Missing Someone I love

Missing someone I love…..

We have only one life and people will come and go from our life, which is part of life. Some will touch your heart and others will touch your soul. Only those who touch the soul will be the one whom we will be missing so badly. I do feel that we will be missing the one who touch our heart which will leave us with broken-pieces of heart because the one whom touch the soul we will miss them by all means. The one who we miss will make us to miss the entire world. It is a known fact that whether the one touch the heart or the soul will leave us at any point of time.

Love is missing someone when you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in my heart. Life is too short, if you love or you miss someone we should let them know. If the other person understands you, it would never ruin your relationship and we will come to know the worthiness of that person.

Many people feel that it is worst feeling to miss someone, whatever may be the reason, and it is a nice feeling to miss someone. I feel it as sweet pain and it is really a memorable and enjoyable feeling to miss someone whom we love.

When do we miss someone? When we love that person or when we like that person more than ourselves? When I started feeling for missing someone whom I was in mad love made me to feel like why I am missing her? It is so nice to keep on thinking about that person all the day and night or at the worst scenario, we might start imagining them near us.

Do we really we miss someone or is it something else? Is it a feeling caused, because I love her or my love for her is hurting me because I am unable to share it with her. Is it because I am unable to share my love for her?

Knowingly or unknowingly, I had this missing feeling with my neighbor initially and after so many years with a close friend who was close to me for more than a decade and we used to pour love like anything and for some reason our friendship got broken. I was not able to contact her as I used to do it regularly but somehow, the gap became more and more and my love became more strong, stronger and strongest…..

Basically when there is love, both hearts will feel for each other like I should not make her to feel for me or I should not make her to feel that she miss me. It was within us and we maintained a strong relationship compared to anything else. Due to the rift between us, we avoided direct communications and even when we tried to communicate directly or indirectly our communications were not usual and there was more pain because we were neither able to share our love nor show our anger as well. I was fighting within myself and was questioning myself that when she can miss me, why not me?  After a heart breaking one year we became close and we started our friendship like before.

After few years, I got the feeling of missing someone once again. Being part of a relationship can be a wonderful experience, it takes an extra special bond to make the relationship work. I don’t know how my relationship started with her. If it is within me, then I would not have got the chance to write about this sweet love and missing the sweetest person. I don’t know, she is someone who has given me some peculiar feeling and I don’t know how I got this feeling.

When we say feeling, it has to be shared and unknowingly I got it and I felt that I got it from her. Our relationship started very late in the current atmosphere, but the growth was rapid and it was like a rocket speed.

Within 15 days we felt like, how we will manage missing each other, which was really a big shock for me. Both of us felt the same kind of feeling in short span and we felt like we will be missing each other very badly. When we discussed about missing each other, I was in a feeling that as long as it is a mutual feeling and both of us know that we will miss each other and the longing is mutual, then there is no need to feel sad for it.

Sometimes life becomes very difficult because we miss someone so much that you can’t even imagine something without their thoughts and it is the fair price which we have to pay for loving another person. Loving someone is not in our control, it just a feeling of affection and care and very tough feeling to get over it. You can’t show love and care to a person whom you don’t like, and you can’t stop once you start pouring it as well.

I know many of us think that love hurts a lot and even I used to say that love is pain and pain is love. We are not trustworthy to make the person whom we love to feel comfortable and we used to say that they don’t understand our feelings or only we love them and they don’t.  If we really feel all these negative things then love is painful only and it will not help you to enjoy it.

Love is to give and give and make the other person to give you what you need. In reality, what we do is we try to get and when the other person fails to give it, we get pain. We say that we love that person and we get pain. In ideal scenario, when we love someone, the real pain given by them also will be sweet love and will not feel it as pain. Yes it will hurt and give pain for some time but it will not be in the heart as a scar.

In Love, when you get pain, the dosage is give more and if it pains, Increase the dose and if it pains, increase the dose so as it will get cured.

Am I missing you…… to be continued


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