A Day in my Life

Sudha Ragunathan  Concert in UAE (Abu Dhabi – 20th April’2012)

20th April’2012 is a day to ponder all through my life time. What an evening and a splendid day. I have to thank my close friend Malabar for not asking me to miss this event. If she would have said don’t go, I would have missed the greatest happiness of the world. When I say this as Greatest, I mean it. And also I have to thank Vishnu my youngest brother from the team who made me to be part of this great evening.

I was happy to attend Sudha Raghunathan’s concert. Live concerts are very rare in our life and especially a Carnatic music live concert is very very rare as we are in the mechanical life and especially myself, a lazy person on weekends to come out of my home and leaving my laptop for 5-6 long hours, missing all my lovable one’s is highly impossible.

Somehow god has blessed me to be on that great occasion and it is a great honor for those who were there and are highly blessed to be part of that mega evening.  On a Friday evening, at 6.30 PM, I went into the nearly full concert hall with a keen eagerness. These occasions are not quite familiar to me as I don’t attend a lot of Carnatic music concerts and I would love to attend some light music’s than the Carnatic music concerts.

When it is Sudha, somewhat I used to listen to her music without food also. I love her voice like anything and it soothes the mind and soul. I get some relaxation when I listen to her music.

This occasion was really a great experience for me and it was a happy mix of culture to watch the people of the same community in a big hall, socializing and people listening and watching.  I found myself alone as a person without music interest. All were so eager to listen to her.

Normally if two or more females meet, they will start talking about their saree’s or about the household things. It was a pleasant evening and a great honor to the singer that most of them were ready to listen. Even I was very curious about Sudha Raghunathan’s saree, because her collection is being quite famous. She looked very nice in a pink saree! This time I was not very much impressed with her saree than to listen to her music. I have to say that it was not as great as like her performance. Sometimes sarees will make us crazy to see her than to listen to her music.

Sudha Ragunathan @ Abu Dhabi - 20th April'2012

Sudha Ragunathan @ Abu Dhabi - 20th April'2012

Having no Carnatic music knowledge, I was there not to judge and I was there to be a part of that concert and how it makes me feel, how I got absorbed in the Carnatic music is because of her voice and how it touches my mind.  It is quite evident for anyone it depends as much on mood and how much the artist can impress us.

One of the best thing I noticed in the music concert was she was singing so effortlessly and one can feel that it is in her blood. God has gifted the voice and the passion to keep it up every day.  She was accompanied by some good artists as her support.   I can’t write about the music or about the swara and raga what she sung. I neither know the Neelambari  nor Hamsadwani.  Up to me it was RagaSudha…

I was actually disturbed by the choice of her songs as the famous numbers were not played by her, still it was great delight to hear when it was by her.  Even though I was physically there but mentally with my blackberry and my involvement to music was not 100%.

The concert started at 6.30 PM and the energy level till 11.00 PM was the best to admire in her. We know that people who love their profession can work continuously. Unlike the common people, it is not an easy going office job to continue for 8 hours.

I was so amazed to see her sitting in the hall and performing from 6.30 to 11.00 PM.  It is not like a light music concert, one can sing and other can take rest and they can move out of the stage and can relax.

Here the options are very limited, when the violin or Mridhangam or the Gadam artist perform, she can’t move out of the stage and she has to sit along with them.  It was quite impressive performance by the great artist and very tough performance to sit for more than 4 hours.

Normally these concerts are arranged for less than 2 hours and this concert was scheduled for 3 hours & about to finish by 9.30. On personal requests from the audience and to hear the special songs from her, it was extended to another 1 hour.

I know this comes out of practice and especially this great singer is practicing it for more than 35 years and she will be able to do it. We can’t sit down for more than 30 minutes and I will feel numbed and I will not be able to move my legs at all.  With the age as well she was able to perform, no more lame excuses for me to say am getting aged.

When we hear the famous songs or the songs which we have heard before, it is quite natural that we will feel more happy. This is what happened to me when I heard the Brahmam Okate, Katrinelea varum geetham, Kurai Ondrum Illai, Bho Sambho… There are many good numbers by her and almost all the songs were very impressive but as I was hearing all those for the first time, I was not feeling so comfortable. Still we missed Aadadhu Asangadhu Vaa Kanna, Thayea Yasodha  and Aasai Mugam Marandhu.

When I heard this Brahmam Okate, I was so touched and lost myself for a minute

The music system provided in the hall was extremely great and the committee which arranged this program need to be appreciated from the bottom of the heart as these kind of performances in India might not be a great deal as we can see it anytime. We need to allocate our time. Whereas arranging these concerts in this country really matters to all the music lovers. Thanks and Kudos to the entire team for organizing this mega event. I missed the previous day concert (Kadari Gopalnath Saxophone).

To conclude, I have to say that I was feeling that god has come down and I was just 10 feet away from god. The way she was singing, it was like heavy rain. It touched my heart and soul. I am writing this article after 4 days and the effect of the concert is still in me.  This was not the first program to watch her live, but this is really the best and many more will come, but this will be the best one because, it has touched me differently and I will prefer to  listen more Carnatic and less on the cinematic. One of my best day in my life time and I will be cherishing this day forever.

Music Produces a kind of pleasure and this cannot be produced alone by the human without the blessings of the GOD. May God Bless her with a long and healthy life to touch many lives.


4 thoughts on “A Day in my Life

  1. During the medieval period and after that, Music was used as the medium of treatment for many illnesses. after reading this writeup from you, i think it still used as as medium.
    Well written. keep up the good work
    all the best.

  2. Super…. I think you are blessed by the almighty and you have improved your language and interests, Very simple words but touched my heart too. May God bless you for real happiness and satisfaction in life like this.

    • Ma,

      I can make you happy only by this way and I feel so blessed when I get this comments from you… not only the almighty but also your way of handling me also touched and blessed me and changed my life style as well as interests… Changes are inevitable in life and these are positive changes which I love to follow till my last minute….. If you bless me, its like god’s blessings are always with me….. Love you….

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