Date: August 10th’2012

Place: Abu Dhabi

Time 8 PM

I don’t know how to begin but it is highly important and need to be captured as my sweet memories, as I feel now a days, my memory is getting old… need to save this forever and that’s why the need to record it has come. Even after twenty years, if I think about this day, it has to be in my heart as like the day it happened. I hope I will not forget this till the time I am giving treats to my friends/family.

Normally a get together with my team is like every day routine and having food outside is not a very rare occasion for us. We love our outing and we love our togetherness. This time it is totally different, when it is with someone very close and a lovable person, then it means a lot.

Lunch or dinner with friends is nothing new or important as we do it every day. With this special person we waited for an occasion. I think we had a couple of dinners before this, but this one is so special because she has to give it for some special reason. There were many other occasions for which this kanjoos has not given treat…  but this time, somewhat She (SAD) wanted to give the treat and from her words, I felt it is going to happen.

I was with my friends on 10th from morning till evening. As usual, my SAD was in dilemma, whether to come out or not. Finally we decided to have dinner together and I asked her to call me before leaving. We were supposed to meet around 7 and I was waiting for her call and didn’t get the call from her.

My Brother was saying that you are not going to have dinner with her, and today’s dinner is with us only. You better come with us instead of waiting for her call. I told him, if that is the case I will join you there but I will wait till the time she says it is not going to happen. I trust in her that she will come. Brother said, it’s almost 1 hour gone and I am sure you are not going for the dinner tonight. The same moment she said she is on the way and asked me to come to the venue.

We met and had dinner, what we had doesn’t make sense for me as the time spent together by us matters more than anything.

After dinner we wanted to do some shopping and we started hunting the shop. She wanted to buy a ring, so we went to a shop nearby to get the ring. Normally I don’t prefer to go with anyone especially when they want to buy gold, because the curiosity to buy the gold will make me to buy something and will make me to spend and finally will end up in sleepless nights.

When I entered the shop, I told myself that I have to control myself. I know for sure that I will not see anything because, we were looking for rings and getting a ring to my fingers is really a tough thing… unless I order the ring, I will not get it.

The more we control not to look for anything will make us to look for something, and I tried a couple of rings  and a ring was looking good and I felt I have to take it, which is usual urge in me for gold. Only one ring which was apt to my fingers and I felt it is good.  Still I was in a feeling to buy that or not, and she convinced me.


It took 30 minutes for her to select the ring, even though there were not many… Along with her ring, I asked the sales guy to bill the other ring as well.

To my surprise, my SAD said that it is a gift from me and I will be the one paying for it. I don’t prefer to take anything from youngsters and when she said it as a gift, I was not able to reject.

We had arguments and she said if you don’t like, then it’s okay but it was in my mind for some time.  I don’t want to hurt her feelings and I accepted it.

After paying the bill, we collected the rings, I told her, I will wear it next day as I used to feel saturday’s are auspicious. We were waiting for her ring to be altered. In the meantime she said friday is also auspicious and you can wear it today also….and the way she wore it in my fingers was awesome…..

It was really a great day for me because I spent nearly about 4 hours with her, which was the best feeling. Neither the treat nor the gift from her made me to feel so happy but the time what we have spent together means a lot to me. Those special moments needs to be captured irrespective of the happenings.

Note**** Thanks to my friend Anantha for taking the photographs, even before I ask him to take the photo’s, he voluntarily did it. Only you know the value and importance of it and what it means to me… Heartfelt thanks…

11-August Continues….


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