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Best Day- Part 2

Best Day by my Malabar – Part 2 (April 27th 2012)

“True friendship is felt, not said.”

As said in the previous content, my day started very good and it was very pleasant with my best friend. As the sun continued to shine, my day was also very bright as like the sun. As the day ends, sun was about to set my happiness and the feeling of a good day also started to come down because of my friend Malabar who made to feel very bad of my some childish behavior.

When I was with my best friend, I called Malabar in a feeling that she should not miss me, as her time goes around me and I used to be with her all through the day. It is not only I don’t want her to miss me, but also I don’t want to miss her as well.

No Day is a bad day as long as we feel that it is bad. The day was too good and suddenly Malabar made me to feel that the day was about to end badly for me.

I will try to make sure that people around me or those who are constantly in touch with me don’t miss me and she is my close friend. How can I make her to feel sad or to miss me? I called her and we had a good chat for some time, but suddenly this female misunderstood something. She neither called me back nor did she try to ping me. She didn’t respond to my pings as well.

As the time passed in my best friend’s house, I said bid adieu with heartfelt thanks to my best friend, but mind was around this Malabar.

As soon as I came down from my friends flat, I called my sweet stupid friend to find out what is she doing? We had a chat over phone for more than an hour but still she didn’t say anything that she was feeling bad.

I reached my sweet home and started to ping her in blackberry, and slowly my close friend started saying that she felt bad for something and she asked me why did you call me from your best friend’s house? To be honest, I was shocked because this friend is not like others she knows my pulse, she knows my vein, what am I feeling, what I will say and what I will do. I never expected that she will misunderstand me. She has got that maturity to understand me to great extent. Initially I thought she wanted me to spend my time with my best friend. So I was not feeling bad about it. I didn’t feel that she misunderstood something.

I don’t know how you got confused with my love for you. “Don’t confuse people who are always around for the people who are always there”

Malabar, I don’t want to say about my friendship to you and neither have I needed you to know from my words. “True friendship is felt, not said.” I know your friendship and what it means to me. You also know what you mean to me. When we know each other intensely, do we need this misunderstand? Good or bad feeling also depends on our mindset only. If you feel that your friend does something purposely to hurt you, it is your belief and you will be right in your belief and if you feel that your friend will not hurt you even when there is a chance for her to hurt you, this is also your belief. Don’t feel for something which is not in your control.

Love is pleasant as well as painful, we need it more when we get it more for pleasant. We feel a pleasant pain when it is shared with others in front of us. I used to feel it when my mother shares her love with my own sisters or with her sisters. I can understand your feeling, but how you failed to understand my feeling for you?

I know the reason but I didn’t expect this to be a reason from your end. If it is with the other friends, I would have handled it very harshly. But I can’t do this to you because you are my sweet youngest friend. I take your age as compliment for you to do this mistake with me. Please never ever compare yourself with others.It is like doing injustice to ourselves.

You are what you are and there is no change and don’t expect the changes in me for our friendship. I will have 1000 more friends in my life but each of them is unique and they have their own places. All depends on what they give. I don’t keep anything with me, I return it to them 100 folds. If you show me your love, I will show it 100 times more than what I get from you. I show the hatred also in the same 100 folds. I don’t keep anything with me either its love or hatred, I return it back with interest 🙂.

“I hope we’ll be friends forever, together we’ll always be. I don’t think you understand just how much you mean to me. And one day when we part our ways, we’ll think back to the past and think about how happy we are ’cause our friendship will always last.”

“You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.”  –Psalms 16: 11

Somehow she felt bad and good that she shared it with me, otherwise I would not have felt that she misunderstood my feeling for her. It was little childish from both the ends and I will try to avoid such situations in future.

By the time, we were clearing our misunderstanding, another friend of mine called me for a program organized by the local Tamil association. We will not miss any of these occasions as we have more time to spend on these kinds of programs when we are away from our place. When I met my friend last week in the Carnatic music concert, I scolded her for not calling me. I forgot this program totally and was not in a mood to go. When my friend called me, I thought I will go and make me relax and let me make my day pleasant. Somehow I told her that I am not coming for that program as Malabar’s misunderstanding was running through my mind. I will not feel comfortable or my concentration will not be there in the program.

