I was very happy in doing multiple tasks and I was very proud that I can do multiple tasks at a time. I used to say it proudly to my friends that I am a multitasking person.

I came to know just couple of hours before that how bad the multitasking could be?

Watching TV program, listening to a song, chatting with a friend while on a phone call, drafting a mail are couple of activities which I will be doing regularly without even feeling that am doing multiple tasks at a time.

You are managing tasks with a speed worthy to handle all these… ! ! Congratulations, multi tasker.

Few examples of multitasking are…

You are on a phone call, while three new emails come in your inbox and trying to read the mails.

Multiple Chat boxes open on your laptop and switching to different people on different topics.

Co-worker stops with a request for info and your Google mail is filled with mails to read.

Multitasking is very dangerous.  While doing an action, if other action, or other thoughts, or feelings disturb you, let it go of distractions and go back to what you are doing – again, and again, and again.  This is how I used to be…

I am not a multitasking personality till few years back. I do remember that I will not allow others to talk or discuss anything when I used to prepare for my exams. I can’t do anything else when I listen to songs. My concentration has to be there only on the song not on any other topic. If some disturbances comes then I will listen to the same song once again till the time, I feel that I heard the song completely.

When I pray my thought process will be only on my prayers and nothing else will disturb me.

When I go for walking, my mind will be there only on walking and to feel the breathing of fresh air.

When I go for playing or cycling, my mind will be there on that activity and sometimes when I am on my bike, my thought process will be somewhere else…

Concentrating on the particular activity and my mind will be in under my control. I will not be able to do two activities at a time.

When I started my blogging, initial few months, I was too fast and too good in drafting the contents for my blogs whereas the speed has tremendously come down because of my multitasking ability (stupidity). I will start something to write and I will switch on my TV or I will start discussing something with my family or friends.  If you find you are doing two things at once, stop and go back to one thing at a time

 Main Reason for me to write on multitasking

After a long gap today I was feeling that I had full stomach food whereas I had very little food. I was feeling how come today I am feeling that I had heavy lunch? I want to find the reason for the same and then realized that when I take my food, I will be thinking always about my work, what is my next activity, or I will be watching the TV, listening to music or Chatting with friend or calling someone or some other things. How much time I can spend for my lunch/dinner? How can I make my work faster than thinking about my food? I will not spend that 10-15 minutes time for my lunch alone and I will be wandering around my day-to-day routines.

I used to have heavy food when am working, but I will feel hungry within 5 minutes. After so many months I realized, that I am having very little food and felt like I had enough and was feeling sleepy after so many months. Then I realized that I was concentrating only on eating because the food was very delicious and I was too hungry and of course it was mother’s preparation. I was out of my laptop, was not watching TV, was not listening music or I was not thinking about anything other than concentrating on eating alone. I really don’t remember when did I have my food like this? How many months back may be two year’s back.

After a long time, I took my friends bike and went for a long drive in hot sun… I was able to enjoy the hot sun which I failed to do in the last two years. I was feeling too much that I am missing so many things in life as I am doing multiple things at a time and I am unable to enjoy the happiness of doing it together and which makes me to feel it was too hectic. It’s not just the question of number of hours we’re working, but also the fact that we spend too many continuous hours juggling too many things at the same time.

Especially today I was in a mindset that the technology has overtaken me and I lost my individuality to the technology and wanted to stay without any of these so called technologies to disturb my vacations. I came here to take rest and I was not able to take rest because I am addicted to my laptop, smart phone, phone calls, work and social networking. I was physically with my family but mentally not with them and I was with the technology and I started feeling that it caused gloom within my friends and family.

Suddenly I realized that I have to do one thing at a time. Do one thing at a time. When we are eating, eat. When we are walking, walk. When we are bathing, bathe. When we are working, make sure that you do the work with heart and your full capacity. When you are thinking, give time only to think on the topic/subject which you are thinking. When we are worrying, let us do worrying alone and so as we can get a solution how to solve it. When you are planning, just go ahead with the plan alone. When we are in a group, or a conversation, focus attention on what the discussion is going on with the other person.

When we are remembering, try to recall what you want to remember instead of doing multiple activities at a time.  Whatever we do each activity with all of our attention.

Technology has detached me from my family beyond its recognition. Wherever I go, technology followed me either with work or with social networking or it follows us for so any reasons, and usage of the digital devices is inevitable, and ever authoritative and meddling. Even though it’s like a desire, we can’t resist or come out of that desire if we become addicted to it and this nicking invariably makes it worse.

Just step back and know what you are doing. If a cranky or the distracting thought comes in the psychological gap between action and the object of the attention, the thought pass and go back to what you are doing. Distractions will enter your psychological space – let them go and turn your mind. When you find your thoughts wavering, then you need to say to yourself, “Always be here now & complete the activity” and turn your mind toward what you are doing.

Concentrate your mind.

Concentration is the grouping of the mind and bringing all the parts together, bonding the mental powers. Concentration is showing the focus on a selected object. Awareness and curiosity naturally concentrates the mind. One of the best qualities of Wise people is concentration or the focus of mind in completing the activity.

If you find you are doing multiple things at once, stop and go back to one thing at a time.

Concentrate on one activity in a moment does not mean that you cannot do complex tasks requiring many simultaneous activities. Like the dancer on the dance floor, at one with the music and her partner, attend completely to what you are doing.  At work place, while drafting a mail, you might need to answer a phone call or during a phone call, another colleague might ask something.

Multitasking is very dangerous, if it spoils your productivity and multitasking is a boon, if you there is increase in your productivity.

Actually we don’t do any multitask. We will switch the activities, rapidly shifting from one thing to another, interrupting ourselves unproductively, and losing time in the process. But Practice makes perfect. If you are a heavy multi tasker, then the productivity is reduced to great extent.

When you practice one activity at a time, you gain the following given details.

Patience: You gain more patience as you stop doing the current activity and attend to the next activity, complete the activity and come back to the number 1 activity.

Stress: Stress gets reduced as the multitasking is going to decrease the productivity and increase the stress. Doing one activity at a time is going to reduce the stress.

Time: you will get more time to do multiple activities if you start doing one by one instead of switching the activities.

We are capable of doing multitasking, but is our brain capable of accepting the work load given to it? When the work load is more, the brain gets distracted which leads to stress.

Giving the required time for an activity is going to increase the productivity and it is going to reduce the time spent on the activity. Sometimes it is not possible to do an activity without multitasking as we are used to do the technology.  It will be highly appreciable, when we are working on a task in a time block, turn off all other distractions. Take deep breaths during your working hours, get up from you seat, stretch, and take breaks now and then so as you will get relieved from your stress.

Give a break to your eye out for boring

All tasks are not interesting or all are not boring or tedious. At some point of the work, it’s easy to move on to something else to avoid the boredom. When you get stuck or bored, try to do the work instead of jumping on email or something else which is easy. Everything what we do cannot be easy, especially when the goals get bigger and brighter. Hard work is required ahead, out of which some are boring. Just be cautious that boredom can be a trick which will make you to fall down. Don’t fall for it. Fight your way with focused interest on the activity and you can see the success.

Unplug Your Internet connection

Internet takes most of us away ! Surfing, Facebook, Google; they can all take you away from what we are doing. Unplug your Internet cable. This will be difficult for many IT professionals. But by disconnecting the Internet connection drastically increases the most productive time what you have all day.


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