Best Friend….

My dear Best Friend… SH (Normally SH means Sweet Heart, and this is the sweetest when it is by my close friend to me, from now onwards if someone says SH then it will be your name)

I am saying this with a bright smile and I feel that today(19th August’2012) you made me to feel that you have the feeling that I am your best friend. Your SMS for my eid wishes really touched my heart, to be honest, I called you only once or twice but your message said that it has given so much importance to you. I didn’t expect that you will feel so happy about it. It’s my normal routine to wish my friends and I do care for those who are close to my heart.

I don’t want to promise or to say that I never made any challenges to make you as my best friend. It is the truth and you have to believe that I have not done any promises or challenges with anyone to make you feel me as your best friend. Somewhat I felt that something is there in you to make you as my best friend.

So far I have not got any urge or feeling to make someone as my friend and all my friendship are not through chasing. I have made Only one friend in my life time by chasing and I lost her contacts totally but I have her in my memory.

I don’t chase anyone to make them as my friend. If at all, they will become my friend. I know for sure that I have the charm to make anyone as my friend. To make someone as my best friend, I need to know more about them and also I should feel that they are worth of it. Certainly you are worth of it and you will be there with me as my best friend till the end of my life.

People in the entire world can become my friends but only few are the best friends whom I will say that they will be there in my life till my last breath. I will not forget anyone but I might not give importance to get in touch with many unless and otherwise they try to do it.

One of my friend who was very close to me as like my close friend during 1995’s and due to some reason we lost the touch from 1999 or 2000. I used to send mails, wishes on her important occasions and I have not heard anything from her in return. I was doing this for more than 15 years and after so many years, I got in touch with her recently and my love for her is same as like before.

As said earlier, I don’t have much difference in my friendship either with you or with my close friend. I have the same degree of love, because it is more with close friend because she used to share it as I do. Love doubles when it is shared perfectly dear. She knows the secret and she started pouring it and shown it as well to me. I know you too love me but you want it to be secretive and let it be as you please. Love is there for me that is what I have to feel happy about it and you have given that happiness to me.

When you Love someone, express it

In recent days, you have proved that you long for me and that is more than enough for me to feel you as my best friend. Whether it is with my name or with umma, I feel the same love for you. Whether you listen to me or hear me or not, I will say that I love you and it will be there forever.

I love people for many reasons, but I love you for being yourself and not changing yourself for anyone or for any sort of love. If you can show it, it is not going to hurt you my dear friend, it will help you to have more love in life. At least I can assure you that you will not get hurt because of me.

When you have love, then you can make yourself to stick on to your own ethics and you have changed yourself without your knowledge and that is what made me to write about you now.

There is no tomorrow in everyone’s life, so it is better to share the love what we have for others and let the other feel that they have got a wonderful person behind them.

I will be missing you, if I leave UAE, Now I feel that you will be missing me more than anyone else. I can assure that you will not miss me forever…. If at all my death can make you to feel that you miss me….

I love you the way you love me… Thanks and keep the spirit up…

I gained your friendship by not giving up and I know the value of it… and sooner you will also know the value of it.

Love yourself more so as you can love others…


4 thoughts on “Best Friend….

  1. Hi SH — Being loved means being recognized and utmost thing of one’s life I think is being recognized. That acceptance, appreciation, understanding you expressed / exposed in your lines really started working as fuel to boost confidence in a person who always thinking she is good for nothing….. Lacking that self-reliance made her not to love herself so as not to love others….. also not to believe in the love some are showing to her as well.. ( Am I right or not – that also I am not sure –humm….). But one thing you have to believe… she never do anything just for the sake of – show off by expressing the love in every few minutes.. what ever she is showing is from her heart, in other words what ever she is showing, that only there in her heart. But that will be forever until and unless some foul will happen.

    I understand that you already understood that fact from your quote “I love you the way you love me…” Thanks for that acceptance which really made this relationship very comfortable and she is already aware about the value of that comfort more or same as you aware.

    Dear SH …being fuel to fire positive energy in a frustrated one’s life is a noble deed through which you are not just leading him / her to peace of mind but to make the GOD so HAPPY……

    May GOD Bless U…………

    • My Dear,

      I don’t have any words to say thanks or to respond to your response.
      A mere thanks will not make any of us happy,
      but a heartfelt thanks and wishes will definitely melt the rock as well.

      I adore those who love me and I hope you too have the same instinct.

      One thing is for sure that our hearts speaks even in silence because you know that I will be waiting for your message or call and I know the same as well.

      There is some expectation and we know that and we prefer to fulfill that expectations.. that is the best of our realtionship
      Thanks for everything…

      May God bless me to have this wonderful relationship in tight….

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