Friendship across ocean

Imtiaz Ahmed (16th June’2012)

This is about my friend who is across the ocean and whom I know only through the internet and because of the  I have written about this friend in Tamil and translated it to him in English as he is from Hyderabad. One of my best friend whom I have not seen in the last 4 years. I guess I know him for nearly about 4 years.

After coming to UAE, I have a secular people in my family because of my circle in UAE. But even before coming to UAE, he was the first one to enter into my family as my friend, philosopher, guide. A better known friend of mine as SCM consultant, even he doesn’t know that I consider him as one in my  family. Well in this way, my family is very big my dear friend.

He can think or treat me as his mentor, but I used to follow him so closely for his right attitude, beautiful heart and best conduct and the way of presenting himself to the other person, this is what I am. I have to learn it from you my dear friend.

We used to share a lot of things about oracle applications as well as personal things. I can say that I will discuss many personal things or anything with few friends without any gender bias and I can proudly say that Imtiaz is one among them. Neither I will feel that he is a guy, am not supposed to discuss this with him nor he restrained himself in doing it.

Normally he will ping me every day and I used to feel that we need to say that hi and bye at least once in a day. It is like a routine to him that and this will make me to feel so happy that he remembers me. It was there for so many months and suddenly he didn’t ping me for 3 days. I was very busy with my routine and  even I didn’t try to ping him. But somehow I felt that there is something wrong.

As I was busy and my routine was tight, I was not able to login to google. I reached my room @ 10.45 and suddenly I thought of my friend and then I thought to log in to google to chat with him. But somehow I thought let me try to call him directly.

I tried to call my friend who was in Saudi and I was in New Delhi. I called him @ 10.45 PM and when he answered the call, I didn’t ask him anything, is everything alright at your end was the question from my end. He asked me to disconnect the call and asked me to login to google.

I logged in to google, the moment I logged in, I got his message how are you? I told him, I am fine. Next question from him was if you don’t mind, shall I ask you a question? Why you didn’t ping me?

I felt little bad, because my friend can’t think like this. Most of the cases to all other friends, I used to ping them and wish them hi and hello. There are only very few who will feel that they have to check how am I and one of them is this good gentleman. How come he got such a thought in his mind? I was not feeling all these at that point of time.

I told him immediately that I was busy with my routine, I didn’t ask you, why you didn’t ping me, I just asked you is everything alright at your end? That means I really care about you and I wish to know about your where about and status of well-being.

I was so disciplined(not now), that I will not call anyone or pick any calls after 10.00 PM, when I was in India, as I allocate my time only after 10 to my family. I will not call anyone at 10.45 PM, If I have called you, then you have to feel that it is because that I felt something wrong at your end.

Then he said, I will tell you the truth, I was in a feeling that I always ping you and you don’t feel to ping me. I know you are also busy like me, and I thought I am disturbing you with my pings. Then we both together said, don’t keep this in mind, whatever came to your mind, you have asked me and I hope you are clear now.

I think he was the first one to receive my pictures from friends circle. Same way I have asked him to send his pictures as well. Still I miss his family picture. My dear friend, can you please send your family foto?

Even though I don’t hide any of the things to most of my friends, I can say that this friend of mine knows more than anyone and he knows almost 99.99% of me. This  .01% I am giving it as benefit of doubt from my end. I have that much confidence in him to share each and everything to him.

I can surely say that we feel great respect, divine love and maximum care for each other and I have the same for his family as well. Neither I got a chance to meet him or his family, but I can say that his wife will be knowing more about me and in the same way, most of my friends circle knows about this friend of mine.

I can’t say that all my friends knows him, but those who are close to heart and a kind of best friend will know him by his name and profession. The best quality of Imtiaz is his knowledge sharing and the eager to share his wonderful moments to me is awesome. I am honored to hear your achievements my friend. It is not only achievements but also your hurdles in personal growth, the way you overcome in that, personal pain etc., but the best is to know about your achievements, and the way he used to say that am your student na.. I love it, even though I don’t say anything or I have never taught him anything. He himself started saying me as his mentor (like ekalaivan).

He is also one of those loving hearts who wish me every now and then and who loves to hear that I get settle in my life. Whenever he starts, he will say I am sorry to bother you and he will make me to smile instead of feeling irritated. It is not my intention not to listen/hear your lovable words for me, but something makes me not to get into the well.  I don’t have any reservations with you and you can talk to me anything anytime, irrespective of my feelings towards it.

I am blessed to have you in my life as my friend and wish that you have to be there forever. I know your prayers are there for me. If at all I wish to do something for this friend, I have to make him to say something which I wish him regularly. If it is god’s wish, then I hope you will say those words to me. If not please accept that it is not god’s wish.

Sorry my dear friend, I forgot to wish you on your birthday and I feel that it is time for me to say  “ Belated Birthday wishes” “Many More Happy Returns of the Day” and let me get the wish from you that we will meet this year in India by the grace of god.

If you want to be really happy with your life, you just simply be yourself and everything is going to be perfect is what I have seen/learned from you. My Prayers to god is to make you happy forever like this.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. You have given so much kind words to me, and their echoes makes me to feel you as my friend forever.

Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love. – When I think about you, I will feel that I have got a friend like me for me. I will feel that my friends can depend on me anytime and same way I used to feel that I can depend on you anytime and for anything.


2 thoughts on “Friendship across ocean

  1. Hi Dear,
    Thank you for taking the time to write this article today. I am grateful for the way you presented the friendship and me. I’d like to tell you that I am impressed with the writing skills as well as narrating the events and the way you presented.
    Thank you again for your time and consideration even while your health is not 100% ok
    Wish you all success and peace in your life.

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