Vidya Balan-National Award -The Dirty Picture

“The Dirty Picture”

To be honest, I wanted to see the movie just because it is a story about a south Indian artist and in the same time I was not happy to see the movie “The Dirty Picture“ because it was the story of the late actress “Silk Smitha”. I was not convinced that someone can do her character just like that…. And this movie is all about the story of a female who was like a rebellion in the film industry. I will tell her as a rebellion and a youngster will say as transformation or change.

The iconic actress was not considered as a heroine at any point of time, but considered equally to a heroine, and she was very famous for her dance numbers, bold performances in exposing herself to great extent. Whatever we see as a trend in the recent days in the film industry happened in her era and I will say that it started with her entry into the film industry.

There is nothing much to talk about the story of Silk Smitha as it is a known fact that she was performing item dance. When I curse the current cinema trend because of our heroines who comes with dresses which are smaller than the kids or even the kids dress will be more costly compared to the heroines (maybe that’s the reason we don’t get any movies based out of kids), I have to curse Silk Smitha as well because she was the trend setter.

To the fact, Silk knew what she was doing and whatever she has done, she has done it with core perfection. Silk Smitha was very bold and she was very different from others and the way she created the niche for herself was awesome with item numbers. Even though I scold her or blame her as a threat for decent movies, when I pen this I will be the first one love to see her songs in our TV Channels. Especially the songs from Adutha vaarisu Pesa koodadhu with Rajini kanth and Neengal Kettavai (Adiyea Manam nillu na) (written especially for her). I will say that she is the great item dancer in India and she will be the only one who would have got so much crazy fans. Silk knew her audience, and it didn’t seem like anything would stop the fiercely ambitious actor.

Silk Smitha was an actress whose body was used successfully by the film industry to maximize their profits. And now even after her death the movie “The Dirty Picture” that is a film on her life has done well at the box-office. Her songs were there in almost all the hero’s movies and mostly with all the top stars of her era.  Many can say that her body got exposed but there was an artist in that body and no one could recognize it or groom it in a way what she would have dreamt. I am sure she would have faced so many problems in this industry and for survival reason, she would have opted this as a tool. Her acting prowess did not go completely unnoticed and in her rare non-sexual roles, she has impressed many women fans as well. She has got an extra ordinary talent to cover majority of the audience to her side.

People can adore her for so many reasons, but I really saw her movies in a different way, how this female survived in this industry for so many years, I don’t find any great charm in her, but she has something in her. She was not beautiful compared to other heroines. Silk was not fair, she didn’t have had a toned body, yet men dreamed about her. I know many women were crazy.

She used to look too good in all the costumes and she has done a great job in all the movies without exposing much like the current trend. In spite of all these I strongly had a feeling that no one in the film industry can do her story and it could have be done better only by her. It’s not an easy thing to get so comfortable with your body in front of a camera. I feel that the desire in her to excel in this industry was more than anything for which she was ready to do anything to the core.

In fact the why I was not interested to watch this movie in a cinema hall was I know that this movie will have only dirty in it. I can’t watch this movie with my fellow colleagues or with my friends. I decided not to it watch in Cinema hall, when the movie got released and I have to watch it alone. I got a chance to see this movie two days back.

Before I pen about Vidya Balan, I would like to think from the producer point of view. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha kapoor. Silk’s story is sad and everyone knows about the story. Guts of the producer was awesome, after seeing the movie, nobody knows whether this is the real story of Silk Smitha or not, but the way it promoted by them was very special. They used the charm of the deceased actress.  There are too many stories of “love failure” and related suicides happened in the film industry and the producer has not taken those stories. There is a saying that bold is always beautiful and Silk was bold, Producers of the movie was bold, and the super actor Vidya Balan was bold enough to take up this role. And it has made a BBBBig Hit for them.

None other than silk can get this hype as a dance number in this industry to get this much crowd. She still lives in the heart of all the Indians and that is what she has achieved with her 17 years of exposure in this film industry.

Not only the name, the way pictured is also dirty. Up to me the story of the movie is Rajat Arora’s writing skill. I will not say that this is better dialogue or this one is best, all the dialogues in this movie are best. I loved the outrageous dialogues. Dialogues were not very good but that was essential for this kind of movie. The story runs on the dialogues which was the major plus. Dialogues were very strong and I love to watch the movie once more for the best dialogues (we can’t expect the 1980’s trend and obviously this will have many double meanings because the movie talks about dirty but the skill of the writer was impressive, he can’t do better than this for such a kind of movie). A sample of the dialogue was ”public samaan dekhti hai, dukan nahi”,  “tuning karengea tabhi toh band bajega” and the best was the journalist to say silk as “you are a real hero” and in some scenario’s she will tell Silk don’t think and you will lose your track if you start thinking. When silk was seeing her downfall, the same journalist feeling for her saying I told na, don’t think what you have done?  Is Silk a Vamp or a victim? The way Vidya Balan along with Emraan Hashmi dialogues need to be appreciated and those are simply superb dialogues…

Timely dialogues were extra ordinary and mind-blowing. Either the shameless dialogues or the touching dialogues, writer deserves a big round of applause. If nothing impresses someone in this movie, I am sure then the dialogues surely will impress.

