Feelings – Loneliness

Feelings – Love, Sick, Pain, It’s all about the Belief’s of our life….

I was struggling a lot to get a topic which can create sensation and I thought it’s high time for me to write something about the feelings of the people.  As an individual I love to be in mid of a group or at least with more than one person, but somehow I feel that I love loneliness more than being in a group  and I feel my productivity gets doubled when I am alone in the work environment and as well as when I am alone in my personal life.

I feel that I do many things when I am alone and I just kill my time when I mingle with people in both professional and personal life. I will feel that Loneliness was looking for a friend/partner and luckily it found me. I so blessed to be with you. As far as an individual if we consider loneliness is my best friend no no…  it’s my best partner of life. I grasp good friends very easily and we are now very tight friends.

Loneliness is a special enjoyment for those who know how to make them happy without the involvement of others or with the involvement of others. By making a third-party happier person, self gets happiest.

Loneliness is a state of mind wherein we prefer to be alone. It is not so easy to live alone in this society as well as the way world goes around but I love it. Unknowingly people around me occupy my space in the loneliness but I will be revolving around this world alone so as I can meet up with new people, new experiences… for those who want to learn, has to prefer to be alone so as they can learn so much from this world.

Loneliness is not anyhow desirable state. But it’s a result of our wish only. I don’t like one’s company that’s why I am alone. Here it is my wish. My friend doesn’t like me, my neighbor doesn’t likes me, my dad dishonors me, my mom has more affection towards sister all can create loneliness and all these can vanish with a smile from the other side of the life.

There is a lot of difference between a loner and a person living alone. Living alone is different from being lonely. For many, living alone is like  a transformation from being dependent to being independent. A loaner never gets a chance of opening up, expressing feelings or sharing thoughts.

When I go out and meet up with people, when I get the smile or the care from them, my loneliness goes out of my mind and that’s the common state for everyone. No one can escape from loneliness in life and at least we will be experiencing the loneliness in our life and if someone says I have not felt loneliness in my life then it is a lie only.

Sometimes we run from ourselves, we want to hide ourselves and we need loneliness. Solitude means more to me and it doesn’t mean that I want to be friendless or unsocial. Solitary comes, when I am fed up with the social environment and I want to be away from it for some time for some reason or may be am hurt with the social environment or personal environment or may be in professional environment.

Sitting Alone and Thinking about Others, I am not alone, I am with all your thoughts dear 🙂

I have seen many eyes around me with a peculiar look and inquisitive to know how I can live alone?  This article is mainly to explain those who were curious to know how I could live alone or lonely or how do I kill my loneliness. (Whether I kill loneliness or Loneliness kills me? Funny thought when I was writing this article)

Dear all, Thanks for your care and this care makes me to feel that I am not alone and I love to be self-contained (self-contained is a very big word but still that is what I will define about myself). It doesn’t mean that I am not unsocial and you all know me very well how I am and I am a self-sufficient person who can love my life as an individual, independent and am not an introvert. I am an extrovert, expressive, outgoing, and passionate about my friends, very loving towards my family, passionate about everything whatever I do. Above all I am great in socialize and cordial. I am pleasant to those who are pleasant and wild to wild it depends on the nature how you behave and I don’t give what I want, I give it back what I get. Loneliness taught me the self-contained life.

Loneliness is not living alone, loneliness is something living together and living in different directions and Insecurity causes loneliness. Isolation or separation from any relation is nothing but emptiness of love in our life. In any worst situation we need someone’s shoulder. Love will bring us back into life from any deep separation. Love wipes out insecurity from our daily life. If we don’t have any one to stop our tears only sorrow can feel vacancy of isolation in loneliness. There are some people who love to shed their valuable tears only when they are alone. All depends on people and I personally feel that loneliness makes people stronger than making them weaker.

Alone in the Rain

Very often people think that loneliness is the destination if you miss love… but as far as I am concerned, loneliness is a companion. If you feel comfortable, it is a companion, if it gives sorrow, then it is a disaster.

Loneliness has taught me to Love myself, while trying to fight loneliness, we are often convinced, that nobody cares and loves us anymore. This feeling leaves us in despair and hopelessness. It is an easy belief, that no one loves you, but this belief that makes you feel you lonely instead of feeling the loneliness or searching for a love from outside, learn to love yourself and this will teach more to love others as well.  The reality is, in the fast pace of life, missing the lovable ones or separation from the loved ones and maddening sprints of careers, you’ve reached a new point in your life to love yourself.  Focus on your achievements and strive for a better tomorrow, we need to know that we need love and loving ourselves is the best thing which a human can do. If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t love anyone. The self-realization and self-loving are the most important factors of life which will help us to grow in all the phases of the life.

