Best Day – Part 1

Best Day by my Best friend –  Part 1  (April 27th’ 2012)

No Day is a bad day as long as we feel that it is bad. It is my routine that I will feel all days are good. Same way the day started brightly for me as I went to bed last night very happily after completing a tough task.

I got a surprise invitation from my Best friend for breakfast and being weekend I don’t have the habit of having the breakfast as I get up so early by noon. Just because this friend of mine invited, I don’t want to miss it for any reason as she made it very clear that she is going to prepare only vegetarian food for my sake and which I can’t expect or wish anyone to do on a Friday(weekend day).  When she invited me, saying that two days only vegetarian food in my house, I was unable to reject her invitation. I am going to have one meal and she made her house a vegetarian house for 2 days, and she doesn’t even consider me a best friend of her. I only  used to say her as my best friend and she will always used to say that you are a good person.

My day started in a feeling that my friend is going to make my day so happy. It is not my habit to accept any invitations especially to any friend’s house. I love to meet them when I feel like I have to see them. All the roads are never long when it is to a friend’s house for me.  I accepted her invitation and I told her I will come only after 11 AM.

As I went to bed very late previous night, I was in a feeling that I can’t get up early or to make it to my friend’s house. I am really a very lazy person to go out especially for food. I used to skip all the 3 meals on Friday’s but I can’t go out. Even in the evening I will not prefer to go out for shopping or for any reason. But this friend is special friend and her invitation was totally a different one for me.

Previous day was a fasting day and I was not able to break my fast on Friday morning as I got up by 9 AM and was busy in talking to my family and with other close friends on chat. My close friend forced me to get ready and I got ready by 11AM. My Best friend guided the way as this was the first time I am going to her house and reached my best friend’s house in 10 minutes.

As soon as I reached her, I said I am going to break my Thursday’s fasting in her house with her breakfast. She rushed to her kitchen. I don’t want to describe the menu as this is about the love and the day how I spent with my friend, the food was so tasty because of her love and the way she wanted to treat me. I was so overwhelmed with her way.

She was feeling so happy when I said that I am breaking my fast in her house. A Brahmin girl breaking the fast in a Muslim house. I don’t have any religious bias and my preferences always to be a vegetarian and I wish to break my fast with Veg food. I was not feeling like it is a Muslim house or Hindu house up to me it was sweet home, I felt like I am breaking my fast at my home. Where there is love, there is god and in any form or any name, I don’t mind it.

It will take long time for me to become so closer to reach to a friend’s house. I will be a close friend, good friend, and best friend but when it comes to meet them at their residence somewhat I will not feel comfortable. Even though we have not spent much time together or she has not given me that ease comfort of being a best friend, I was feeling so comfortable and she made me to feel so comfortable at her residence. I am very reserved when it is socializing at my friend’s residence as I am not so social to get along very soon or faster with any family. Thanks for giving me that comfort and I was feeling like am at home.

It will be a cordial hi and hello when we meet daily in the office. I got a chance to spend some good time with her as we normally don’t get time to chat or discuss anything at office. I would have missed so many good things or that good time what I spent with her if I would have rejected her invitation. Thanks for inviting me and thanks for the almighty for asking u to invite this friend to your sweet home.

Hey you have given me the aversion of life with and without mother. I have started feeling that I have to get ready for the good as well as worst situation. I used to feel that I am a practical person and I can take any kind of situations easily and I never thought that I will be able to do it so easily in this matter.

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.”

“Never forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.”

May god bless you and your family peaceful and a happy life.



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