Next is the music in this movie is awesome… Ooh Lala and the famous nakka mooka song played in regular intervals and which really was making the audience to enjoy the flow of the movie. Re-recording is splendid.

Emraan Hashmi, Naseerudin Shah and all others they have done their best. We will not talk about all these as they have done their usual roles.

Let us go to Vidya Balan, by winning the National Award “The Dirty Picture” has something in it. I felt that I have to watch this movie.  I would not have seen this movie, if this national award was not given to her. What is that great in this movie to win a national award? It is a known story for the south Indians. Being a south Indian and I will not feel happier to see a story of a female who was said to be hot, hotter and hottest of the film industry.

Vidya Balan, name sounds me very familiar because she is a south Indian. I don’t remember that I have seen her earlier movies. Why this kolaveri not to see this movie, because I have seen Silk Smitha movies on-screen. It is really tough to do the performance done by her and how a heroine can do a role of an item girl who is on top of all the hero’s as well.

In general Vidya Balan is a beautiful female and a typical heroine who has the caliber to do some beautiful roles and a real cameo compared to Silk Smitha wherein she has not got that great physic of Silk Smitha. Silk smitha’s eyes will talk, her body will speak…

Vidya Balan has enough guts to do this movie, if this movie was done by a heroine who is of in the age group between 20 and 25 then I would have felt that the heroine doesn’t know much about the great actor Silk Smitha.  Vidya is not in that age group and being a 34 year old female, she would have known how the movies of Silk smitha were and she would have definitely seen many of her movies or at least some dances.

Silk gave men sleepless nights. Silk is every woman’s wild side and yet she is soft where it matters,’ these were said by Vidya Balan in an interview about the character she played in the movie.

It is really a tough role for anyone to do as silk because to the world, Silk was the queen of entertainment and excitement to her fans but at heart; Silk was just another woman who desired for a true love. Vidya Balan, has done the role to her best with her glamour as well as with fantastic expressions.

Can Vidya do justice to the movie or to the character of Silk? Yes she has done remarkably well, especially as Reshma and the transformation of Reshma to a super actor Silk. She has got high talent to do this role, but exposed to great extent which was not done even in Silk’s original movies. As the years have passed away, the glamour for Silk still exists. Even though we could not see Silk in Vidya Balan, but Vidya balan has proved to do the role of silk to the best of her knowledge. She has shown varieties in her acting. Vidya Balan tried to change herself as silk but still I was in a feeling that it was having the impact of the movie “Fashion” Priyanka Chopra which also talks about the iconic people and their downfall.

It’s a high class performance by Vidya and I feel that it is a well-deserved than a more satisfying film.  The film industry belongs to the heroes and it is very evident that the story goes on about a heroine. Vidya Balan first 30 minutes is interesting and she gave a thrilling experience with the scene when she was being interviewed in a bathtub or, covered in soap suds and little else, or tasting the cake from the writer’s cheek, or whipping herself into an eagerness to become an actor and the expressions shown by her in a song which was really the best efforts by an actor.

There are many situations in the film where Vidya has made everyone to catch their breath, with her complete audacity of expressions, verbal and visual. The dance on a new Maruti 800 to distract attention from a party she is not invited to. She kisses the brother to make the other one to feel jealous. When She eats sugar when is famished to keep her going. It is quite obvious that the deterioration into addiction will end in suicide.

Vidya has taken the powerful character in her hands and she proved to be a great actor and Vidya Balan succeeds in carrying the entire film in her shoulders, and can see a total remodeling her for the role of a bombshell in this movie. This movie is not a great film, an average film but she has made it as fearlessness character in the movie and all the credit goes to her for the way she has done her role.

I strongly feel that the Dirty Picture is not a full-fledged biography of Silk. It is just like light silver coat portrait of Silk, and it has sketched an outline with her story. But Vidya has given so much filminess, self-confidence and self-assurance for the outcome of the movie in a more breathtaking than it deserves to be. It is really a super hit because of the incredible performance by this super actor. Even though I appreciated the guts of the producer, dialogues but the real hero of the movie said to be Vidya Balan.

Vidya Balan has given a performance of a lifetime in this film. She has done so sharp with her character and never looked uncomfortable even when she was to deliver the hottest or the toughest or of scenes like to make love to a whip. She is the hero of the film and carries the film forward. I hope that she would have done a clear homework and rehearsed too many times for her scenes to make her character too real for comfort.

What makes all to watch this movie despite everything, the overheating; the overwriting is only because of Vidya Balan, who dares to do this movie whereas not many would try for such roles after giving some good performances and she proved that this is her film.

Vidya Balan’s expression and performance was really mind blowing and I don’t think anybody else could have done that role better, still Silk Smitha was missing. As far as acting is concerned, Vidya has done a fantastic job, she deserves the national award. Is this award given for Silk Smitha or for Vidya Balan is the question running in my mind?  There is a dialogue in the movie that movies are made for the people’s entertainment, entertainment, entertainment… yes Vidya Balan’s entertainment was excellent, excellent, excellent…


4 thoughts on “Vidya Balan-National Award -The Dirty Picture

  1. Dear Sister,

    Now I know why you love Vidya Balan.
    Dirty Picture has given some impact in you.
    Each sentence is true and I enjoyed the movie and the effect of the movie from your content. A good recall
    Love this content

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