I was really upset because I did it in a feeling to make her happy and she got hurt because of my stupidity. I was not able to relax or forgive me for what I have done. Undoubtedly it is a hurt because she misunderstood. I was not able to make her feel that it is to make her happy. We discussed for more than an hour and explained her why I need to call her and she also accepted that it is just a misunderstanding and it is not as she felt. But the scar remained in both of us.

“It’s the best feeling in the world when you meet new friends and you feel you can’t stand to be without them. You are not a new friend to me, now we know each other and we don’t need to impress each other to show our likes dear. You have given me a hope every day that you won’t leave me. You can’t think about anything else but when you’re going to see them again.”

We both wanted to see each other, as we felt that this feeling of bad will stay till the time we meet. I personally don’t want the gap to spoil our moods of a good/great day.  Normally weekends we will be missing each other and this week this misunderstanding gave us a chance to meet each other. She was planning to roam around some mall and I asked her to come to the mall nearby my residence, so as I can meet her and clarify her in person and to make the day as usual a very good day.

She reached the mall and I was in deep confusion and was personally upset with her as well as with other things. I was not in a mind-set to meet her with her family members when I was upset especially upset because of her. But she made me to meet her and it was really a pleasant memory for me. I met her elder brother, baabi, younger brother and youngest sister all together and I was feeling so comfortable to move with them.  I would have been with her for more than 2 hours and I made her to feel so bad in the first few minutes with my stupid questions but still she remained cool and in full control and made my day in a great way.

Thanks for the pleasant night dear, it is not so easy to make a family to feel comfortable with a stranger and a stranger to feel comfortable with your family. You did it and I know how much I mean to you. The way you would have discussed about me would have made them initially to feel that who is that crazy female who has taken the most of her time? Later, with the impression given by you would have made them to feel to see me. Finally we were able to feel comfortable because of the way you have discussed about them with me as well.

Whatever you do, you have a style in it and you have proved in this as well.  Over all I felt that day was great to me.

“The best part of life is when your family becomes your friends, and your friends become your family.”



Best Day – Part 1

Best Day by my Best friend –  Part 1  (April 27th’ 2012)

No Day is a bad day as long as we feel that it is bad. It is my routine that I will feel all days are good. Same way the day started brightly for me as I went to bed last night very happily after completing a tough task.

I got a surprise invitation from my Best friend for breakfast and being weekend I don’t have the habit of having the breakfast as I get up so early by noon. Just because this friend of mine invited, I don’t want to miss it for any reason as she made it very clear that she is going to prepare only vegetarian food for my sake and which I can’t expect or wish anyone to do on a Friday(weekend day).  When she invited me, saying that two days only vegetarian food in my house, I was unable to reject her invitation. I am going to have one meal and she made her house a vegetarian house for 2 days, and she doesn’t even consider me a best friend of her. I only  used to say her as my best friend and she will always used to say that you are a good person.

My day started in a feeling that my friend is going to make my day so happy. It is not my habit to accept any invitations especially to any friend’s house. I love to meet them when I feel like I have to see them. All the roads are never long when it is to a friend’s house for me.  I accepted her invitation and I told her I will come only after 11 AM.

As I went to bed very late previous night, I was in a feeling that I can’t get up early or to make it to my friend’s house. I am really a very lazy person to go out especially for food. I used to skip all the 3 meals on Friday’s but I can’t go out. Even in the evening I will not prefer to go out for shopping or for any reason. But this friend is special friend and her invitation was totally a different one for me.

Previous day was a fasting day and I was not able to break my fast on Friday morning as I got up by 9 AM and was busy in talking to my family and with other close friends on chat. My close friend forced me to get ready and I got ready by 11AM. My Best friend guided the way as this was the first time I am going to her house and reached my best friend’s house in 10 minutes.

As soon as I reached her, I said I am going to break my Thursday’s fasting in her house with her breakfast. She rushed to her kitchen. I don’t want to describe the menu as this is about the love and the day how I spent with my friend, the food was so tasty because of her love and the way she wanted to treat me. I was so overwhelmed with her way.

