Loving without Fear 

Love is the most beautiful feeling and most painful feeling in most of our lives. We never know when it is beautiful and how suddenly it becomes so painful. It makes us crazy, mad and makes us to smile like anything and makes us to cry with a heart-broken pieces. It is common in every one of us that we hate what we love.

Sometimes we say we hate but heart will keep on loving it. Sometimes we think that what we love is unworthy of our love because it has let us down greatly in some way or another. It might be true that we’re in love with the wrong person, but it could also be true that we ourselves are not yet right to love that person. We feel like withdrawing all our love and give it to somewhere else that is more worthy to receive. What is the guarantee that we will not get the same pain from the other person?

The undesirable situations whatever we experience are meant to help us to discover ourselves and what is love and how to love? Loving unconditionally is what it really means.

Hate is an emotion that is meant to be used as a violent defense against any form of evil. Hate is not the opposite emotion of Love. It is the same love emotion, whereas we love ourselves more than the other person.

We have to know that Hate is a not a constructive force against anything and it is destructive towards you. When you feel hatred or anger, it just means that someone is doing something that hurts you. May be the other person is not trying to hurt you intentionally, may be because of over love, over possessiveness, over expectations, suspicious, jealousies you get the hurt.

Hate and Hurt are like two sides of the coins when you are in Love. It is unavoidable, if you don’t know how to handle the love towards others. When you love more, then it is a form of self-love that seeks to protect you. There is nothing wrong with the way you feel because your emotions serve as a feedback and motivating force to move towards that which is good in life.

Only you know about you and you should know that the other person might not love you as you love her/him. It is people way of accepting and reciprocating love is totally different. One might accept your love with a smile, one with a hug and one might not even smile.

It is only, when you understand what your emotions are telling you and the reason you feel that way which enables you to truly resolve everything in your inner world. Most of us dwell in our own inner world and we love the other person whom we love to be in our inner world without even knowing that we are in a different world. The other person will be having their own world and we never feel to enter the other person’s world. Our selfish mind will think only about the world what we have built along with the other person.

The reason why you feel hate and anger is because the person is doing something that hurts you. Your love for yourself revolts against such an act. We feel misunderstood, unappreciated or somehow mistreated in one way or another by the other person. Therefore we seek to rectify the wrong or undeserved suffering caused by that person.

Loving without fear is nothing but whether they love me or not, I will keep on loving you. Love is not a business, to say that only if you love me, I will love you. whether you love or not, I will love you forever is what love means. It is really difficult to practice but once we start practicing it, then we can win as many hearts.

When do you get the fear of love is when the love starts, we don’t feel the differences in the other person, as we like some qualities of the other person and we start developing a close feeling or we start admiring, adoring the other person for what they are. We try to attract the other person by compromising many things which we never used to do it.

Once we become close, then we realized that they will be on our track and we try to loosen our grip. some try to do this as a test of their love and some play with the other person’s feelings. It really takes a great courage to expose yourself and your thoughts, but expanding and sharing with a loving heart without selfless regards, and not disappearing through fear. This is the way that there can ever be a hope of  truly positive and powerful life.

Love is thriller when it is an excitement, enchantment &  when Expectation overflows in love then it is not a thriller but it is a Killer….



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