Betting More Pain than Profit

Bet for What

Again the bet was on cricket. We were watching an IPL match and I think it was between Deccan Chargers and Kings XI.

Ishant Sharma was the bowler for Hyderabad bowling to Punjab team. He bowled a ball and the batsman hit it and the ball straight to the fielder, caught but it was a no ball and the batsman got a life to play again.

Our bet was on this who was the batsman.

As I saw the match from Kitchen, I was impressed to see that the catch on a no ball. Out of interest, I went to the hall to see the replay. I really missed the replay as well, but when I saw I noticed Gilchrist was saying no for the run. And the commentator was saying Ishant Sharma has given a free hit to Gilly.

During the time we didn’t talk about this at all. After sometime one more friend joined us and we were discussing that Gilly will get the man of the match or Paul will get the man of the match.

In the few of the IPL matches, batsman who got the dropped chances, won the MOM. So I said it will be Gilly.

Based on the above assumptions, I said that the batsman who got the life was Gilly and Mr.X  immediately asked for the bet, saying that it is Paul Valthaty.

Since I agreed he said the bet amount as 5000 Dirham’s. I told him I can bet even for 50K

I too agreed for the bet as I know Mr.X more as a Muslim guy than as a normal person. In ISLAM gambling is Harram which was told by his wife during the same cricket season late last year. She can’t say like this. How did she say it???

I strongly felt that this bet is just for fun. I had that much confidence on Mr.X that It is for fun only.

The time to see the replays came and I found that I lost the bet, I saw the happiness in the face of Mr.X  as like anything. I have not seen his face happiness when his wife delivered a baby or for any other reason like that.

Soon after winning the betting, Mr.X called his wife and told her about this. To my surprise, she asked him to send 1000 Dirham’s to her to celebrate this. Now I realized that I made a mistake by agreeing to this bet, and I have not shown it outside.

I gave the money. He moved his head sideways saying no but I gave it to him. but he did not say that it is Harram and also I have seen the happiness in his face on winning this bet. I wanted to say him that I agreed for this bet as I know that it is Sin for Muslims. He was flying and was not able to listen what I was about to say also. May be he wanted me to feel or trying to play with me.

Even after giving the money I smiled and was talking to them happily without showing my pain. After sometime I went to my room. I was feeling that I made a mistake by accepting for the bet and I made him to do this SIN. Next day I got up late as I slept only in the morning due to tiredness and I was not able to see Mr.X.

As soon as I came to office, I called my friend to sell the car in India. I know I have to face some more losses but keeping the car is not going to help me and I need money badly to make the last payment to the builder.

Mr.X called me around 12.30P.M and it went on a missed call. I called him back. How things are?? This will be his first frequent question which he used to put every day. I said going on well and came for a free health check up. Immediately he said your BP will be high now. Unknowingly he said that but  my BP was normal only.Amount is little heavy but I will not die if I don’t have that money or for that money sake I will not spoil my health. I

I work very fast when it is money, because there can be minor loss but it should not ruin our life.

And then he asked me where shall we go for the party? That was a real turbulent for me and I was having a very good impression for this man till that minute. But this question really shattered me like anything.  I told him upfront that I am not going to join for this and you can go and have a party.  Even after 12 hours of losing the bet, I have not shared this news with anyone. But after his call I felt like, I have to show my pain out because I got so hurt  and I realized that I lost big money after the call.

I told some of my friends about this story and all of them scolded me, how can you bet for such a silly thing and this is the height of stupidity. I told this to Sashi as well, who is like one more person with whom I would have gone for these kind of Betting. A strong feeling again that he would not have touched that money, as he knows the value of the hard-earned money. Also He knows how we struggle to save. I am writing this just as a confession and to tell my lovable people (Mom, Geetha, Mahesh and Family) that I made a mistake but still it is okay, I will be little careful from now onwards and I am with heavy heart and it will take little time for me to recover from this.

Sashi was not able to scold me or react as like others as he felt that already I am mentally upset and not to scold and make me feel more, but I asked him to scold me so as I will feel relaxed because I have not discussed this with my Mother and also with very good friends around me, who can’t take it lightly as I have taken it.

I shared this with one more friend Imtiaz from Saudi who is really close to me via Gtalk. Imtiaz is a friend with whom I used to feel comfortable sharing all my sorrows. We know each other with our plus and minuses. He heard this entire story and told silently because of this reason don’t come to a conclusion that ISLAM is bad. There is nothing in religion and please don’t judge ISLAM with this experience. Don’t judge the person by its ACTION and OUTLOOK and don’t judge the RELIGION with a person and his Action and outlook.