She was feeling so happy when I said that I am breaking my fast in her house. A Brahmin girl breaking the fast in a Muslim house. I don’t have any religious bias and my preferences always to be a vegetarian and I wish to break my fast with Veg food. I was not feeling like it is a Muslim house or Hindu house up to me it was sweet home, I felt like I am breaking my fast at my home. Where there is love, there is god and in any form or any name, I don’t mind it.

It will take long time for me to become so closer to reach to a friend’s house. I will be a close friend, good friend, and best friend but when it comes to meet them at their residence somewhat I will not feel comfortable. Even though we have not spent much time together or she has not given me that ease comfort of being a best friend, I was feeling so comfortable and she made me to feel so comfortable at her residence. I am very reserved when it is socializing at my friend’s residence as I am not so social to get along very soon or faster with any family. Thanks for giving me that comfort and I was feeling like am at home.

It will be a cordial hi and hello when we meet daily in the office. I got a chance to spend some good time with her as we normally don’t get time to chat or discuss anything at office. I would have missed so many good things or that good time what I spent with her if I would have rejected her invitation. Thanks for inviting me and thanks for the almighty for asking u to invite this friend to your sweet home.

Hey you have given me the aversion of life with and without mother. I have started feeling that I have to get ready for the good as well as worst situation. I used to feel that I am a practical person and I can take any kind of situations easily and I never thought that I will be able to do it so easily in this matter.

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.”

“Never forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.”

May god bless you and your family peaceful and a happy life.


For my kids

Time for parents

Somewhat I have written more on attitude, adverse effect of attitude, feelings, friendship and yet more to come on the same. This time I want to write something for parents. (Hope my sisters will follow)

People around me have never felt that I am a negative person but I was negative person. I changed my attitude from negative to positive and I can feel that I am growing enormously with great strength. By birth god has gifted me the energy to fight but when I was filled with my negative thoughts, I will give up easily and I will change my attitude from trying to win and I will give up I can’t. When I changed my attitude from negative thoughts to positive, my approach for the same problem was “If I can’t then no one can” I have all the strengths to win this situation. Always it is a win-win situation. How we win depends on our mindset.

When I spin my life wheel to go back, I am seeing that all my failures are not that I have to fail. I failed because I have given up easily. Whether it is studies or personal or professional life or my extra-curricular activities, the way I am giving my positive energy, if I would have given the positive thoughts, may be I don’t need to write anything about my experiences, world would be writing it, as it happens for the star personalities.

Fear of Life

God has given all the potentials to all of us. One of the best sense what we have is our brain and most of the time we don’t use it because we were not taught to use it. From childhood we were taught only the fear of life. If you don’t study well, you will not get admission in the famous university. If you don’t do this, you will not get this. But ultimately our aim is to avoid the fear of life, but we inculcate the fear of life in budding age of the kids. We put more burdens on the blooming bud instead of making it to blossom as it wants.  Moreover you can’t expect a rose flower from a jasmine seed and the same with jasmine seed you can’t expect a rose flower. What you sow is what you reap and as a parent, we have to plant positive energy to the kids. We need to educate the kids to succeed and not giving adverse feeling that you will not get this.

Be positive to the kids, if you do this, you will be like this. This will avoid the negative feelings when they are growing and it will cut the burdens as well. Instead of showing the need as a burden, show the need in a positive way, so as the kid can understand and groom themselves. Don’t teach the kids fear of life, try to teach them not to fear for anything.

Don’t enforce your thoughts

I wanted to become a doctor, I could not do it and I want my daughter/son to become a doctor. The same feeling your son/daughter will have in future, I want to become a film director, my parents forced me to become a doctor, and I will enforce my dream in my kid.

We love our kids and this is also true but unsaid truth that we love our kids to be best in all. We want a cricketer, chess master, singer, musician, a bright student, all-rounder, a writer all in one kid. How is it possible? A rose can give only a rose and your kid can either become a Sachin Tendulkar or Viswanath Anand or Music Maestro. To become Sachin Tendulkar, the time and the effort has to be provided. Are you providing the effort? Mere interest of parents is not enough to make a kid a star. Find out what is the interest for them and then find out what is best for them and how to make them successful in their life with the interest what they have?

