Feelings continues…

Feelings continues…

Earlier I wrote about my female friends with whom I was associated either for a long time. This article is going to be about my friends with whom I will be having long time association. Most of them are from a different company and we all work for the same client. These friends of mine are a kind of rivalry for my colleagues, I mean those who are associated with me from my company. Apart from me, all of them came to the clients place as business analyst and I am the only odd one in the team from other domain.

Friends – when I say this word I will have a bright smile in my face. All friends will bring this smile and I know even they will have this smile when they think about me.

Best in our team is the way we have the care for each other is really an awesome feeling. We all are birds of different feathers but we fly together as one family. Yes we feel that we are one. If someone has got a problem, then all of us will be feeling for it and we can depend on each other as helping hands. We share all our happiness and joy also together.

Whenever I talk about the below given personalities, I will tell them as my team. When I talk about individuals I do use their name but in general I say as team only so as I will not miss anyone. This team is very close to heart and I love this surrounding and I used to feel that because of their presence, my stay in UAE has a difference, as I don’t miss my family.

I don’t know with whom I have to start with, as all of them are very good friend of mine mmmmm na, in a way they all have become close relations to me. Let me start in alphabetical order.

Younger Brother (I don’t want to name him till the time he says to update this with his name)

He is the first one to become as my friend from the team and I take privilege to write about him as my younger brother. He is a guy who is reserved and initially I didn’t know that he is from Chennai also. Slowly we started speaking and very soon he became a good friend of mine. He was the only one guy who came first from his company as business analyst. All the other came behind him and slowly we got introduced to each other because of him. We used to have good fun because of him and from a friend level, he became as my younger brother. I call him as “Thambi”.

There were two other guys from his company as well, but I never got a chance to meet them or to have a chat with them before or after the other people entry. It took long time for me to know about the other two.

I will become very serious if someone challenges me or if I challenge someone and a bad habit of me is to win the challenge. When we were going for shopping, He challenged me on something and as I love to win any challenges I did it and won the challenge, for a moment I lost myself. I will not be able to share the stupidity on what I challenged and later realized that I have done a mistake. In fact, the way he scolded me made me to feel that he has become a real brother of me.

I learned not to accept any challenges even if it is achievable and sometimes the opposite person provokes us to go for challenges and it is not required to show everyone what is possible and what is not possible. Even if it is possible, try not to accept the challenges. From that day I stopped taking the challenges seriously.

Somehow we got some misunderstanding in the recent time and we are not talking to each other, still I will say that he is my brother and I cherish all the sweet moments what we have spent together. He used to make the environment like a college time and I was feeling like I was in my teens. Thanks for bringing the old sweet memories da.. (Thambi na eppadi venumnaalum koopidalaam dei num sollalaam, kannanu anbaa vum koopidalaam, unakkaana mariyadhai manasukkulla niraiyaa irukku da)

Amar Kawle

A very big smile comes in my face when I start writing about this guy. Amar is one of the coolest people whom I have seen so far in my life. I have not seen him in tension for any reason. I guess he will be the youngest in the team from their company and a very sweet guy who has become my brother-in-law after his marriage. His wife has become my sister. I think he doesn’t like any ladies calling him as brother.

If I have to talk about Amar, I can’t write anything other than his love for the sports. Oh god, because of him we started playing Cricket and Badminton. I feel pity and scold god for not giving a bright sport star for my country. Really India missed a great sports star and I wish that he would have been better than a Sachin or Nadal, if he would have got the chance like them to get trained as a professional sports person. Love for the sports is in his blood.  He will always be playful(this is little sarcastic playful dear).

As I said earlier, we all are one in a family. Amar’s marriage proved it that it is a family occasion and the way we were together to witness his marriage was really a great feeling. I can’t forget his marriage forever.

If I don’t say about his love for his wife, then I am missing something about him. The way he used to chat with her, I used to make fun with him that saying about his facial expression. Hey she is not in front of you. I thank god for giving a sweet brother-in-law to me and a sweet sister as well. Thanks Yvonne for being a so sweet and the way you call me as “Didi”, I love it.

Anantha Narayanan Srinivasan

Anantha is a friend whom I trust more than anyone in this team. I trust everyone, which is my normal habit but with Anantha it is one step more. He is a friend on whom I depend on so many things and who will not feel like am disturbing him. He is really a very nice guy and a soft personality by look wise. He is so loving and caring friend of the team who cares for the entire team. Along with Amar, Anantha also has entered in to my family as my brother-in-law. I love to tell him as my best friend from the team.

When I think about Anantha first thing comes to my mind is about his love and care for the team and I guess he would have learned it from his family. I got a chance to go with him from airport to his residence and the way they welcomed him and poured their love was extraordinary.

