Smile More

Smile more

A research done in England found that a baby smiles 400 times a day, an adolescent 17 times and an adult doesn’t smile at all!  The more successful one keeps a very stiff face.  Is roughness a sign of success?  Is being stressed a sign of prosperity, growth or dignity?

You should smile more.  Every day, every morning, look at the mirror and give a good smile to yourself.  You know what happens when you smile?  All the muscles in your face get relaxed.  The nerves in your brain get relaxation, and you get the confidence, courage and energy to move on in life.

You know, your smile is so fragile!  Just one telephone call is enough to take it away!  Just see why your smiles go away? It may be because somebody said something stupid to you.  And why did they say a stupid thing?  Because they had some garbage they needed to throw out and you were there, ready to catch it!  And once you have caught it, you hold on to it so passionately!

Wake up! Don’t let your smile be snatched away by anybody!


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