Don’t compare with others

Never ever compare the kids with others as it will have adverse effect in the minds of the kids. We always do this mistake by saying see how she is or how he is. All the five fingers are not the same and two children of same mother are not same. We know this, but we still do this feeling that this will encourage the kid. In actual, it will give an adverse effect in the minds of the kid that mother always compares with other. She hates me and she loves the other kid more than me. Self-esteem of the kid gets killed at this stage itself. Your kid has a self-esteem, don’t kill it by comparing with others.

The way we start comparing, it starts in the minds of the kids and they also start comparing themselves with others from the blooming stage till end of their life.  We fail to understand that there is always someone – or more likely, a bunch of folks – better than you. You can’t be the best always.

Teach the kids to be “Just be yourself” and “Be Confident”. Is it enough, not really but this gives a positive energy to the kid. If we inculcate the focus of the kids mind to compare life with others they will always find someone newer above them or always better than them. And their self-esteem will take a beating.

Please take a right approach not to compare your kids with others. They are the best and we have to bring out the best from them. That is the prime responsibility of the parents.

Being in the present

Don’t enforce the kid to think about the future. Future is not in our hands and we teach them at early stage what will happen tomorrow? There is no tomorrow. Ask them to live in the present and make their life pleasant. You are there to worry for their tomorrow and their tomorrow will be bright if you plan it according to their strength. Make their everyday a very happy and enjoyable by being a great parent by appreciating them in whatever they do.

Happiness is a habit – cultivate it in the hearts of the children. Don’t teach them to live a mechanical life.

A Day in my Life

Sudha Ragunathan  Concert in UAE (Abu Dhabi – 20th April’2012)

20th April’2012 is a day to ponder all through my life time. What an evening and a splendid day. I have to thank my close friend Malabar for not asking me to miss this event. If she would have said don’t go, I would have missed the greatest happiness of the world. When I say this as Greatest, I mean it. And also I have to thank Vishnu my youngest brother from the team who made me to be part of this great evening.

I was happy to attend Sudha Raghunathan’s concert. Live concerts are very rare in our life and especially a Carnatic music live concert is very very rare as we are in the mechanical life and especially myself, a lazy person on weekends to come out of my home and leaving my laptop for 5-6 long hours, missing all my lovable one’s is highly impossible.

Somehow god has blessed me to be on that great occasion and it is a great honor for those who were there and are highly blessed to be part of that mega evening.  On a Friday evening, at 6.30 PM, I went into the nearly full concert hall with a keen eagerness. These occasions are not quite familiar to me as I don’t attend a lot of Carnatic music concerts and I would love to attend some light music’s than the Carnatic music concerts.

When it is Sudha, somewhat I used to listen to her music without food also. I love her voice like anything and it soothes the mind and soul. I get some relaxation when I listen to her music.

This occasion was really a great experience for me and it was a happy mix of culture to watch the people of the same community in a big hall, socializing and people listening and watching.  I found myself alone as a person without music interest. All were so eager to listen to her.

Normally if two or more females meet, they will start talking about their saree’s or about the household things. It was a pleasant evening and a great honor to the singer that most of them were ready to listen. Even I was very curious about Sudha Raghunathan’s saree, because her collection is being quite famous. She looked very nice in a pink saree! This time I was not very much impressed with her saree than to listen to her music. I have to say that it was not as great as like her performance. Sometimes sarees will make us crazy to see her than to listen to her music.

Sudha Ragunathan @ Abu Dhabi - 20th April'2012

Sudha Ragunathan @ Abu Dhabi - 20th April'2012

Having no Carnatic music knowledge, I was there not to judge and I was there to be a part of that concert and how it makes me feel, how I got absorbed in the Carnatic music is because of her voice and how it touches my mind.  It is quite evident for anyone it depends as much on mood and how much the artist can impress us.