I chose to love you in silence, for in silence I find no elimination or dismissal of my love.  I chose to love all in my loneliness and in my loneliness no one owns them, other than me. For me Loneliness is a companion. In loneliness, my love doubles and it provides more space for many to come in my life and to see many more to accommodate in life.

We wish someone to love us when we find loneliness. Undoubtedly that someone is a person whom we left alone or separated ourselves in between journey of life. Is there anyone in your life whom you left earlier? Do you want to take ‘U’ turn? Loneliness fills up love as well as the gap. It gives more comfort and contentment. It relieves from the pain and relaxes the soul. Loneliness doesn’t increase the grief but it consoles and reassure that there is something better and it cheers us up. People always prefer to be in lonely when there is deep stress or we feel that we are in lonely because we are in deep stress but it is the other way around, we are alone to overcome the deep stress and we know that only we have to come out of it. Only we can give peace to ourselves not by the others. Others can share or care or make fun of with our disappointment or guilt. Only the one who is in stress can think the way to come out of it.

As an individual I take only few minutes to come out of my grief and I have learned it to do it because my loneliness taught me how to overcome my problems. I am the decision makers of my life and I am the one who is going to get benefit or detriment out of my problems. Why should I share my grief to others when I can throw it out of me in two seconds or two minutes or two hours? Do I need someone to share my sorrow? Is there anyone who is living without any sorrow?  Yes we need people to share and sharing your emotions and secrets with people might not help you in overcoming the problems but it will also help you get closer to your friends.

I love all the people around me, beyond my limits, but is it required to be shown out? If they are close to me, they will come to know it and for others it makes no sense whether it is known or not. For those who know it, they will not feel that I am alone because they are always in my thoughts and deeds and without them I don’t move or live. Physically they are not around but mentally all of them are so closely knitted and tied up with me. Where the word loneliness is comes from?

Absence of people around us is not loneliness. It is our confusion to understand its meaning. I agree that having friends around helps me to wipe out my loneliness. But do we mean a friend? Then I am not a loner at all and I will not be also, god has blessed me so much that world is my home and I have friends all parts of the world.

Loneliness taught me to trust in two, one in god and the other one is self. I trust myself and I trust more in god that he will not let me to feel that I am alone or a loner. If at all I am alone it is on my own wish only. Destiny has given me more to be with many people and I chose to be a loner.

Sometimes, someone fills in that loneliness and occupies you totally without your knowledge.

Finally to close Loneliness is something not to be felt when we are in mid of people is what my inner feeling is. Because we are in the mechanical life, husband and wife running behind money, father and son don’t have time to share their feelings, mom and daughter are living like a stranger’s in a home. Houses are built of bricks and walls and but the relationships makes house to a sweet home. If the walls are built-in the heart and there is no space for the relationship and we live together as a stranger in the same building makes no sense of the relationship. Neither the relationship lives nor we live in the home.  An intimate relationship, we may know lots of people or have many friends but if your relationship with them is too superficial or if you never share your emotions with them then you will feel lonely. When there is lack of intimate relationship, Loneliness may be one of the hardest feelings that someone could experience. It is one of the worst feelings that could cause a suicide.

Don’t allow anyone to be superficial in your life or never share your immediate emotions to someone who is not related to you directly/personally. Keep a distance with all so as you don’t need to feel the loneliness forever, even when you are alone.



6 thoughts on “Feelings – Loneliness

  1. anuji…..wonderful writing dear!!!!gud thoughts

    as usual…..positive thinking…..this attitude made u to reach in this position…..


    i remember whenever i say about my probs or smthing negatively, u used to say “evrything is bcoz of your mind set dear”………so i disagree with your following comment
    “My friend doesn’t like me, my neighbor doesn’t likes me, my dad dishonors me, my mom has more affection towards sister”….u are feeling this bcoz u set your mind lik dat….. 🙂

    w8ing for your good thoughts and awesome writings again……….

    wish u all the best…. 🙂

    • Hello My Dear Sweet Critic,

      Thanks for your comments…

      “My friend doesn’t like me, my neighbor doesn’t likes me, my dad dishonors me, my mom has more affection towards sister”….u are feeling this bcoz u set your mind lik dat….. :-), I cant be 100% positive person all the time and You have to agree with this comments because, I would have felt these at any point of time in my life. I got transformation from negative thinker to positive thinker because of my current personal/professional environment.

      I got enlightened by the people around me and I am happy about it and trying to share the same with you all…

      Enjoy reading and C u soon in next article 🙂

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