Friends – Chat

Normally I say my friends as my team and we know that our bond is more than a family. This is something which will show how important the other person and how they care for each others feelings . This is really awesome and I don’t have words to say thank for their love and affection.

It’s really a lovely chat between me and my friends about you during this time and I have to thank them very much for not allowing me to feel that I am missing you.

This is just a sample to make me happy all the time..

18th August’2012

When I was in India

Friend1 was also in India

Friend1: Have you got any message or call from her

Me: No Nanba, she will be busy 😛

Friend1: She didn’t send any message also?

Me: No I am not expecting it. I only told her not to send any message.

Friend 2 pinged me from AUH

Friend2: She will not think about you and you are trying to pacify and you will not let her down…

After coming to AUH, everyday the chat was like above only…

24th August 2012

Friend1: Have you got any message or call from her

Me: No Nanba, she will be busy 😛

Friend1: nanba got any message or call?

Me: No, am really feeling like hell

Friend1: I know pa, that’s why asked you…. Why don’t you call her or you can message her na?

Me: You know about my promise na, I will not call her, she will message me when she is free…

Friend1: this is too much na, why she is doing like this? She knows you will not call her

Me: she sent a message yesterday na….

After two hours….

Friend1: Nanba, are you ok or feeling upset? You better come here, so as you can spend time with us.

Me: Not really, she just pinged me in Gtalk…J

Friend1: Oh thanks to her… tell my thanks…

Me: smiled ( 🙂 )

Friend1: Is everything fine at your end,, I feel something wrong…

Me: smiled ( 🙂 )

After sometime,

Friend1: Before u tell something I sensed she told something and made u upset

Me: no, she didn’t say anything, I am ok only.

I copied the conversation between us… Friend1

Friend1: Nanba, she looks like a real kid, am getting anger….

After reading I realize how careless and wavering mind she has….

She is not focused, talking unwanted things.. better she should not have pinged you..

One word pesinaalam nalla irukanum… any way don’t feel for anything.

Me: J

Freind1: I know it will be very painful for you, I can feel that…

Me: Not really and I don’t know how to react also

Friend1: Only one thing u need to know. How to accept the pain? Accept fully. U can come out from this… Set ur mind that she will be like this only

Me: Already I know it and that’s why I can be cool otherwise ….. I can’t say it out. You know better than me, what I would have done… few things are felt not to be discussed. Anyway as you said, she is like a kid and always kids has a blessing to be forgiven… She has not done any mistake…

After 3 hours,

Me: Hey Nanba, she called and was asking about you and the Friend2. I asked normally you will ask friend2 only what a sudden change, you are asking about friend1, she said, if I ask friend2, you will say something, that’s why asking about all your friend1,2,3,4…

Friend1: Are you happy? How is she?

Me: Why not? I am so happy…..  She will be very good……

Friend1: Oh Spl thanks to her… tell my thanks for calling you…

I am sure, we love each other and we care or each other. We take others happiest moments as ours and increase the happiness by 100 folds and we share others pains and cut it for them by 100 folds.  Thanks for you care and affection,

Thanks for being with me all through this tough time. I owe a lot to you all… Wish our family to be like this happy forever without any sort of ill feelings….

With Love….


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