One of the best thing I noticed in the music concert was she was singing so effortlessly and one can feel that it is in her blood. God has gifted the voice and the passion to keep it up every day.  She was accompanied by some good artists as her support.   I can’t write about the music or about the swara and raga what she sung. I neither know the Neelambari  nor Hamsadwani.  Up to me it was RagaSudha…

I was actually disturbed by the choice of her songs as the famous numbers were not played by her, still it was great delight to hear when it was by her.  Even though I was physically there but mentally with my blackberry and my involvement to music was not 100%.

The concert started at 6.30 PM and the energy level till 11.00 PM was the best to admire in her. We know that people who love their profession can work continuously. Unlike the common people, it is not an easy going office job to continue for 8 hours.

I was so amazed to see her sitting in the hall and performing from 6.30 to 11.00 PM.  It is not like a light music concert, one can sing and other can take rest and they can move out of the stage and can relax.

Here the options are very limited, when the violin or Mridhangam or the Gadam artist perform, she can’t move out of the stage and she has to sit along with them.  It was quite impressive performance by the great artist and very tough performance to sit for more than 4 hours.

Normally these concerts are arranged for less than 2 hours and this concert was scheduled for 3 hours & about to finish by 9.30. On personal requests from the audience and to hear the special songs from her, it was extended to another 1 hour.

I know this comes out of practice and especially this great singer is practicing it for more than 35 years and she will be able to do it. We can’t sit down for more than 30 minutes and I will feel numbed and I will not be able to move my legs at all.  With the age as well she was able to perform, no more lame excuses for me to say am getting aged.

When we hear the famous songs or the songs which we have heard before, it is quite natural that we will feel more happy. This is what happened to me when I heard the Brahmam Okate, Katrinelea varum geetham, Kurai Ondrum Illai, Bho Sambho… There are many good numbers by her and almost all the songs were very impressive but as I was hearing all those for the first time, I was not feeling so comfortable. Still we missed Aadadhu Asangadhu Vaa Kanna, Thayea Yasodha  and Aasai Mugam Marandhu.

When I heard this Brahmam Okate, I was so touched and lost myself for a minute

The music system provided in the hall was extremely great and the committee which arranged this program need to be appreciated from the bottom of the heart as these kind of performances in India might not be a great deal as we can see it anytime. We need to allocate our time. Whereas arranging these concerts in this country really matters to all the music lovers. Thanks and Kudos to the entire team for organizing this mega event. I missed the previous day concert (Kadari Gopalnath Saxophone).

To conclude, I have to say that I was feeling that god has come down and I was just 10 feet away from god. The way she was singing, it was like heavy rain. It touched my heart and soul. I am writing this article after 4 days and the effect of the concert is still in me.  This was not the first program to watch her live, but this is really the best and many more will come, but this will be the best one because, it has touched me differently and I will prefer to  listen more Carnatic and less on the cinematic. One of my best day in my life time and I will be cherishing this day forever.

Music Produces a kind of pleasure and this cannot be produced alone by the human without the blessings of the GOD. May God Bless her with a long and healthy life to touch many lives.

Feelings continues….

Feelings – I started to pen with loneliness but without my knowledge I have written about a feeling which was an article by me couple of months back about my friendship…. What a wonderful feeling which god has given me in abundant. “Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words.”

Friendship is a beautiful, lovely, wonderful relationship between two people or group of people who provides a positive emotional support. A mutual understanding between the two friends is required and without knowing much about each other and transforming the relationship to a stronger one deserves a lot of patience as well. Simple consideration as a friend provides a strong support and compassion.

When I thought of writing something for this week, I thought I will start writing about two of my friends who are yet to know me better but both of them are so sweet for me. If I say one as sweet then the other is sweetest. Let us not know about them as person who is sweet and sweetest… They know my friendship for them as best friend and close friend.

I don’t find any difference between best and close, because I have all of them as my best friend who can do anything for me and for whom I will do anything.  I share everything with a close friend as well as best friend. If I don’t share something with a friend that means I will not share that with either best or with the close friend as well. I do have many close friends and best friends as well.