Imtiaz tried to make me feel relaxed. I was feeling ok till the time we were chatting. But night was sleepless night. He tried to say, I can feel your pain. If I lose one Riyal, I know the pain, because it is hard-earned money.

Sashi did not scold me but questioned me like why did you give the money? And he took the money from you? I was feeling so happy for the friendship what you had with Mr.X & Family. Finally it has come to an end with this betting.  Is it required? You lost a very good relationship because of this betting.

Some what I felt discomfort from that minute of the call. My brain started working so fast.

I have to recover this loss as early as possible.

How to recover the loss of Rs.60000 ???

1.      Shift the house nearer to the office.

2.      Don’t go home for another 3-4 months

3.      Or go for sharing a room with someone

4.      Go on vacation for a month and take all your belongings so as I can save one month rent in Abu Dhabi and I can recover half immediately.

Few things came into mind after the call were

I could have bought two Samsung Galaxy mobiles

I could have used that money for 5 trips to India

I could have used to repay my loan one month in advance etc.,

On that day, when I reached room, I was not able to see X’s face at all; I purposely avoided coming out of my room. Also which was really a pain for me because I feel that flat as my home and I have not considered it as my staying place. I was not able to sleep peacefully for the second night and this night was literally one of the worst nights in my life.

Only one question was in my mind that how can a person call for a party? Bet was not to give party. In fact the other friend asked me to give a party; I questioned him for what party. After seeing this how a person could ask this to me?

Hiding continued and I was totally feeling that I have to shift the house immediately. I have asked my friends to find a place also. I was thinking how to inform Mr.X or to convey that I am going to shift my residence.

I was in that flat very happily. I have seen some good and bad days in my day-to-day life. But even in sickness or any unhealthy atmosphere, I have not felt that I am losing my peace or happiness. After all we live to live happily not to suffer because of some unworthy things.

Some sufferings will bring happiness, that’s fine and this suffering is really imprudent.

Next day evening when I returned from office, I met Mr.X near the lift. Normally if we meet, we will greet and then we will leave. On that day, I was thinking to talk to him that I am going to shift the residence and was thinking how he will take it etc.,

When I saw him, I was not able to see or even smile at him as the pain was to a great extent. I know that he will be going for the prayers but I didn’t expect to meet him there.

I left the place without reacting to his greetings. I went inside my room and I felt the room where I am staying for the last 16 months started hating it. I thought that if I stay in that house for one more month, I will die of heart attack. I tried to cool myself but my pain was getting more and more and I was not ready to cool down.

Mr.X came back after prayers. Immediately he knocked my room and asked me to come to hall. I told him, I will come after sometime. He asked me to come immediately and gave the money back. I asked him what for you are returning. He said I think you misunderstood that I took the money as betting money, I kept it as Rental Advance only. If that is the case why you are returning? And he said you take now, I will take it later.

I took the money back but still I was not convinced. I felt our friendship like a broken glass. Even if we try to make all the pieces together, it will lose its originality and even Imtiaz also said the same when I told him that I got the money back.

The reason for sharing this as an experience is “it is really good experience for me and I learned too many things out of this experience”.

I may be wrong in judging a person, but I know where the mistake was. I should have seen the match inside my room. When Mr.X said that Uma will not go for betting, I should have accepted it and said even now I will not go for betting.

Before losing this bet, I know the pain of others by seeing them or feeling myself on their shoes, but I felt like a disaster when it happened with me. Of course I never felt this kind of pain when I used to think about problems as mine. I can learn from others mistake. But there are chances of committing the same mistake. But now, I will not go for betting anymore in my life. That is the special of learning from your own mistakes.

When I used to feel about the gamble in Mahabharata, I used to feel how god can give this kind of things happening. Instead of saying if you do this, you will face this problem, he can directly say don’t do this.

I started correlating the activities of my sacred books now. I learned the biggest lesson from Mahabharata after this betting. Yes if I read don’t do this, I will say I will do this and let me see what happens.

Now I feel that I have to read the Sacred books in the way it is written instead of doing my personal analysis on it. And finally to conclude, whatever happened is not for good but it was to happen.

When I wrote the above as what ever happened immediately my mind recalled the Bhagavad Gita slogan only.

Whatever happened, it happened well.
Whatever is happening, it is happening well.
Whatever will happen, it will also happen well.
What of yours did you lose?
Why or for what are you crying?
What did you bring with you, for you to lose it?
What did you create, for it to be wasted or destroyed?
Whatever you took, it was taken from here.
Whatever you gave, it was given from here.
Whatever is yours today, will belong to someone else tomorrow.
On another day, it will belong to yet another.
This change is the law of the universe.

May be this is the time; I have to accept the change.

Thanks for your time.

Betting More Pain than Profit


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