When I wrote about fear, I never thought that I will write about Tear… I think I should have written this also along with the content of fear as Fear of Tear…

Fear of Tear

I hate people shedding tears and making someone to shed tears. Tears are the easiest way to show our emotions to the other person or to make ourselves how much we are weak towards the reason. Either we cry in happiness or in sadness. Either way it is showing our emotion.

Most of the time tears are the way of expressing the pain and it is really painful for me to see someone shedding tears and I am more sensitive and I will also start crying. I love shedding tears only when I watch a sentiment movie and I will appreciate for the director for making me to cry for a movie…

In general, the tears are the pain of some hurt.  We can’t hide our instant pains and when the pain is because of love, the level of tears tears the heart and we can’t hide. Eyes shed tears but Heart weeps and eyes shed the blood from the heart as tears.

Sometimes it is easy to hide the tears it is like the tears when we are in the water which is unknown to the other. But the other person can feel the tear if that heart has got even a little love for you.

TEARS are how our hearts speaks when our lips are zipped and it shows how much we are hurt.

We can hide our hurts and pains but never we can lie to the lovable person who cares us the most. Words are not required for them to know how much we are hurt.  Along with the tears we try to shed our hurt and pain as well. “I didn’t feel the pain anymore, which is so much a relief when I shed tears is what is the feeling of the most of people.

All my pains are kind of gone and I really don’t want them to come back,. I have changed the way I see the life and the way I see the tear also. My life is so different now. When someone is crying, of course, the best thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be better to pretend that you did not notice it.

Sometimes I used to feel that it is too good to cry without any pain because our eyes required some cleaning. At times I used to say to the loved ones if I shed tears I love it and am cleaning my eyes.

Sometimes without any pain I used to feel that I have to cry and shed tears without any reason, just to get a clear mind.

Sometimes it is wonderful to shed tears and to show all our emotions and pains than keeping it inside our heart and not allowing others to know it creates problem to the heart.

Sometimes to weep crocodile tears is to put on an insincere show of sorrow to achieve something what we desire.

Weeping is all right in all the ways, but we have to stop it sooner or later, and still we have to decide what to do.”

Sometimes it is really a blissful feeling to shed tears as you can let the pain and hurt to go away with the tears. It is hard to hold on to something that will never be ours. Tear’s allows us to face the fact BY LETTING IT GO. It doesn’t mean that tears will erase all the pain or the memory, it just allows us to keep us cool and relaxed and to come out of the grief. Long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit.

Tears in heaven

Whenever I shed tears, I used to curse the person who was the reason for it. Few years back, I learned to shed tears in love and still it was very painful.

Especially when it comes to distrust, I will feel that I will throw that person out of my life, even if I feel that their love is more. Without trust and only with love will not go for a long standing relationship, but with trust we can love anyone and we can build a long time relationship.

First time in life, I learned that pain in love is sweet because of a friend. So far the tears whatever I have shed were salty and today I realized that the tears because of love is so sweet. I don’t know whether all the lovable souls will have the same feeling or not, but my love for this friend has made me to feel that my tears are sweet and made me to feel that I am in heaven.

Most relationships fail not because of absence of love but because of absence of Trust & Faith. Love is always present. It can fail because one was being loved too much and the other wasn’t being loved enough. Sometimes both of them love too much but without the trust which is important ingredient of love, the relationship fails.

I feel that if I would have got the knowledge and experience of tears what I am shedding now in love and war 20 years back, I would have been in a better position and I would not have missed so many good things of my life.

Finally to conclude,

TEARS are said to be the last gift of love, but I feel that we start our life by crying only. We enter into this world with a sign of crying and when we leave the world also, we make others to cry and tears are integral part of life.

The way you are born in me today, made me to feel that crying is first love given to the mothers by the kids.

We may only think of tears as salty drops that fall from our eyes when we cry. Actually, our tears clean our eyes every time we blink. Tears also keep our eyes moist, which is important for our vision.

Couple of week back one of my best friends (best friend) wrote that I shed two drop of tears and she was also not confident whether it was of joy or sorrow on that moment I realized that Tears are so blissful and I preferred to hold it in my hands. Till today morning, I hate tears and now I love tears also….

To handle yourself, use the head and to handle others use your heart. Beauty and color may attract the eye, a tear may clean the eyes as well as the heart but only a smile makes the heart to shine.

“Don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you.”– I strongly believe that those who love you more will be the reason for the tears as well. . Heart becomes so vulnerable to shed tears for the lovable soul and allows us to play with it and to give us so much pain. I know my Heart is not a playground, but I allowed you to play with it…. I have to bear this pain.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” There is no use of crying or showing the grief is my favorite slogan. It is really painful when someone who makes you to smile brings in the tears in your eyes, how to name it my smile or as my tears??

If you could have read my mind, you would not have made me to shed tears, but I could read your mind that’s why I say all these tears are sweet and it is not of pain. I learned to smile with tears.


3 thoughts on “Tears…

  1. The famous dialog from rajesh khanna’s movie
    “Pushpa I Hate Tears”

    “Joo aakey rukey daman pay sabah wo ashkh nahi hai pani hai
    Joo ashk na jhalkey aankhoon say us ashkh ki khimat hooti hai ”

    Good writing:

  2. Sis,

    U shed tears? I know u from childhood, I can’t believe this.
    My sis is strong woman. I show u as example to my female friends.
    Sister Dont smile with tears. smile smile smile only we wish to see u with smile

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