A best friend brings the best out of you and a close friend also can do this. We never know who is close or best friend.  If someone asks who is best in that two then probably that’s the reason I would have given this discrimination. Let me give them an imaginary name for them “Best Friend” and “Malabar”.

I wish that this best friend should be the only one best friend for me and I will be the happiest person for making her as my best friend. I know am very good and best friend for many but this best friend should be my best friend forever. We never know how she will react even to this sentence. By nature, she is such a nice person but with full of negative thoughts. Quite Adamant and want to prove to the world that she doesn’t care what you think, this is what is I am and I will not change for you. The best part which made me to feel her as a friend is her adamant nature and the way she is, I feel that I was like this for ages and time has changed me a lot and I wanted to see changes in her like me.

Interesting in my friendship with best friend is I don’t know why I want her as my best friend. I started naming her as my best friend but I want to feel the best friend in her. She is little tough and quite complicated to handle. She is like the boxes with a symbol handle with care and I have to handle her carefully so as neither she will get hurt or I will get hurt by any means. She knows that I have many friends and almost all of them are best friends to me. But I want to see the best of you my dear best friend.

I strongly trust in god and I feel that everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good or bad luck. Birth, Love, Friendship, Illness, injury, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. And every day we are put with some special tests by the ultimate supreme power to test our capacity as well as the trust in him. Without these small tests, if there be any events, illnesses or relationships, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere and we will not feel the trust in god or we will not trust anyone.

If someone hurts you, betrays you , or breaks your heart, forgive them. For they have helped you to learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart to. My Best friend even if I betray you or avoid you in future for any reason, feel happy that you got some best moments because of me and I got some unforgettable moments because of you and we can’t erase it from our memories. Couple of your mails made so much happy which will be with me forever in my mind. I will not avoid you knowingly and unknowingly also I will not give the pain what I have experienced by others, I know the pain of betrayal as well as the pain of neglecting a good friend.

It gives back what you give...

If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only because they love you, but because they are teaching you to love and opening your heart and eyes to things you would have never seen or felt without them. Thank them for the wonderful opportunity given by them. Make every day count. Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again.

Talk to people you have never talked to before, and actually listen. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you either. The more you listen to others the more your mind and heart gets brighten. There are souls longing for love and you are getting it voluntarily, take it and enjoy it. You can make of your life anything as you wish. Create your own life and then go out and live it.

Below given lovely content … helps narrow it down, about the close/good friend and the best friend.

A good friend will tell you what you want to hear.
A best friend will always tell the truth.

A good friend seeks to talk with you about your problems.
A best friend seeks to help you with your problems.

A good friend will be there for you all through school.
A best friend will be there till the day you die.

A good friend brings a bottle of wine to your party.
A best friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean.

A good friend hates it when you call after they’ve gone to bed.
A best friend asks you why you took so long to call.

A good friend wonders about your romantic history.
A best friend could blackmail you with it.

A good friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument.
A best friend calls you after you had a fight.

A good friend, when visiting, acts like a guest.
A best friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.

A good friend has never seen you cry.
A best friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.

A good friend doesn’t know your parents’ first names.
A best friend has their phone numbers in his address book.

A good friend expects you to always be there for them.
A best friend expects to always be there for you.

A good friend is someone you enjoy hanging out with.
A best friend is someone you need every minute of your life…….

Hey Malabar, I think you have been the best in the above and only few things we have not done, I don’t have your parents number nor names as well but still you have the contacts of my best friends U can say I am your best friend 🙂

Hey Malabar, don’t get disappointed. This article is not to talk about you or about my best friend as well. Nobody can come nearer to you, if at all if I get someone like you,  they will be totally in different angle with whom I will be talking more about you as I do now with you about all my life time friends. You know me better than my best friend.

I will definitely write a book about my best friend and my close friend (B/C Friends) as well. Hey Best Friend, only to you Malabar is my close friend. But in reality she is more than a best friend, more than a close friend and I will not name her as my friend, more than a friend less than my partner, above than my kids, little more than my sisters,  How to name it?? Malabar if you can name it I will be very happy….

