Betting More Pain than Profit

I remember life is so easy for many of us when we were young spending parents hard-earned money and enjoying the life with friends and family. When we start working and when we become responsible, we come to know the pain of that hard-earned money of our parents. We learn from our mistakes and we pass on the same message which was conveyed by our parents to our kids to spend less and to know the value of hard-earned money.

Why I repeatedly add hard-earned in front of money is unless we know the value of it, we will not feel it as hard-earned. This content will talk more about money but it is not exactly money alone, but also the relationships, friendship and the trust what we keep on others gets spoiled instantly because of this money.

Whether Money comes to us easily or by hard work, value is same. But when it reaches us after 30 days of work, it really matters and the and when it reaches us instantly by any other means of gambling/betting or lucky draw etc., it gives immense pleasure but it doesn’t last long.

I am thinking whether I had any betting experience before the couple of betting’s I had few weeks back. Definitely would have had some betting but now I don’t remember any, and even if any I hope it would have been for fun or not as serious as like the one which I had just few days back.

Couple of weeks back during the cricket world cup 2011, I had a bet with one of my close friend for a match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. I had a gut feeling that India will be playing the Final whether with NZ or SL????  With NZ I felt it is easy to win the cup.

I wanted Sri Lanka to lose but he said, New Zealand will win and at that moment, I didn’t go for a bet with him. We were in the discussion and few others also joined our discussion. Finally he said how much is the bet Sri Lanka will lose and New Zealand will play against India in Finals.

My inner heart was feeling very happy for the message as I wanted India to play the Final’s against NZ, I said OK and he asked for the money, I said Rs.50, he said this is big match and you should bet some bulk amount and finally we agreed for Rs.500. I told him, if I lose the bet, I will pay you and if I win, I will not leave you.

Somehow Sri Lankan team  made me to win the bet by reaching the finals and I got the money also from him on the same day and we all had good fun with my friend as he lost the bet for the first time. We spent the money on sweets and beverages.

I feel this is my first betting experience, in terms of playing it with money.

Friends used to play cards by keeping money for some excitement and thrill. But I have not played it; if I am playing I will not play any game for money.

The Reason is I am not very comfortable to lose the hard-earned money” and I know the pain of losing the hard-earned money. Normally I am with a very low attitude as well that I don’t like to lose any game. I am very sensitive and even if I lose a game I will not feel relaxed till the time I win the other person in more than once. Even though I have seen so many failures and learned so many lessons, still my heart is not ready to accept any failures. I hope for everyone it is same.

Playing and losing without money is very painful and If I play with money then it will kill my peace and happiness forever.

One of the reasons for me to write this is one such situation happened. This content I am writting without peace and happiness in my heart. All other lessons I have taken it positively and as soon as I feel it as a lesson, and I will come back to normal. But now I am not able to recover from my failure. It is not because of the Money,but the trust what I had in that family. The feeling, happiness what I have received because of them for the Religion, love, friendship etc.,

Of course it is just 4-5 days gone now. I will be normal soon. But the scar will remain.

This is about my neighbor family with whom I am sharing my room for the past 16 months.

I should have written about them long back, but I was not able to write because of other activities. Hope it would have been in a positive note. I don’t know how it is going to go now.

Mr. X and Mrs. X are the couples blessed with a son and daughter. I will take some other time to write about the pleasant memories. I am not able to think anything now.

What I love in them is “They really gave me a new dimension for the religion”.

Especially for a female born and brought up in a Brahmin family atmosphere, is very tough to mingle with a Muslim family. I am staying in the same room for the last 16 months without any problems.

We are united, we never had any chance to fight in the name of religion, normally we don’t, only our politicians do it for us. Even we never had any heated discussions also on this. Instead, they gave me the pleasure of knowing ISLAM. I really felt that I have not gone in-depth like them in religion.

I had zero knowledge about ISLAM. I never got any chance to discuss on ISLAM with anyone because I used to keep the heated discussions out of my box. For me friendship doesn’t see religion.

It was really a pleasure to know about ISLAM through them. I really treasured it and I started to analyze positively about Hinduism because of these couple. I know them only as MUSLIM and not saying them as individual people.

What Happened? Why Happened?

One of the worst bet in my life would have been the answer for the question for what happened.

If I say the bet, everyone will feel it very silly and when I write this I too feel it too silly but it was about to happen and when we had the bet, we didn’t feel that it was silly.

Bet for What


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