I miss myself

My Dear Sweet Angel,

I am really surprised to see the impact of you in me. I don’t know what to call this strange eternal love. I want to be away from you, I mean not to think you, the more I think of you, I feel like missing you, I used to feel that I should not think about you, when I feel that I am missing you more and more. Being away from you has made me very sad and mad. But I don´t want to sound selfish and talk only about my feelings in this content. I know this is a beautiful and lovely moments for you and I don’t want to show it as very painful situation of me…

Sweet heart, I truly believe that all the feelings of mine from being away from you will soon come to an end. I will then be able to return to my path that will allow me to stay away from you & your thoughts and will walk with my friends, parents, my family & kids to walk side by side, together, looking after their happiness.

If adverse situations have led me to move away and petty attitudes disheartening, I can only feel and ask you to be patient because everything has its own time. I beg of you again to be patient for a little while longer, so as I can move out once for all.

I know for sure that I love you too much and missing you has been my daily punishment.
My love, the day will come when life will forgive me for this sad and unwilling situation created by me. You are in my heart every single second and I don’t know whether the time will come for me to see you again or not. It is really difficult to make up my mind to miss you and I know that I will learn how to make up for the days when life is forced to be apart even though it will be very painful, I have to learn it.


Am I missing you??? No I miss myself….


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