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A Forwarded mail, but really touched me and felt that I should have it in my blog…..

One young academically excellent guy went to apply for a managerial position in a very big company.

He passed the first interview; the director did the last interview, made the last decision.

The director discovered from the CV that the youth’s academic achievements were excellent all the way, from the secondary school until the postgraduate research, never had a year when he did not score.

The director asked, “Did you obtain any scholarships in school?” the youth answered “none”.

The director asked, “Was it your father who paid for your school fees?” The youth answered, “My father passed away when I was one year old, it was my mother who paid for my school fees.

The director asked, “Where did your mother work?” The youth answered, “My mother worked as clothes cleaner. The director requested the youth to show his hands. The youth showed a pair of hands that were smooth and perfect.

The director asked, “Have you ever helped your mother wash the clothes before?” The youth answered, “Never, my mother always wanted me to study and read more books. Furthermore, my mother can wash clothes faster than me.

The director said, “I have a request. When you go back today, go and clean your mother’s hands, and then see me tomorrow morning.*

The youth felt that his chance of landing the job was high. When he went back, he happily requested his mother to let him clean her hands. His mother felt strange, happy but with mixed feelings, she showed her hands to the kid.

The youth cleaned his mother’s hands slowly. His tear fell as he did that. It was the first time he noticed that his mother’s hands were so wrinkled, and there were so many bruises in her hands. Some bruises were so painful that his mother shivered when they were cleaned with water.

This was the first time the youth realized that it was this pair of hands that washed the clothes everyday to enable him to pay the school fee. The bruises in the mother’s hands were the price that the mother had to pay for his graduation, academic excellence and his future.

After finishing the cleaning of his mother hands, the youth quietly washed all the remaining clothes for his mother.

That night, mother and son talked for a very long time.

Next morning, the youth went to the director’s office.

The Director noticed the tears in the youth’s eyes, asked: “Can you tell me what have you done and learned yesterday in your house?”

The youth answered, “I cleaned my mother’s hand, and also finished cleaning all the remaining clothes’

The Director asked, “please tell me your feelings.”

The youth said,
Number 1.

  1. I know now what appreciation is. Without my mother, there would not the successful me today.
  2. By working together and helping my mother, only I now realize how difficult and tough it is to get something done.
  3. I have come to appreciate the importance and value of family relationship.

The director said, “This is what I am looking for to be my manager.

I want to recruit a person who can appreciate the help of others, a person who knows the sufferings of others to get things done, and a person who would not put money as his only goal in life. You are hired.

Later on, this young person worked very hard, and received the respect of his subordinates. Every employee worked diligently and as a team. The company’s performance improved tremendously.

A child, who has been protected and habitually given whatever he wanted, would develop “entitlement mentality” and would always put himself first. He would be ignorant of his parent’s efforts. When he starts work, he assumes that every person must listen to him, and when he becomes a manager, he would never know the sufferings of his employees and would always blame others. For this kind of people, who may be good academically, may be successful for a while, but eventually would not feel sense of achievement. He will grumble and be full of hatred and fight for more. If we are this kind of protective parents, are we really showing love or are we destroying the kid instead?*

You can let your kid live in a big house, eat a good meal, learn piano, watch a big screen TV. But when you are cutting grass, please let them experience it. After a meal, let them wash their plates and bowls together with their brothers and sisters. It is not because you do not have money to hire a maid, but it is because you want to love them in a right way. You want them to understand, no matter how rich their parents are, one day their hair will grow gray, same as the mother of that young person. The most important thing is your kid learns how to appreciate the effort and experience the difficulty and learns the ability to work with others to get things done…


New Year- A Resolution & A Prayer for you…

I Want to start the new year in a new dimension, due to hectic schedules in both personal and professional life, I was not able to update this blog as expected. I got a mail from one of my friend &  guide for the New Year Wishes.

As many of you know that I am a quick responder to my mails, somehow I was not able to read this particular mail and luckily I got some time to read this mail and thought I have to share it with all of you.

Thanks to Hari.

New Year- A Resolution & A Prayer for you…

Time is the only common denominator among all of us. That is why we all celebrate one festival called New Year. For different people, different faith new year start at different time like 1st-Jan, on their birthday, religious calendar start day, financial year start date, some specific festival etc. It does not matter when we celebrate the New Year. The thing which matter is what we did with the time which has gone and what hope and aspirations we have from the time to come. There is no New Year celebration for a person who has not done anything in passing year and does not have any hope from the years to come, for him it is just another day.


Expectation and resolution of New Year

Whatever were the good and bad of passing year for us but we want a better tomorrow. For better hope of tomorrow let us resolve this year to makes this world a big high tech village. Where there is no boundary of states, no boundary of religion, no boundary of language and no place for ethnic differences. Where people are not divided by their color or intellect or their wealth! All are treated same; all children are given the same opportunity to learn, all senior citizens are given equal opportunity to live happily after retirement. And all young men and women are given equal opportunity to earn and express their views. Where all revenges melts from the heart of people and they merge into ocean of peace. Where our leaders do not create records of scam and every citizen gets required food, medicine, shelter and clean water and air. But most important where people do not misuse their power, liberty and does not exploit others for their own pleasure and benefits. May all people understand the difference between their need, want and greed!


This all is minimum expected from second decade of 21st century. To know key achievements/disasters made by human in the second decade of 20th century, click here.


In last 90 years human have achieved so much on the earth which he could not achieve in many thousand years of his life on this earth, at the same time he has lost much in just last 90 years which he could not do in many thousand years of the past. We have lot many hopes from the second decade of the 21st century.


I wish all us regain what we have lost in last 90 years and but keep growing with science and technology the way we are going.


Prayer for this year

“May I see happiness, laughing faces everywhere! May I listen good news from all directions! At the dawn of New Year, may fresh fragrant air flow slowly from east and touch the faces of all and make them peaceful. May everywhere saintly people live other people become saint, may Divine Mother take away all the ignorance & arrogance of human race which is the cause of almost all the pain to him”


Wish you and your family a very happy new year.


Warm Regards

Hari P Thapliyal & Rakhi Thapliyal


2010 in review

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