I will continue writing about this two best and close on and off as they are going to travel with me in my life till my end……………………………….

Feelings – Loneliness

Feelings – Love, Sick, Pain, It’s all about the Belief’s of our life….

I was struggling a lot to get a topic which can create sensation and I thought it’s high time for me to write something about the feelings of the people.  As an individual I love to be in mid of a group or at least with more than one person, but somehow I feel that I love loneliness more than being in a group  and I feel my productivity gets doubled when I am alone in the work environment and as well as when I am alone in my personal life.

I feel that I do many things when I am alone and I just kill my time when I mingle with people in both professional and personal life. I will feel that Loneliness was looking for a friend/partner and luckily it found me. I so blessed to be with you. As far as an individual if we consider loneliness is my best friend no no…  it’s my best partner of life. I grasp good friends very easily and we are now very tight friends.

Loneliness is a special enjoyment for those who know how to make them happy without the involvement of others or with the involvement of others. By making a third-party happier person, self gets happiest.

Loneliness is a state of mind wherein we prefer to be alone. It is not so easy to live alone in this society as well as the way world goes around but I love it. Unknowingly people around me occupy my space in the loneliness but I will be revolving around this world alone so as I can meet up with new people, new experiences… for those who want to learn, has to prefer to be alone so as they can learn so much from this world.

Loneliness is not anyhow desirable state. But it’s a result of our wish only. I don’t like one’s company that’s why I am alone. Here it is my wish. My friend doesn’t like me, my neighbor doesn’t likes me, my dad dishonors me, my mom has more affection towards sister all can create loneliness and all these can vanish with a smile from the other side of the life.

There is a lot of difference between a loner and a person living alone. Living alone is different from being lonely. For many, living alone is like  a transformation from being dependent to being independent. A loaner never gets a chance of opening up, expressing feelings or sharing thoughts.

When I go out and meet up with people, when I get the smile or the care from them, my loneliness goes out of my mind and that’s the common state for everyone. No one can escape from loneliness in life and at least we will be experiencing the loneliness in our life and if someone says I have not felt loneliness in my life then it is a lie only.

Sometimes we run from ourselves, we want to hide ourselves and we need loneliness. Solitude means more to me and it doesn’t mean that I want to be friendless or unsocial. Solitary comes, when I am fed up with the social environment and I want to be away from it for some time for some reason or may be am hurt with the social environment or personal environment or may be in professional environment.

Sitting Alone and Thinking about Others, I am not alone, I am with all your thoughts dear 🙂

I have seen many eyes around me with a peculiar look and inquisitive to know how I can live alone?  This article is mainly to explain those who were curious to know how I could live alone or lonely or how do I kill my loneliness. (Whether I kill loneliness or Loneliness kills me? Funny thought when I was writing this article)

Dear all, Thanks for your care and this care makes me to feel that I am not alone and I love to be self-contained (self-contained is a very big word but still that is what I will define about myself). It doesn’t mean that I am not unsocial and you all know me very well how I am and I am a self-sufficient person who can love my life as an individual, independent and am not an introvert. I am an extrovert, expressive, outgoing, and passionate about my friends, very loving towards my family, passionate about everything whatever I do. Above all I am great in socialize and cordial. I am pleasant to those who are pleasant and wild to wild it depends on the nature how you behave and I don’t give what I want, I give it back what I get. Loneliness taught me the self-contained life.

Loneliness is not living alone, loneliness is something living together and living in different directions and Insecurity causes loneliness. Isolation or separation from any relation is nothing but emptiness of love in our life. In any worst situation we need someone’s shoulder. Love will bring us back into life from any deep separation. Love wipes out insecurity from our daily life. If we don’t have any one to stop our tears only sorrow can feel vacancy of isolation in loneliness. There are some people who love to shed their valuable tears only when they are alone. All depends on people and I personally feel that loneliness makes people stronger than making them weaker.

Alone in the Rain

Very often people think that loneliness is the destination if you miss love… but as far as I am concerned, loneliness is a companion. If you feel comfortable, it is a companion, if it gives sorrow, then it is a disaster.

