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Tom & Jerry

Cartoon – a painful comedy

A cartoon is a form of two-dimensional art and the specific definition has changed over a period of time, and is typically non-realistic or semi-realistic drawing or painting intended for mockery, exaggeration, or comic, or any kind of artistic style of such works.

Somehow when we say cartoon, we all will start laughing, no one knows how much it is painful to make a cartoon. Same way I am about to scribble about the person whom I like very much. In a way, I have to say that when I name the person as a cartoon, my first feeling was that he has dual face.Has it changed ? I can’t say yes or no ! !  Everyone has got two face and no one is perfect is the current feeling.

Only one of my best friend knows how much I was hurt because of this cartoon, but I smile when I say the name cartoon. Even she will not remember or would not have understood the pain what I have gone through. I don’t know this could  be a reason I love this name for that gentleman.

As a friend, I will say that he is a typical south Indian with spiritual beliefs, an easy-going and it is very tough to find such a nice person in terms of personal relationship. Officially I don’t think I have that much cordial relationship with anyone, as I love to stick to my own ethics as usual.

Being in the client side, I have to say yes for every need of the client requirement, which is a stupid ethics what a consultant has to learn in their professional life. Even when something is not possible, we have to give a false promise that can be done. We have to say we will bring the rainbow on a sunny day by creating an artificial rain.

Biggest problem for me is neither I can support my own team or the opposite team. If I try to support my own team, I have to make the other side weaker. If I support the other side, then I have to say that my side team is weaker. Even if I keep quite, my team used to feel that I support him blindly. I do have a soft corner for cartoon, but it doesn’t mean that at the cost of my professional traits.

Most of my friends know that I have a soft corner for him, a unique kind of friendship which got developed in me without a reason on its own. My closeness towards him may be related to professional environment but something has made me to feel it so personal.

Being in the delivering end, we will have a lot of professional disagreements or some comments. I think, I have taken it personally deep to heart. I heard so many comments, from the same company, but when it was from him, I was not able to take it easily.

I think I got mixed up my professional and personal feeling and lost the good friend within short time. I was in deep pain and it took long time for me to come out of it. I was not able to share that pain also to anyone because most of them know and feel that I am very close to him.

We don’t need any reason to like a person or hate a person. It depends on the people. When we love someone we will say that I don’t know why I love you, and in the same way we will say I don’t have any reason why I don’t like him or I don’t need any reason to hate a person.

I don’t know what the reason is and it could be because of his name, or because of his mustache or some special quality in him. His entire team knows that I call him as my sweet heart. I will not degrade myself by saying some stranger as sweet heart or to say someone as SH all of a sudden. His professional traits and behaviors has given me the comfort to say it on his face also(of course just for fun).

Those who have noticed me will know that I will be listening keenly, when I hear his name, even though the subject has nothing to do with me, my ears will be very sharp to know about him.

Normally I tried to keep a long distance with the guys from the client side, as I have to avoid unwanted talks. Somehow this person has given the feeling of a good friend even before we started talking, being a good observer, I have seen him the way he has taken the values of others. In fact he is also a good observer.

He is a very good person as a manager. It is not an easy thing to get a comment from me as a good manager, because making people to work for someone is really a great talent and all the managers doesn’t get it. The way he used to manage his team, I adore it.

I will say many should learn it from him. I have worked under so many managers, but a blind belief with my superior was not with me with any of my superiors other than the one about whom I have written a lot. He is so lucky to have such kind of people as his sub ordinates and all of them are so crazy and adore him like I used to adore my ex-boss.

To be fair to end, I will say that my professional journey with this gentleman is not going to be forever and till the time it goes it will be like Tom and Jerry only… Here we both are cartoons only. Even though I don’t have patience to watch cartoons, I love Tom and Jerry.

It is not an easy job for me to consider a colleague as a friend and I felt that friendship from a client side is because of him only. Whatever Great feelings I have got in my life is all because of him. Out of 18 years experience, I can count very few as my friends with whom I was associated or worked together. I know I have got so many good friends in 18 months is because unknowingly I got the comfort of a good friend from him.

To the one I love, as promised, I have expressed my feelings and let me see your comments……I will write more on my professional experience shortly on which it will be quite opposite to this. Before that I have to write something about colleagues as friends which was an aversion what I had in me and I faced because of cartoon.