His love for his family and the way he was feeling for his daughter. He was with us in office when his daughter was born and the way he was feeling tensed when his wife was in hospital. Oh really I admire your love for your family. The way we enjoyed his precious moment was amazing and the treat given by him will be there in all our minds forever. I used to feel that I am the frequent flier to Chennai but he has beaten my recordsJ.

His love for yoga and meditation, the way he used to follow it regularly is hard-to believe and the time and effort taken by him for it is incredible. I was feeling like I become wild when I tried to do the meditation and I stopped it by giving that as lame excuse, but he used to be very soft. How is it possible, can you please teach me that technique?

The way he used to handle the camera…. How can I close my article without talking about his love for his photography? The way he has taken the photos of our team and I don’t find any words to explain the happiness and the way I used to enjoy his art of photography. I used to feel that I have to handle camera and was in a feeling to do a course on camera handling when I was in my teens. Unfortunately I was not able to do it. In fact the love for camera was forgotten by me. When I saw him with his camera and the love for his art has reminded me that I had love for camera.

He has given the happiness for me by taking the best photos of my life time. Thanks for those brilliant clicks.

Ansel regi

Ansel Regi is the sweet person of the team who is neither from my company nor from the other company. He came to the client’s place as a freelancer and was the last one to come into our team.  The most “J” factor which I have with him is his height… especially when we walk together I will feel more awkward as he will be too tall. He used to comment that I need not 1” but 1 foot heels so as I can come equal to his height.

I love the way when he said he will keep one of my friend in his prayers. A friend who will think far ahead his level and he will make others happy with his gentle smile. After 20 years, I started eating mysorepak because of him.

Best of Ansel is the way he talks to the team, he will be very polite and even his anger will be sweet.  I need some more time to write about Ansel as we have spent very little time together.


What a personality, the way we started our friendship was totally a different way. I really miss him now and we started feeling close relationship when we started naming him as my eldest brother. From the team he is the eldest and almost all of them used to call him as “Guruji” with love.

Whatever we do, his touch will be there. The way he used to discuss each and everything is awesome. The way he used to recommend the team is wonderful. We will not feel irritated or disturbance when he advises and we all will love to hear from him. He is one of the special people with whom all the people will love to spend time and I can proudly say that I am blessed to have him as my eldest brother.

He was the one who initiated for the lunch preparation. The way we used to enjoy our time with his presence is special and pleasing. Whether we go for shopping or for the restaurant or for a movie, we will enjoy his presence. He is a special charisma and I can say that we both have some similar qualities. Still I have so many things to learn from him.

I don’t know how I called him as my eldest brother but he gave the comfort to call his wife as manni and so far I have not got a chance to call anyone as “manni”. At home I am the eldest and I didn’t get the chance of calling someone as “manni”. He has given that comfort to feel her so close to heart.

We miss you and we miss the special teachings/advises/suggestions/ our weekends as well.


It is time for me to talk about my youngest brother from the team. Vishnu and CP are totally two different personalities and I feel that I can mend with both of them as their sister. I have both of their qualities and I used to feel that I have called both CP and Vishnu are rightly called as my brothers. I can see the fierce of mine in Vishnu and Intelligence of CP in me as well.

Young blood will always be very tough to manage. By look he will look very soft and cute. But he is very Straight forward personality and will talk straight on face. We can’t expect mercy from Vishnu. If you have done a mistake, then you have to pay the price is the funda of Vishnu. I love Vishnu as my brother and at his age, he is a very responsible chap.

I see him as a mixed variety of person, who will be similar qualities like me. By look he will not look very spiritual or a loving or caring person, but actually he is very loving, caring and affectionate person. The way he enjoyed the Carnatic music, I was really astonished because I never thought that this guy will listen to Carnatic or he will spend so much time in a music concert program.

He was also shocked; when he read my article about the music concert and was feeling I never felt that you enjoyed the program to this level.

I don’t want to miss the other two Rajesh and Shinny (Srinivasan) as our team mates, but I am not able write fluently about them at this point of time. I need some more time to write about these two special friends who are close to me…. Shinny a bright smile will come in my face as he was the only one who was in my hit list as a special relation and Rajesh is a friend from the team who knows more about me and I know more about him as individual person, since no one knows that we know each other well.

Thanks for all the wonderful time we spent together and I thank everyone for sharing the beauty of family and love of you. It will be in my heart till my last breath and I will cherish each moment of my time with you all.

My Prayers to god for the future is we have to be in touch till our end without any misunderstanding.

I will be writing more about this team and the efforts of each individual on some special occasions and I want to end my pen now as I am feeling sleepy…. J

Feelings Continues….


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