Loneliness has taught me to Love myself, while trying to fight loneliness, we are often convinced, that nobody cares and loves us anymore. This feeling leaves us in despair and hopelessness. It is an easy belief, that no one loves you, but this belief that makes you feel you lonely instead of feeling the loneliness or searching for a love from outside, learn to love yourself and this will teach more to love others as well.  The reality is, in the fast pace of life, missing the lovable ones or separation from the loved ones and maddening sprints of careers, you’ve reached a new point in your life to love yourself.  Focus on your achievements and strive for a better tomorrow, we need to know that we need love and loving ourselves is the best thing which a human can do. If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t love anyone. The self-realization and self-loving are the most important factors of life which will help us to grow in all the phases of the life.

I chose to love you in silence, for in silence I find no elimination or dismissal of my love.  I chose to love all in my loneliness and in my loneliness no one owns them, other than me. For me Loneliness is a companion. In loneliness, my love doubles and it provides more space for many to come in my life and to see many more to accommodate in life.

We wish someone to love us when we find loneliness. Undoubtedly that someone is a person whom we left alone or separated ourselves in between journey of life. Is there anyone in your life whom you left earlier? Do you want to take ‘U’ turn? Loneliness fills up love as well as the gap. It gives more comfort and contentment. It relieves from the pain and relaxes the soul. Loneliness doesn’t increase the grief but it consoles and reassure that there is something better and it cheers us up. People always prefer to be in lonely when there is deep stress or we feel that we are in lonely because we are in deep stress but it is the other way around, we are alone to overcome the deep stress and we know that only we have to come out of it. Only we can give peace to ourselves not by the others. Others can share or care or make fun of with our disappointment or guilt. Only the one who is in stress can think the way to come out of it.

As an individual I take only few minutes to come out of my grief and I have learned it to do it because my loneliness taught me how to overcome my problems. I am the decision makers of my life and I am the one who is going to get benefit or detriment out of my problems. Why should I share my grief to others when I can throw it out of me in two seconds or two minutes or two hours? Do I need someone to share my sorrow? Is there anyone who is living without any sorrow?  Yes we need people to share and sharing your emotions and secrets with people might not help you in overcoming the problems but it will also help you get closer to your friends.

I love all the people around me, beyond my limits, but is it required to be shown out? If they are close to me, they will come to know it and for others it makes no sense whether it is known or not. For those who know it, they will not feel that I am alone because they are always in my thoughts and deeds and without them I don’t move or live. Physically they are not around but mentally all of them are so closely knitted and tied up with me. Where the word loneliness is comes from?

Absence of people around us is not loneliness. It is our confusion to understand its meaning. I agree that having friends around helps me to wipe out my loneliness. But do we mean a friend? Then I am not a loner at all and I will not be also, god has blessed me so much that world is my home and I have friends all parts of the world.

Loneliness taught me to trust in two, one in god and the other one is self. I trust myself and I trust more in god that he will not let me to feel that I am alone or a loner. If at all I am alone it is on my own wish only. Destiny has given me more to be with many people and I chose to be a loner.

Sometimes, someone fills in that loneliness and occupies you totally without your knowledge.

Finally to close Loneliness is something not to be felt when we are in mid of people is what my inner feeling is. Because we are in the mechanical life, husband and wife running behind money, father and son don’t have time to share their feelings, mom and daughter are living like a stranger’s in a home. Houses are built of bricks and walls and but the relationships makes house to a sweet home. If the walls are built-in the heart and there is no space for the relationship and we live together as a stranger in the same building makes no sense of the relationship. Neither the relationship lives nor we live in the home.  An intimate relationship, we may know lots of people or have many friends but if your relationship with them is too superficial or if you never share your emotions with them then you will feel lonely. When there is lack of intimate relationship, Loneliness may be one of the hardest feelings that someone could experience. It is one of the worst feelings that could cause a suicide.

Don’t allow anyone to be superficial in your life or never share your immediate emotions to someone who is not related to you directly/personally. Keep a distance with all so as you don’t need to feel the loneliness forever, even when you are alone.