer/supporter.

As a matured person, we really have a limited amount of time and emotional energy to invest in friendships. Those friendships should be satisfying, supporting, caring, inspiring, withstanding and loving. It shouldn’t cause guilt or stress in your day-today life. The energy of the other person really matters to us and it affect us either positively or negatively.

Take some time to show your relationships and make sure that you are appreciating those who respect and genuinely care for you. Do little things to show those people that they mean a lot to you and you value their friendships.

Ideally it is our choice and we should know how to reevaluate what is the time you are investing in people who deserve it and those who don’t deserve it. You should never feel like someone treats you well only at their “convenience”.


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