FEAR of ……

Normally I used to feel that I don’t have the fear of life…  I mean I am free for the death. I never worried for any of the following

Fear of Failure

I call myself as failure product only, I can’t fear for failure and whatever I have achieved in my life is climbing the steps of failures only and I am proud to say that I have climbed so many steps… I have seen so many failures and I neither feel bad nor regret for it. I consider all of it as lessons of my life.

I have to thank my father that he has not punished me when I go with my report cards with fail marks, he will say no problem, next time you will get good marks, you didn’t study well this time.  We do have the habit of getting success from our failures from the time of birth. As a crawling baby, I would have learned to take my first step by falling many times. We don’t follow it as we grow our ego along with our intelligence.

I learn from my failures that these are some temporary mistakes which simply need to be retaken again or to keep in mind not to repeat the same mistake again. Every time when we fail at something we can learn something from that mistake if we have a learning attitude on, instead of a frustrated attitude on.

The only real way to overcome this fear is to change your philosophy of how you see failure. Don’t get embarrassed with failures, embarrass the failure. Don’t try to avoid failures.

The biggest enemy of success is “Fear of Failure” so when FEAR knocks at your DOOR, send courage to open the DOOR and Success will wait for you.

Fear of Disease, Sickness or Poor Health

The human body is incredibly resilient and incredibly strong. It has the ability to heal and recover from some incredibly unfortunate circumstances if we consider our bodies with respect and give them proper diet with little exercise. Instead of maintaining, we start feeling for the little sickness and take it to serious disease.

I do have a strong opinion that I have strong health from birth and my parents have blessed me with good and clean habits. As I don’t have interests for the junk foods, I do feel that I am very strong in keeping myself healthy. This is a natural fear in most of us. Sickness is part of life and it will come and go. We have to prevent disease and it is in tuning our physical body with mental status as well.

Fear of Loneliness

I love my family and am strongly connected with my relationships and with my friends as well.  I love in developing the strong and healthy relationship with myself and I am the best friend of me and I love myself more than anything in this world. Only if you love yourself, then you can share yourself to others completely. When we love ourselves, we will not have the feeling of loneliness. I know how to make myself happy and to make others happy as well.

I love this loneliness and it is not the fate made me to stay alone and I decided to be alone.

Fear of Future

I will not spoil the present moments by thinking the future which is unknown. I don’t have the habit of thinking about the future. I do plan for the future but not worry about the future. I enjoy my present than to worry about the future.

I am very confident and I can manage any kind of situation. I do have the strength to control my future with confidence in my abilities to face the unseen circumstances. As I don’t plan the future, I can take whatever comes in my life positively or even the negative things positively with a smile.

Fear of Making Decisions

I take decisions within few minutes and if there is something I fear to take decision, then I don’t take any decision on my own and I leave it to god ( in a way I say no without taking the decision as yes). Even though I take hasty decisions, I don’t have any regrets of making any hasty decisions.

Making decision normally makes people to take the right decision. I have to meet a friend or not to meet. If I don’t take any decision, then it means I am not going to meet him. I am taking the decision but whether this decision is right or wrong is the matter.

Generally we fear to take wrong decisions, till the time we don’t decide, it will always be a wrong decision. We need to explore the failure options. We have to overcome the fear and analyze the situation and take the right decision and never regret for making a decision.

Fear of losing job

We might be good in all aspects, but the company may go face some tough times and company can ask us to go on lay-off or may be company can ask us to leave because of any conflicts between the superiors.

By god’s grace, I have not faced this fear in my life. I know I am a good employee and all my employers have to be proud of me working for them. So far I have given my papers to come out of the companies but I have not been asked to go. I have quitted saving some other people during recessions as well.

Fear of losing relationships

Take the time to spend time with your loved ones and create cherished memories that will stay with you forever. Take note that the fear of loneliness may play a big part here as well. If you get rid of that fear, this fear will also lose its hold on you. I do fear of losing relationships. I don’t lose anyone in my life and I don’t stop anyone who wishes to go. I do let them go and I do cherish the memories with them forever.

Fear of Ignorance, Stupidity – Lack of Knowledge

I do read a lot and I never had the fear of ignorance and once again I have to thank my parents for providing a better platform and made me to learn the world not from the books. I was forced to stay out of home for my studies purpose and they entertained me with whatever I require and never forced me to complete my mission.  Lack of knowledge, I don’t think I will admit it so easily unless and otherwise I am not aware of it. If I am not aware, then I will make sure that I learn about it for survival.

I am very ignorant only in the name of love. I am a stupid for those who call me stupid with love.

Fear of Death

How many of us will have the fear of death when we live happily ?

I realized at very early stage of my life that one day we all will die. There is no escaping it. Most of my friends would have noticed that I would have said about death very casually in my talks. In the fear of death, I don’t want my life to be burdened life and worrying every single day about dying. At least twice in a week, it will come out of my mouth that I will be the happiest person if I die now.

I don’t waste my energy in worrying about something in which I don’t have any control. I do worry in things in which I have the control but I can’t correct it.

Something that has personally had a huge impact on me in this area of life is getting clear on my spiritual beliefs. Taking the time to get clear on your spiritual beliefs can often bring about a level of peace and acceptance that eliminates much of the fear surrounding death.

But first time in my life, I got the fear of death which I have not felt even when I used to drive my bike intentionally in anger. It was really terrific, but it seems that I don’t want to die all alone as an orphan in this country. Well it is easy to say I am happy to die, but a small giddy which is quite usual for me when my BP goes down, which happens with me very often. But when I faced it with a chest pain, all my mantra of “ALL IS WELL” failed to help me and I fainted. I don’t know what happened for 10 minutes or so. Luckily a call from a friend made me to feel some conscious and was feeling like I got up from the sleep.  Out of all the above fear, I was in a feeling that fear of losing the relationship could be the worst thing but I felt the worst fear could be fear of Death….

Anyway I don’t have any control over it and I will overcome (fear of death only) it.

” Courage is not the lack of Fear but the ability to face it.”


9 thoughts on “FEAR of ……

  1. Dear Anu,

    Greetings for the day, nice article . keep posting .
    You have stolen my thought for that you have to pay royalty.

    I too can’t fear for failure and whatever I have achieved in my life is climbing the steps of failures only and I am proud to say that I have climbed so many steps… I have seen so many failures and consider all of it as lessons of my life.

    Failure is the first step to Success …!!!

  2. Wow, tooo good. Once Winston Churchill said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” paragraph 2 just descibe that in most beautiful manner i have ever heard.
    you are right, what is not in our hand, lets not try to control it.
    good write mam.
    Keep going.

  3. Super ka… fear of losing relationship – u sensed it long time back and holded it for long time that is why more pain for u

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