Dreaming about you

About – the one who made me to dream even when I am in conscious….

I really had to inscribe because I can´t stop thinking about you, even if I wish hardest not to think about you.  I know there is not much we can do against an ocean of distance between us, you still don´t seem to leave my thoughts.

I never thought that I will engrave how I feel about missing someone in my life. Unknowingly you have shown me so many colors and beauty of life and your love. And now that I am about to tell you how pure, genuine and prodigious it is. I am short of words, portraits and even very little literacy either to write about the love of you or the love for you. I feel that I have become a learner in Love. You have given me the feeling that I have to start from beginning. A new peculiar feeling which I have not shared with anyone, even if share it will not be the first love.

You have occupied totally in my constant memory. You are the consolidate passion in my heart, vein and soul.

You seemed to be turned as the love of my life, I wouldn’t know how to live away from someone as special as you anymore, someone that drives me forward and shown me the beauty of life.

I could never find peace in my heart without you or couldn’t be there for me. Before that certainty, I have no option but to reiterate, with all belief, what I just said before, you symbolize in each cells of my body, brain, bone, blood and emotion, the great love that will accompany me till the end of my days.

Wow! ! ! It is so great to have you in my heart and to be able to feel you close to me all day and night.  I never got a chance to miss you because I know you are always with me, even when there is long distance between us. I never get to miss you because I have you in my thoughts all the time. You are constantly in my heart, feeding my soul with love and affection, and leaving me with this feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

I don’t know how to thank god enough for having found you. I only regret the lost time, I regret not having met you before… But here’s a little secret, which also is a life slogan “Happiness, even if it is late!”

Still, I will not complain about luck; on the contrary, I just thank god and the fact that I am with you now, enjoying your presence, your intimacy, the sweetness and delicacy of your gestures, and all the pleasure it gives me when it touches mine.

You are everything I ever wanted in my life. You are everything I love and wanted to love. You have given me this feeling of fulfillment like noone else in the world can.

When I think about you, I feel like I have everything one could wish for. In this case, all I could ask for is a little bit more of you, or make that, you forever!

Now and forever, all I wish is not to feel much about you, and my pleading prayers to the god that even at the unmerciful signs of time to take away my life, should bring the bright light of your face with the bright smile should be seen in my eyes. You, my beloved, will always have the loveliest face and I will always see in the golden lining smile in my dreams.

I know for sure that you are not the first love of my life, still this is like the first love. I have more people around me to pour and shower me in their love and even you know about that.

I have shared some golden moments and made them to feel happy with my presence both physically and mentally with them. Mostly either they will be like my colleagues, neighbor or school mate…. I can assure that they would have spent much time with me to give the impact of missing them so badly.

How can I feel this much love for someone with whom I have not spent much time in my life?

Let life keep on blessing us with each other’s love.

Let our days be filled with love, affection and tenderness.

Let me continue to dedicate you with what’s most sincere, beautiful and best of me.

Let my faith and trust in God help me to recover from all the worries and prayers to God to attend my request that I have to show the same love, affection & care for you till my last breath.

First feelings are always the most natural and I know for sure that I will never forget you for the feeling what I have got.

With all my affection and devoted love for you…..


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